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Republic of the Philippines HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES ‘Quezon City SIXTEENTH CONGRESS ‘Third Regular Session 2443 HOUSE RESOLUTION No. Introduced by Reps. NERI J. COLMENARES and CARLOS ISAGANI T. ZARATE RESOLUTION DIRECTING THE COMMITTEE ON HUMAN RIGHTS TO CONDUCT AN INVESTIGATION, IN AID OF LEGISLATION, ON THE, "TRUMPED-UP CHARGES OF KIDNAPPING AND HOMICIDE TO 76 INDIVIDUALS INCLUDING OFFICERS AND MEMBERS OF THE NATIONAL UNION OF STUDENTS IN THE PHILIPPINES, MAKABAYAN COALITION, KARAPATAN, RURAL MISSIONARIES OF THE PHILIPPINES, ANAKPAWIS PARTYLIST, GABRIELA WOMEN'S PARTY, AND PISTON, WHEREAS, Edmund Dalingay and Gerardo Dalingay filed charges of kidnapping with homicide to 76 individuals in the Provincial Prosecutor's office in Tuao, Province of Cagayan; WHEREAS, the respondents of the case included members and officers of legal organizations, such as Femie Estella Galapon, chairperson of the National Union of Students in the Philippines, Randy Malayao, Vice President of Makabayan Coaltion-Luzon, Romelia Liquigaa, member of KARAPATAN-Cagayan Valley and GABRIFLA Women's Party, Agnes Mesina, Regional Coordinator of Makabayan Coaltion-Cagayan Valley and member of the Rural Missionaries of the Philippines, Isabelo Adviento, the National Auditor of Anakpawis Partylist, and Emil Dagdag, a member of PISTON. WHEREAS, the said respondents were past of fact-finding missions (FFMs) held from from April 16-19, 2015 and September 16 to 19, 2015 that visited several villages in Zinundungan Valley to hear the complaint of the residents and members of the Aggay, Malaweg and Kalings indigenous communities about intensifying human rights violations and the murders of farmer- leaders during military operations asa result of the execution of PFC Victor Balao, PFC Jayson ‘Tugao and CAFGU Jayson Santos allegedly by the NPA on February 25, 2015, WHEREAS, findings from the FFM included human rights violations committed by the nnlitary against residents such as the kidnapping, illegal arest, and torture of Mendo Bisiotan, Marlon Baganay, and Orlando Duruin who were later presented to the media as detainees, charged with illegal possession of firearms and explosives and rebellion. Other findings of the FFMSs include illegal searches, harassment, intimidation, threats, encampment, and the violation of tights of women and children; WHEREAS, trumped-up charges against members and personalities of progressive organizations are being made against human rights defenders, activists, and members of progressive organizations to harass them and prevent them from ertiizing the human rights violations by the military and advocating for people’s rights; WHEREAS, trumped:-up charges and accusations that members and personalities of legal organizations are members, or having links to, evolutionary organizations here subsequently resulted to grave human rights violations including extrajudicial killings; WHEREAS, its crucial for Congress to investigate harassment and trumped up charges against human rights defenders, activists, and leaders and members of progressive organizations, in consideration of the avowed pronouncement of the government to end human rights violations. Such an investigation is also warranted for the crafting of measures to put an end in the filing of SLAPP cases. NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, that the Committee on Human rights conduct an investigation, in aid of legislation, on the trumped-up charges of kidnapping and homicide against 76 individuals including officers and members of the National Union of Students in the Philippines, Makabayan Coalition, KARAPATAN, Rural Missionaties of the Philippines, ‘Anakpawis Partylist, Gabriela Women's Patty, and Piston. Adapted, ERI J. noe & CARLOS AB ‘T-ZARATE Bayan Nggh Party-list Bayan Muna Parts