What is MOM: GOD couldn't be there with every child, so he made MOTHER!! She wipes your nose, cleans your clothes, sings for you. She does not sleep in the night, just to soothe your wails & cries. Nobody knows that what you are today, is all because of your MOTHER.....


A man asked GOD, what is LOVE? GOD replied: Go to the garden and get the most beautiful flower. Man returned empty handed & told that i found the most beautiful flower but i kept walking in hope of a better one. And then i realised that i had ignored the best one. i went back but could not find it there. GOD said – This is LOVE. You don't value it when you have it but repent when you lose it. So never let your Dearest go.


What is the fastest thing on earth? Bullet..? NO Sound..? Not quite Light..? Almost Answer: PRAYER because Prayer reaches GOD even before you say it..! GOD BLESS YOU


F : Field of Love R : Root of Joy I : Island of GOD E : End of Sorrow N : Name of Hope D : Door of Understanding That's wht YOU are My FRIEND


Reality is an illusion created due to lack of alcohol. -------------Sir Johnie Walker.


Puzzle: Letter after F + half of 8 + shadow of q + opposite of d + letter before M + middle of sea + 2 * 18th letter + middle of sun. Answer to above: GOD BLESS U


S_nrise B_tterfly Pict_re L_nch Bea_ty F_n M_sic All are incomplete witho_t "U" That's why i miss "U" a lot..


Three Things to Watch: Beauty, Behaviour, Action Three Things to Control: Tongue, Temper, Temptation Three Things to LOVE: Purity, Honesty, Hard Work Now send it to Three lazy people as i did..


When everything goes wrong.. PUSH. When you wish for something.. PUSH. When people don't understand you.. PUSH. When you wish for LOVE.. PUSH. PUSH - Pray Until Something Happens..


Winning horse doesn't know why it runs in the race. It runs because of beats and pains. The larger you get pain, the stronger you become. Life is a race; GOD is your rider; The harder he beats you, the stronger he makes you to win. SO never distress. GOD is driving you. Be a winning horse..


Alone i can only say

but together we can shout. Alone i can only smile but together we can laugh. Alone i can only live but together we can celebrate. That's being together.. 12 Carry a heart that never hates, Carry a smile that never fades, Carry a touch that never hurts, and always carry a relationship that never breaks. 13 Friendship is all about three things -winning, losing n sharing winning your friends heart, losing your self ego, and sharing joys n sorrows. 14 Shubham karoti kalyaanam, arogya dhana sampadaa, shatru buddhi vinashaya, deepak jyoti namastute. Wishing you n your family, SHUBH DEEPAWALI. 15 In this world GOD made few sweet hearts.. amongst them HE made some sweeter hearts.. amongst them HE made a single sweetest heart.. Oh hello..tht's me. 16 We should take inspiration from the waves, they rise n fall but each time they fall they never fail to rise again. 17 One day man asked GOD: What's the difference between your LOVE and my LOVE? GOD smiled and replied: A bird in sky is my LOVE and a bird in cage is your LOVE.. 18 Redefined Definitions: Atom Bomb - An invention to end all inventions. Cigarette - A pinch of tobacco with fire at one end n a fool at the other. Lecture - The art of transfering a conscious person to a subconscious state. Genius - See the sender's name


With gleam of Diyas & the echo of the Chants May Happiness and Contentment fill your life. Wishing you n your family A Very Happy n Prosperous Deepawali.


DON ki talaash 11 mulkon ki police kar rahi hai, par DON ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi naa-mumkin hai. Aap khush-naseeb ho jo DON khud aapko Deepawali wish kar raha hai. Happy Deepawali.


Drink karo to aankhein laal, Mehndi lagaao to haath laal, Kiss karo to lips laal, Pakde gaye to hips laal, Bach gaye to jiyo mere laal.


A baby boy and a baby girl were in a bath-tub taking bath. Girls looks down at the boy and asks, “Can I touch it..?” Boy: NO, NO..you have already broken your's..


Compare Love and Friendship: Love - Friendship Blind - Bright Mad - Glad Alone - Group Fear - Joy Silent - Rouse Blank - Complete Short - Everlasting


Colors are brightening up the scene, the water sprinkling up high, the holi is almost here.. so lets enjoy!! Happy Holi to Everyone.


Difficulties in your life do not come to destroy U, but to help U realise your hidden potential & powers. Let difficulties know that U are DIFFICULT this year. Happy New Year.


HAPPY NEW YEAR! i know it's a bit early to wish, but i have got to wish LAKHS of smart & good looking people. So i thought i will start with uncles & aunts first.


Gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love.

----------Albert Einstein 28 i had opened an account for YOU at the Universal Bank of GOD's Blessings & deposited 365 days full of LOVE, FAITH, JOY & FULFILMENT! Enjoy Withdrawing.. Happy New Year. 29 Is-se pehle ki is varsh ka antim suraj ast ho, isse pehle ki 2006 ka calendar nasht ho, aur isse pehle ki mobile network vyast ho, Dua hai ki aane waala saal aapke liye, Zabardast Ho. HAPPY NEW YEAR 30 G - Go to bed O - Off the light O - Out of tension D - Dreams come N - Nice sleep I - Ignore worry G - Get fresh H - Have a nice night T - Thank to GOD. Good Night & Take Care.. 31 As day turns into night, keep your worries off the sight, no matter how tough world may seem, You deserve the Best Dream!! Good Night. 32 Can we do romance at night today? i am in a good mood, just a little bit of kissing and biting. Reply me soon. Yours lovingly, “MOSQUITO” 33 Go to window, look outside, Someone is waiting for your smile, found..? "The Moon" Yes!! He came to wish you GOOD NIGHT


i think your eyes are tired looking at this world. Let your eye lashes hug each other for a few hours. Happy journey into the Dream World.. Good Night!!


i wish moon always be full and bright and you always be cool and right whenever you go to switch off the light remember that i m wishing you GOOD NIGHT!!


