Green Music Group, Environment & Facebook

Name/Organizati on
Founding Members Green Music Group Sheryl Crow Bare Naked Ladies Linkin Park Willie Nelson Bonnie Rait Dave Matthews Band The Roots Maroon 5 Guster Other ‘Green’ Musicians

Fans (active links)
542 fans 165,213 fans 59,441 fans 3,679,619 89,699 fans 296 fans 718,637 fans No official presence 567,866 fans 26,906 fans

REM Niel Young Sarah Harmer

Organizatio n
EMA Biodiesel Protecting Escarpment Rural Land Earthology Records, is ecofriendly CofoundedCarbon Portfolio Strategy Hyperenvironmentalis t! Biked 4,700 miles for environment Battleground Earth Showdown Battleground Earth Showdown url

295,274 fans 155,740 fans 2,834 fans

Cloud Cult

3,610 fans

Pearl Jam*

695,889 fans

Jack Jackson Ditty Bops Ludacris Tommy Lee Green Organizations Name

899,499 fans 781 members 236,380 fans 3,712 members Facebook

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