Let the devils guard you. Mummies dance around you. Vampires kiss you. Frankanstein sing to you. Draculas bite you. Have a horrorful night. Guoooooh Night..


Sorry to disturb you at this time of the night. If you are awake and free, could you please do me a favour. Please delete this message and sleep. GOOD NIGHT...........!!


Touch your heart Close your eyes Make a wish Say good night Sky so wide Stars so bright Off the light Sleep quiet quiet quiet..


Welcome to Sweet Dream Airlines, all passengers on bed be ready as the flight will be leaving soon to DreamLand; close your eyes. Takeoff.. GOOD NIGHT.


Wishing the sweetest night to a sweet natured person.. GOD has been really kind.. May you sleep tight

n fall from bed tonight.. GOOD NIGHT!! 41 Santa was caught for speeding and produced in court. Judge asked: 30 days or 300 rupees? Santa replied: I will take money. 42 Doctor: Blood group of you and your wife is same. Patient: Obviously, she has been sucking my blood since marriage. 43 Son: Dad, when did you go to Egypt? Dad: Never. Son: Then where did you get mummy from..? 44 D.O.S.T.I. D - Dastak bhi na de O - Or apna banaa le S - Saari zindagi jo saath de T - Takdeer jo sawaar de I - Isi rishtey ka naam hai DOSTI 45 I like three things: 1. Pizza 2. Pepsi 3. YOU Pizza to eat, Pepsi to drink, and YOU to.. Oh Hello.. who will clean the table..? 46 I pray for you.. A life that you truly deserve, A life as good as your heart, A life as bright as your smile, and A life as wonderful as you are. Have a Wonderful Day!! 47 Now Deepawali is over. But i wish n pray for you that you enjoy everyday as a Deepawali with Peace n Happiness.. Be Happy.. Take Care.. 48 Deepawali the Festival of Lights gives you the reason to aspire for a life full of shine and glitter!! Wishing you and your family

a fun-filled Deepawali this year.. 49 Har lecture ko mini skirt ki tarah hona chaahiye: Itna chota ki sabka interest bana rahe, aur itna bada ki zaroori topic cover ho jaaye. 50 Har diye so roshan ho aapki zindagi ki raahein, har roshni ki kiran se roshan ho yeh fizaayein, aapke liye Rabb se karte hain ye duaaein, aapko Deepawali ki haardik shubh-kaamnaayein. 51 Pataakhon ki aawaaz se goonj rahaa sansaar, deepak ki roshni aur apno ka pyaar, mubaarak ho aapko, Deepawali ka tyohaar sapariwaar.. 52 Time would make us forget some persons, but there would be some persons who would make us to forget time. They are our best of best friends.. JUST LIKE YOU!! 53 Din mein deepak jalaane se kya hoga, raakh mein aag lagaane se kya hoga, jab aapko aati nahi humaari yaad, to aapko yaad dilaane se kya hoga.. 54 Teri dooori ka ehsaas jab sataane lagaa, tere saath beeta har lamhaa yaad aane lagaa, jab-jab tujhse dooor jaane ka socha, tu dil ke aur kareeb..aur kareeb aane lagaa. 55 The time since i met you, i have realised that a friend like you is worth a million dollars. So, if you don't mind.. "Shall i sell you..?" 56 Baadal garja magar barsaat nahi aai, dil dhadkaa magar aawaaz nahi aai, pura din guzarne ko hai, kya ek baar bhi humaari yaad nahi aai..? 57 Yeh yaad hai tumhaari..ya yaadon mein tum ho, yeh khwaab hain tumhaare..ya khwaabo mein tum ho, hum nahi jaante humein bas itna bataa do,

hum jaan hain tumhaari..ya humaari jaan ho tum.. 58 Aaj hum hain kal humaari yaadein hongi, jab hum na honge tab humaari baatein hongi, kabhi paltoge zindagi ke panne, to shaayad aapki aankhon se bhi barsaatein hongi. 59 Humaari zindagi hai dost ki amaanat, rakhna mere khuda sada unko salaamat, dena unhe khushiyaan saare jahaan ki, ban jaayein taareef woh har ek zubaan ki.. 60 Phool - Khushboo ke liye, Pyaar - Nibhaane ke liye, Aankh - Dil churaane ke liye, Khushi - Muskuraane ke liye, Yeh SMS - Sirf aapko meri yaad dilaane ke liye. 61 You are my sweet friend..HO NA i don't want you to KHONA i want a place in your heart's KONA otherwise i will start RONA 62 Koi new message hai kya..? Agar hai to.. to please DELETE kar de kyunki bhejna to tune hai nahi. 63 A real friend is a Smile when you are sad, Hope when you are disappointed, Guide when you are lost, Song when you are happy, Company when you are lonely, n Help when you are helpless. 64 All human beings have FIVE senses. Some may have the Sixth sense. But my friend you are a gifted person. You have got the Seventh sense: NONSENSE..!! 65 Attitude to LIVE: Laugh like you have never cried. Play like you have never lost.

Love like you have never been hurt. Live like there is no tomorrow. 66 Be slow in choosing friends.. Slower in loosing them.. Because friendship is not an opportunity.. But it is a sweet responsibility. 67 Life is at its weakest when there are more doubts than trust. But life is at its strongest when you learn how to trust inspite of the doubts. 68 Premi apni premika se: Teri galiyon mein na rakhenge kadam aaj ke baad.. arre zaalim keechad bahut ho jaata hai barsaat ke baad. 69 Koi chiraag jalaata hai deewane ke liye, koi chiraag jalaata hai parwaane ke liye, hum chiraag jalaate hain unke liye jo humein bhulaaye baithe hain kisi begaane ke liye. 70 Did i do anything wrong..? Then why are you avoiding me..? Atleast remember me once in a week. It's really hurting me. with love, ur TooThBruSh. 71 Kabhi nam na ho yeh maasoom nigaahein, meri aarzoo hai aap sadaa muskuraayein, gham ke saaye hum talak hi rahein, tere aashiyaane mein sadaa bahaarein hi aayein. 72 If you like my sms, i am smart. If you save, you agree i am smart. If you forward, you spread that i am smart. And if you delete, you are jealous because i am smart. 73 Waqt ki raahon mein aap bhula de chaahe humein, per hum aapko bhula nahi paayenge, teri dosti ki kasam ae dost, tu aawaaz de sapne mein..hum haqeeqat mein chale aayenge. 74 Dosti is something that no one can hate, Dosti is a passion we can never rate, Dosti can happen anytime early or late,

Dosti is the only medicine, without expiry date. 75 Chup rehte hain kahin koi khataa na ho jaaye, khaamosh rehte hain kahin koi ruswaa na ho jaaye, badi mushkil se banaa hai koi apna, darte hain kahin woh juda na ho jaaye. 76 Life is full of - Kabhi Kushi Kabhi Gham.. When it ends - Na Tum Jaano Na Hum.. So lets do masti..who knows - Kal Ho Na Ho.. 77 The importance of a good friend in our lives is like that of HEARTBEATS. Though they are not visible but they silently support the gift called LIFE.. 78 Itni choti nahi dosti humaari, kaise soch liya kinaara aa gayaa, lo phir ho gayi aapke mobile mein roshni, ek baar phir sms humaaraa aa gaya.. 79 Tum chaand ho jise sab yaad karte hain, humaari kismat to taaron jaisi hai, humein yaad karna to dooor, log apni khushi ke liye humaare tootne tak ki fariyaad karte hain.. 80 Bheegi hui aankhon ka yeh manzar na milega, moti yeh kisi seep ke andar na milega, aansu ko kabhi os ka katra na samajhna, aisa tumhe chaahat ka samander na milega.. 81 Engineers marte nahi.. zinda dafnaaye jaate hain.. har 6 mahino mein tadpaaye jaate hain.. kafan khol ke dekho.. to woh kabr mein bhi assignment likhte paaye jaate hain.. 82 Always ask GOD to give you what you deserve, not what you desire.. it's because your desires may be few, but you deserve a lot..!! 83 Difficult to tell what Loving is like.. Impossible to tell what Missing is like.. May you never Miss whom you Love, & May whom you Love Miss you always..


Not all the time I can be with you, Not all the time I can please you. Not all the time I am available for you to talk to, But one thing is for sure, i will care for you even when you don't expect me to.


Special Tea for You.. I mixed it with Love and Happiness.. but there is no sugar because i know that you are very SWEET!!


Karoge yaad ek din is dosti ke zamaane ko, chale jaayenge jab hum kabhi na waapis aane ko. Chalega mehfil mein zikr humara, to tum bhi dhoondoge tanhai do aansu bahaane ko..


Friends are like fishes.. you have to sit patient for a long time to catch one.. just like i caught you.. better stay nice or i will FRY you..


Night is a good time to remember all the sweet things & all sweet persons in your life.. So sleep well with your sweet memories about me..


DOSTI dil hai dimaag nahi, DOSTI soch hai aawaaz nahi, Koi aankho se nahi dekh sakta DOSTI ka jazbaa, Kyonki DOSTI ehsaas hai, andaaz nahi..


Every second GOD remembers you. Every minute GOD blesses you. Every hour GOD cares for you. Because every day i pray for you, "Bachcha moorakh hai..lekin apna favourite hai.."


Mausam chaahe badalte rahe, par yaadon ke phool jaroor khilenge, samay badlegaa, rishtey badlenge, par hum dost the..hain..aur hameshaa rahenge..


Ik vaar Santa apne yaar de viah te jaa ke naan zyaada khaa lenda hai, te ghar aa ke badaa aukhaa hundaa hai te flush wich beh ke kehndaa hai:

Rabba, ya Jaan kadh leh, ya fer Naan kadh leh.. 93 Agar din hai to raat bhi hogi, hote ho kyon udaas, kabhi-kabhi baat bhi hogi, itne pyaar se dosti ki hai, zindagi rahi to mulaaqat bhi hogi. 94 Apna woh nahi jo paas aa gaya, paraya woh nahi jo dooor chala gaya, aane-jaane se nahi bante apne paraaye, apna woh hai jo dil mein samaa gaya. 95 I decided to send you the Cutest, Sweetest & Most Expensive Gift in the World, but that stupid postman shouted at me saying: Get Out of the Post Box. 96 Kisi ne Dil badal liya, kisi ne dhadkan badal li, aap ke paas kuch bhi nahi tha badalne ko, to aapne Mandir jaa kar Chappal hi badal li..? 97 In this cruel world it is very difficult to find a friend with beautiful heart, pure feelings, attractive personality & stylish looks. So.. Kadar karo meri. 98 Ishq mohabbat to hazaaro karte hain, ghum-e-judaai se woh sabhi darte hain, hum to na ishq karte hain aur na mohabbat karte hain, bus dosto ki ek muskaan pe marte hain.. 99 Ishq mohabbat to hazaaro karte hain, ghum-e-judaai se woh sabhi darte hain, hum to na ishq karte hain aur na mohabbat karte hain, bus dosto ki ek muskaan ke liye SMS karte hain.. 100 Daulat hai mujhko zindagi se pyaari, daulat ke liye kar dun qurbaan yaari, daulat ke liye tod dun dosti tumhaari, ab tumse kya chupaana.. tum hi to ho daulat humaari.

101 Boy: Mummy, hum saare pathaake is dukaan se lenge. Mom: Beta yeh shop nahi Girls Hostel hai. Boy: Par papa to kehte hain ki yahaan ek se ek pathaaka milta hai. 102 Once there was a CROW. Uton pendi c SNOW. Crow ne peeti WINE. Crow ban gaya LION. Ohne road te maareya LALKAARAA. Truck thalle aa ke mar gaya VICHAARAA. Moral: Ghar beh k pio. 103 Messages are not for time paas. They silently say that i am thinking of you right now & also making you to think of me for a moment. 104 It is a fact that when babies are born Doctors slap their face to make them start crying n breathing so that their lungs expand. But there are exceptional cases too, like your's. When you were born, the doctor slapped himself. 105 Someone remembers, somebody cares, your name is whispered in somebody's prayers. Keep the bright of sunshine in view, someone is warmly thinking of YOU.. 106 Waqt guzrega hum bikhar jaayenge, kaun jaane ki hum kidhar jaayenge, hum to ek parchaai hain, yaad rakhna dost jahaan tanhaai mili wahaa hum nazar aayenge.. 107 Jaane kyon is jahaan mein aisa hota hai, khushi jise hoti hai wahi rota hai, umar bhar saath nibha na sake jo, jaane kyon pyaar usi se hota hai. 108 Na mathe di lakeer vekhi na hatthaan te likhi taqdeer vekhi, hanjuaan de vich dub gayaa yaar tera jad us ditasveer vekhi, pher so na sakya jad sutta taan sapne ch bani oh heer vekhi, oh heer banke saanu chadd challi hun yaar nu ban-da fakeer vekhin.. 109 Phool sookh jaate hain ek waqt ke baad,

log badal jaate hain ek waqt ke baad, apni dosti bhi tootegi ek waqt ke baad, lekin woh waqt aayega meri maut ke baad. 110 Woh ek dost jo khuda sa lagta hai, bahut paas hai phir bhi juda sa lagta hai, bahut ghanto se aaya nahi message uska, shaayad kisi baat per khafaa sa lagta hai. 111 Woh ek dost jo khuda sa lagta hai, bahut paas hai phir bhi juda sa lagta hai, kai dinno se aaya nahi message uska, shaayad kisi baat per khafaa sa lagta hai. 112 Aapka chehre par kya Sweet Smile hai, haath mein kya Raapchik Mobile hai, mobile mein SMS ki kya Jhakkas File hai, phir bhi SMS na karna kya Bhaav Khaane ka Style hai..?? 113 Ek janaza dekh ke ladki muskuraai. Ek bada bola: Beti, jawaan maut per yun muskuraaya nahi karte. Ladki: Baba, kya karun..waada kiya tha, jab bhi milenge muskura ke milenge.. 114 Dil ne kaha aankh se: Dekha karo kam, kyonki dekhte ho tum, tadapte hain hum. Aankh ne kaha dil se: Socha karo kam, kyunki sochte ho tum, rote hain hum. 115 *HAPPY NEW YEAR* Soch rahe ho aaj kyon...? Ab tum DON ko sikhaaoge kab wish karna hai. DON ek din pehle wish kare ya 41 din pehle uski marzi. 116 Agar rakh sako to ek nishaani hun main, aur kho do to sirf ek kahaani hun main, rok paaye na jisko yeh saari duniya, woh ek boond aankhon ka paani hun main.. 117 Koi aankhon se baat kar leta hai, koi aankhon mein mulaaqat kar leta hai, bada mushkil hota hai jawaab dena, jab koi khaamosh reh kar sawaal kar leta hai. 118 Valuing friendship is not merely by seeing each other everyday. What's more important is in our busy lives,

we remember each other. 119 Kaash koi exam result ka insurance karwaa deta, to har exam ke pehle premium bharwaa dete, paas hote to theek, warna insurance claim karwaa lete.. 120 Maikhaane mein jaam toot jaata hai, ishq mein dil toot jaata hai, na jaane kya rishta hai in dono mein, jaam toote to ishq yaad aata hai.. dil toote to jaam yaad aata hai.. 121 FRIEND is one who: Finds you in a Rush of people Inspires you to do something is life and catch your Emotions & Never leaves you till Death. 122 Things i like about u: 1. Your choice is very good (e.g. choosing me as friend) 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Ab kya dekh rahe ho..? Uske baad kabhi koi dhang ka kaam kiya hai..? 123 Ek pyaari si surat.. Ek mausam sa chehra.. Do jheel si aankhein.. Kuch meethi-meethi baatein.. Ek naazuk adaa.. Kuch masti kuch mazaa.. Thodi si sharaarat.. Bahut saari mohabbat.. Ek bholi si muskaan.. Ooncha udne ka armaan.. Sabse alag sabse juda.. Jiski hai pyaari har ek adaa.. Thanks aapne mere baare mein itna padhaa..

124 Is zamaane se bahut alag ho aap, woh khush-kismat hain jinke paas ho aap, humaare liye woh waqt hi haseen hai, humein yaad kar jab dil se muskuraa lete ho aap. 125 For all the friendship you share, for all the ways you care, for all the times you are there, my friend you are special and beyond compare.. just wanna say take care.. 126 Money comes and goes, Friends come and go, Rain comes and goes, Love comes and goes, But if you loose your teeth at this age, they will never come back. So better message me everyday. 127 New Day, New Date, New Times, New Morning, New Afternoon, New Evening, New Night..All are new. But, you are my OLD Friend but GOLD Friend!! 128 A girl comes late to class. Prof: Why are you late? Girl: Sir, a boy was following me. Prof: Then how come you are late? Girl: The boy was walking too slow. 129 Ae dil tu mohabbat karta kyon hai, jo karta hai to phir tadapta kyon hai, main dhadkan hun uski kehta tha mujhse, phir aaj uska dil mere bina dhadakta kyon hai. 130 I am leaving the country. Actually a celebrity is pregnant and the media is suspecting me. You also plan to move. Her maid is pregnant too. 131 Saalon baad na jaane kya samaa hoga, hum mein se na jaane kaun kahaan hoga, phir milna hua to milenge yaadon mein, jaise sookhe gulaab milte hain kitaabon mein.

132 Sarak gaya jis ghadi sir se naqaab uska, le gayaa jaan meri zaalim hijaab uska, mehekte rehte the jinse mere sham-o-sahar, ab bhi pannon mein dabaa rakhaa hai gulaab uska, jab bhi hoti hai koi baat shab-e-mehfil mein, jikr hota hai her baat mein janaab uska. 133 De dua ho dard kam, yeh ranjish-e-safar khatam, lamhe to hain simat chale, dooor tu, tera chaman. 134 Har kadam pe imtihaan leti hai zindagi, har waqt naye sadme deti hai zindagi, hum zindagi se shikwaa karein bhi to kaise, ki AAP sa dost bhi to deti hai zindagi. 135 Jaam pe jaam peene se kya faayeda, raat guzaari to saari utar jaaegi, kisi ki aankhon se peo, khuda kasam umar saari nashe mein guzar jaaegi. 136 Aapki yaad aai, kalam uthaai aapki tasveer banaai. Sochaa tha tasveer ko seene se lagaa kar rakhenge per woh to bachchon ko daraane ke kaam aai. 137 Hum farz-e-dosti yun hi nibhaate rahenge, waqt bewaqt yun hi sataate rahenge, dua kariye ki umar bahut lambi ho hamaari, nahin to yaad ban ke aapko rulate rahenge. 138 Gul ne gulshan se gulfam bheja hai, sitaaron ne aasmaan se salaam bheja hai, mubaarak ho aapko Nav Varsh Hamne advance mein yeh paigaam bheja hai!! 139 Mujhe dard-e-ishq ka mazaa maloom hai. dard-e-dil ki intehaa maloom hai, mujhe muskuraane ki dua na do yaaro, mujhe pal bhar muskuraane ki sazaa maloom hai. 140 Ishq dariya hai jiska saahil nahi hota, har dil mohabbat ke kaabil nahi hota, rota woh bhi hai jo dooba ishq ke saagar mein, aur rota woh bhi hai jise ishq haasil nahi hota.

141 Bete hue lamho ko jab bhi yaad kiya humne, gardish-e-waqt ko ru-ba-ru har baar kiya humne, ek zakhm ubharta hai is dil mein, jab jaam ka honto se ehtraam kiya humne. Dooor hokar bhi tum aa jaate ho nazar ke saamne, in palko ko jab bhi sangsaar kiya humne, ae dost hum bhi ho chuke is ishq mein ghaayal, aur apni zindagi ko barbaad kiya humne.. 142 Andaaz-e-beaan haalaat ka koi aap se seekhe, kaise karein jazbaat beaan koi aap se seekhe, hum to yun hi uljhe hain apne khayaalaaton mein, kaise kehte hain din ko raat koi aap se seekhe. 143 Tajjub hua mujhe padhe jab aapke alfaaz, naacheez ko diya aapne izzat ka jahaaz, seekha jinse humne saaz pakadna, wahi kehte hain aaj kya hoti hai aawaaz. 144 Shaam-e-samandar, gham-e-vasl aur tanhaai, dil ko teri yaad aa na jaaye.. Ret par reh na jaaye koi baaki nishaa, chaand mein teri surat nazar aa na jaaye.. Giraft-e-bekhudi se hi kaayam hai maikadaa saare, diljalo ki basti mein dilnasheen aa na jaaye.. Haayat ki ungaliyon par naachte hain hum, guroor-e-naseeb zehen mein ab aa na jaaye.. 145 Mithaa intezaar te intezaar naalon yaar mithaa, mithaa pyaar te pyaar naalon mithi saadi yaari, es ton mithaa kuch ni milnaa, lab le tu duniyaa saari. 146 Swere thwadi yaad aai te thwanu miss kita, dine yaad aai te hor v miss kita, jad raati yaad aai phir miss kita, te jad jaan te ban aai te sms kita. 147 Bahn phad ke rok laende taenu, je chaldaa saada zor hunda, asin tere pichche kyon rulde, je tere warga koi hor hunda. 148 Husband returns home after drinking 'n says 2 wife : Darling, aaj kuch aisi baat karo ke mere kadam zameen pe na tiken... Wife: VE MOYAA....... FAANSI LAA LE

149 Ohnaa ne jagah jagah te naake laaye hoye ne, Saare pange V tere hi paaye hoye ne, 2-4 Din gharon baahar na jaavin, Baahar kutte fadan waale aaye hoye ne. 150 Wife: Tussi mainu kinna pyaar karde ho? Pati: Shah Jahaan jinna. Wife: Tussi V mere maran to baad Taj banaaoge? Pati: Main ta kado da Agre plot lae ke baithaa haan.. teri hi der hai. 151 Hass hass ke katni zindagi yaaraan de naal, dil la ke rakhna bahaaraan de naal, ki hoyeaa je asi sohne nahi.. saadi yaari sohne yaar de naal.....!! 152 Makki di roti, nimbu da achaar, suraj diyaan kirna, khushiyaan di bahaar, chaand di chandni, te apneyan da pyaar, Mubaarak hove ek Lohri da tyohaar. 153 Sunder mundriye, HO.. Tera kaun vichaara, HO.. Dulha bhatti wala, HO.. Dulhe ne dhee vehaai, HO.. Sadh shakkar paai, HO.. Bas-bas eh fad 10 rupe te agge vadh. HAPPY LOHRI 154 Mungfli di khushbu te gur di mithaas, makki de roti te sarson da saag, dil di khushi te apneyaan da pyaar, Mubaarak hove tuhaanu eh Lohri da tyohaar!!! *HAPPY LOHRI* 155 Makki de roti te sarson da saag, nachde ne saare te vich baldi aag, dhol di awaaj te nachdi mutiyaar, Mubaarak hove sarkaar Lohri da tyohaar. HAPPY LOHRI!!

156 Hath wich mungfli, muh wich reodi, la ke ghut thodi thodi, fer bolo..... HAPPY LOHRI 157 Ki kariye lokkan da, har gal nu lok jhamela kehnde ne, je sms na kariye taan kanjoos, te je kariye taa vehla kehnde ne..... 158 How a romantic jatt will propose a girl????? Teri boothi local bus wargi, mera ticket kataaun nu jee kardaa, teri tor ni sohniye meri majh vargi, mera sangal paun nu jee kardaa. 159 Boy: Main keha sohneyo, jutti te badi sohni paai hoi hai. Girl: Utaaroon kya? Boy: Main keha pajaami te hor v sohni hai..... 160 Karwaa chauth di sawer wife uth ke sargi karan laggi. Husband: Eh sawere-sawere ki rolla paaya hai? Wife: Sutta reh kanjaraa, tera hi seaapaa karan laggi haan. 161 Tussi hasde ho saanu hasaan waaste, tussi ronde ho saanu rulaan waaste, tussi ik vaari russ ke te vekho sohniye, assi mar jaavaange taenu manaan vaaste..... 162 Lady to punjab policeJi mere pati 5 din pehle gobhi laane gaye the, abhi tak waapis nahi aaye. Punjab Police InspectorTe hor koi sabzi bana lo..... 163 Wife: Kaash tussi sms hunde, main zindagi bhar save kar ke rakhdi. Husband: Kaash tussi v ringtone hunde, main jado chaahe change kar sakdaa!!!!! 164 Sardaar apni beti ke liye 24 saal ka ladka dekhne Delhi gayaa. Wahaan se biwi ko ph. karta hai: "Oh bai toni di mummy, 24 da te koi ni milyeaa, 12-12 de hi do labh laan." 165 Ek raja apne kutte nu bahut pyaar karda c, par kutte ne wazir nu wad ditta,

wazir ne raje nu kutte nu sazaa den lai keha par raja ta kutte nu bahut pyaar karda c, usne wazir nu keha ki tu hi es nu saza de par ohi saza main tainu dawaanga. Wazir ne kutte nu ki saza ditti ki kutta mar gaya par wazir fer v bach gaya..?? ANSWER: Wazir ne kutte di poonch wich agg laa ditti. 166 Chota sardaar: Mummy, kal raati jado main bathroom da darwaaja kholeyaa te light aape hi jag pai. Mummy: Oye Khoteyaa, tu fer fridge wich susu kar ditta.. 167 Santa to Doctor: Mainu ik problem hai, gall karde hoe mainu aadmi dikhaai ni sujhdaa. Doctor: Aisa kab-kab hota hai? Santa: Phone karte waqt..... 168 Do bhoot galaan kar rahe si. Pehla bhoot: Yaar tu kadi sardaar dekhe ne? Doosra bhoot: Sardaar-sardoor kuch ni hunde, sab mann da vehm hai, dari na. 169 What has technology done? Ik time siga, kukkad baang de ke jagaande si..... ik aj da time hai, asi kukkaddaan nu message bhej ke jagaa rahe haan..... 170 Ik baar ik banda gwaandiyaan de ghar manja laen lai gayaa, gwaandi kehnda: Yaar saade ghar 2 hi manje ne ik te main te mera baapu te dooje te meri vohti te meri maa sonde ne. Banda: Kanjaraa..manja nahi dena na deo par soya te tareeke naal karo. 171 Dad: Beta, is baar 80% number leyaane aa tu paperaan ch. Pappu: Don't worry dad, main 100% leaanwaagaa. Dad: Kanjaraa, mazaak kardaa hai mere naal? Pappu: Pehla mazaak kehde kanjar ne shuru kita si.. 172 Sardaar: Oye banta, yeh roasted chicken taa waise bada tasty hai, par thoda ajeeb sa kyon lag rahaa hai? Banto: Thoda jal gayaa sa ji, is lai dettol lagaa ditti.

173 Its easy to die for a friend but difficult to find a friend worth dying for.. Now that i have found you, meri taa jaan nu seaapaa pe gayaa na. 174 A sardaar prays daily for two hours: Hey Waheguru, meri lottery lagaa davo. After 11 years Waheguru angrily appears and says: Oye Khoteyaa, ik vaari ticket taan lae.. 175 Dukh dil ch lako ke, hanjoo naina ch pro ke, tere aan di udeek aisi layi baithe haan, kar tu yakeen saanu bhul jaan waaliye, asi tere pichche duniya bhulaai baithe haan. 176 Laggi ik bimaari nu mudtaan beet gaiyaan, dil te chaldi aari nu mudtaan beet gaiyaan, ki samjhaavaan bebas apne naina nu, ik dekhi shakl pyaari nu mudtaan beet gaiyaan. 177 Santa: Yaar main tainu kinni baar ph. kitta, par tu phone hi nahi chukeyaa..? Banta: Kyon chukaan, jehdaa main apne cell wich 30 Rs. de ke gaana lagwaayea hai ohnu fer kaun sunega????? 178 Teacher: Oxygen ki khoj 1858 wich hoi. Sardaar: Thank GOD, mera janm us ton pehla nahi hoyea, nahi te main ghut-ghut ke mar jaata. 179 Sardaar (ladki ko chedte hue): Hor sohneyo, ki haal aa..?? Ladki (Gusse mein) Jo teri bhen da. Sardaar: Woh to pregnant hai.. 180 Yaara, yaari da maan rakhi, dimaag ch nahi, meri aapne dil ch pehchaan rakhi, main v manga dua eh hi rab kolo, mere yaar nu har dukh to anjaan rakhi.. 181 Jeeto: Kyon ji, tussi gaddi di speed kyon badhaa ditti..? Santa: Break fail ho gayaa hai, accident hon to pehlaan hi aapaa ghar pahunchna hai.. 182 Banta and his wife waiting for the train..

itne mein Punjab Mail aayi. Banta bhaag kar train mein chadtaa hai and says to her wife Jab Punjab Female aaye tab tu bhi aa jaana. 183 Arz kitta hai.. mathe te lahu.. sir te ret.. WAAH!! Gaur karnaa.. mathe te lahu.. sir te ret.. kyonki.. Sajnaa ne phull maareyaa.. GAMLE SAMET.. WAAH!! WAAH!! 184 Ki hoya je lag gayi usnu mehndi, aapaan v sehra sajaawaange, saanu pata si oh saade naseeb wich nahi, hun usdi choti behen fasaawaange. 185 Aap kaise hain, main yahaan kushal mangal se hun, ab aapki tabeeyat kaisi hai, gaaon mein barsaat hui ki nahi, aur maaji babuji kaise hain, gudiya ki padhaai ke liye paise ka intezaam hua? bahu se kehna sabhi ka khayaal rakhe. abhi zameen ka batwaaraa hua ke nahi. kajaariya gaai kaisi hai? chaupaal par kusroo chacha ko mera jai raam kehna. bitiya ki shaadi ke liye paise jodna shuru kar do, ab sayaani ho gayi hai. tumhaaraa dooor ka paas waala dadu. Jawaab dena. 186 Be-rokke aaunde hawa de bulle ne, teri udeek wich palkaan de boohe vi khulle ne, paer saambh-saambh ke rakhin kitte phij na jaan, thaan-thaan te mere hanju dulle ne. 187 Bukkaan wich nahi paani rehnde, jadon baddal meeh varsaaunde ne, aksar bhul jaaunde ne oh, jehre bahuta pyaar jataaunde ne. 188 Birds + sky = lovely day Forest + Animal = nature's gifts Stars + Night = romantic night

You + Your Smile = Hai rabba..tussi v na bas, daraa hi dende ho. 189 Kuri waaleyan ne munde nu puchheya: Tu non-veg khaa laenda..? Munda: Haanji. Sharaab..? Haanji. Smac..? Haanji. Jua..? Haanji. Sab kuch negative hi hai ki kuch positive vi hai..? Munda: Haanji, HIV.. 190 Ik munda ik kudi de piche kaafi der ton jaa reha c. Kudi: Ve taenu samajh nahi aaundi, teri maut hai ajj taenu bula rahi, taenu darr nahi lagda, meri bebe v piche-piche hai aa rahi. Munda: Asin aashiq haan khaandaani, saade bajurg v apna farz nibha rahe ne, oh vekh teri bebe de piche, saade bapu ji v aa rahe ne.. 191 Happiness is a perfume.. You cannot spread on others without getting a few drops on yourself.. So be Happy to make others Happy.. 192 Naalaayaki ki 3 Nishaaniyan: 1. Hamesha free SMS padhte rehna. 2. Mobile incoming per lambi baat karna. 3. Neeche mat padhna. Jo baat manaa karo wahi karna. 193 Vishwaas ban kar ke log zindagi mein aate hain, khwaab banke aankhon mein samaa jaate hain, pehle to yeh yakeen dilaate hain ke woh humaare hain, fir na jaane kyon tanha chhod jaate hain. 194 Chemical Joke: All electrons were having party. Suddenly protons attacked them. A hero comes and saves them. They asked who are you? He said: I am Bond..Covalent Bond..

195 Never cry for anyone in life because for the one whom you cry, doesn't deserve your tears & the one who deserves it, will never let you cry. 196 If i love myself despite my infinite faults, how can i hate anyone at the glimpse of few faults..? 197 In life there are Five Things you should not lose: 1. Character 2. Self-Respect 3. Hope 4. Heart 5. and.. ????? Well, you know my name. 198 Two Great Facts in this World: Fact 1: You cannot touch your lower lip with your tongue. Fact 2: After reading fact 1, many idiots would try it. 199 Munna Bhai: Agar bina daanto waala kutta kaat le to kya karne ka..? Circuit: Bole to..bina sui ke 14 injection lene ka bhai. 200 Do you know the meaning of DAIRYMILK..? Darling Always I Remember You, Meet Immediately for a Long Kiss. That's why girls ask for DAIRYMILK.. 201 Birds that live in a lake will fly away when the lake dries up. But the lotus that grows in the same lake will die with the lake. That's the commitment in true friendship. 202 Hands in Hands, walk an extra mile, Remember on this earth we are for a while, Smile n make everyone Smile, because tht's the wayto live the life in Style.. 203 Friendship is like a violin,

music may stop now and then, but strings are attached forever! Likewise you may be in touch or not, but you are always remembered. 204 Friendship is a language spoken by heart.. not written on a paper, not given by pledge. It is a promise renewed everytime we keep in touch.. 205 Chupke se chaand ki roshni aapki ho jaaye, dheere se hawa aapko kuch keh jaaye, dil se jise chaahte ho us-se maang lo, Khuda se hum dua karenge woh aapka ho jaaye. 206 Dil ki mehfil mein ujaala kijiye, roz pyaar bhare message kiya kijiye, zindagi khoobsurat ban jaayegi dear.. apno ke liye thoda waqt nikaala kijiye. 207 Rishton ki dori kamzor hoti hai, aankhon ki baatein dil ki chor hoti hain, Khuda ne jab bhi poocha dosti ka matlab humaari ungli aapki aur hoti hai. 208 Woh na aaye, par unki yaad aa ke wafaa kar gayi.. Rahi tamanna har waqt milne ki, mera aman-sukoon tabaah kar gayi.. Darr pe aahat suni bahut baar, humne socha, asar dua kar gayi.. Jab darwaazaa khola to koi na tha, mazaak humaare saath hawaa kar gayi.. 209 Taqdeer ne chaaha, taqdeer ne banaaya, taqdeer ne humko tumse milaaya, khushnaseeb the hum ya woh pal jab tum sa anmol dost is zindagi mein aaya.. 210 Aansuon mein na dhoondo humein, dil mein bas jaayenge hum, tamanna ho agar milne ki to band aankhon mein bhi nazar aayenge hum. 211 Hum se dooor rehne waale,

hum tera intezaar karte hain, tujhe paana to ik khwaab hai, yeh jaante hue bhi hum tujhi se pyaar karte hain.. 212 Guzraa waqt jab bhi dil ki daastaan sunaayega, tumko bhi ik shaks yaad aayega, gaur se dekhna zindagi ke panno ko kahin na kahin to humaara naam bhi nazar aayega.. 213 Unki gali se mera janaaza nikla, woh na nikle jinke liye janaaza nikla, woh nikle to mere dost seeti bajaane lage, rakh ke mera janaaza sab usse pataane lage.. 214 Miss me or Hate me Both are in my favour. If you miss me, i will always be in your heart. If you hate me, i will always be in ur mind. 215 Afgaani: Humaare registaan mein khush-aam-deed bolo to waapis aawaaz aati hai.. amid..amid.. Himaachali: Humaare pahaadon mein i love you bolo to waapis aawaaz aati hai.. love you..love you.. Punjabi: Oye es wich kehdi gall hai, saade pind di gali wich aawaaz maaro teri maa di te waapas aawaaz aaundi hai.. teri behen di.. 216 Aaj deedaar, kal yaar, parso pyaar, fir ikraar, fir intezaar, fir takraar, fir daraar, saari mehnat bekaar aur at last ek aur DEVDAS in the beer-bar.. Good Night Yaar!! 217 O friend ji..tussi mithaa aam ho, coca-cola da jaam ho, sir dard ka baam ho, saaraa kuch theek hai, bas SMS nahi karde, bas es waaste badnaam ho..

218 Mistakes are embarrasing when they happen.. But years later, you have a collection of mistakes, called Experience, which leads you to Success!! 219 Hum dosti poori nibhana jaante hain, zakhm tumhaare kitne bhi gehre hon, hum davaa lagaana jaante hain, humein bhoolne ki koshish na karna ae dost, hum galaa dabaana bhi jaante hain. 220 If someone argues or makes fun of you, Don't Mind it, because it is the law of nature that the tree which bears the sweetest fruits gets the maximum number of stones. 221 Subha-shaam tumhaari yaad aati hai, saari raat jagaati hai, karne ko to kar lein SMS tumhein, par customer care ki ek ladki hai jo baar-baar balance low bataati hai.. 222 Jo dost paas na hon, woh dil ke kareeb hote hain. Jinke paas dost na hon, woh gareeb hote hain. Jinke dost aap jaise hon, woh khushnaseeb hote hain. 223 Jabse aapko jaana hai.. jabse aapko paaya hai.. har dua mein meri aapka naam aaya hai. Dil karta hai poochu us Rabb se ki Tune itna pyaara dost kya sirf mere liye banaaya hai.. 224 Har nazar ko ik nigaah ka haq hai, har rooh ko ik aah ka haq hai, hum bhi dil lekar aaye hain, humein bhi ik gunaah ka haq hai.. 225 Khuli jo aankhein to manzar ajeeb tha, dard tha magar woh dil ke kareeb tha, jinhe hum dhoondte the aathon ki lakiron mein, woh to kisi aur ka naseeb tha..

226 Couple in theatre: Husband: Darling, mujhe to tumhaari aatma se pyaar hai, tumhaara jism to main kutton ko daal dun!! Sardaar sitting on back seat: BHOW BHOW..BHOW BHOW.. 227 Tu nahi to zindagi mein kya reh jaayega, dooor tak tanhaayion ka silsila reh jaayega, har kadam par saath chalna yaar, warna tera yeh dost tanha reh jaayega. 228 Aankhon mein armaan diya karte hain, hum logo ki neende chura liya karte hain, ab se jab-jab aapki palkein jhukengi, samajh lena hum tab-tab tumhe yaad kiya karte hain.. 229 I may not be the most important person in your life.. but i am just sure that one day when you hear my name you would just smile n say, "Hey, that's my friend.." 230 If i was a painter- you would be my Painting.. If i was an author- you would be my Story.. If i was a poet- you would be my Poem.. But unfortunately, i am a cartoonist. 231 Trust GOD, HE knows your future. HE may not reveal it to you but HE will walk with you as the future unfolds. Don't trust the stars, trust the ONE who made them. 232 Chale gaye hain dooor kuch pal ke liye, magar aapke dil ke kareeb hain har pal ke liye, kaise bhulaayenge aapko ek bhi pal ke liye, jab ho chuki hai dosti har pal ke liye. 233 When you like someone deeply, misunderstandings may arise.. but don't feel bad for it because some misunderstandings are needed for better understanding.. 234 Night has ended for another day, moening has come in a special way. May you Smile like the sunny rays and leaves your worries at the blue-blue bay..

235 You are walking on a long weak bridge, it's really scary and you are afraid. You saw me & asked my help. But i said i am sorry, i can't. You never realised i am busy holding that bridge for you.. 236 Jab paas ho tab khaas ho, jab dooor ho tab ehsaas ho, ankahee si aas ho, jo na mite woh pyaas ho, ab aur main kya kahun, tum dil ke kitne paas ho.. 237 Badalna nahi aata humein mausam ki tarah, har rut mein unka intezaar karte hain.. na samet sakenge qayaamat tak, itna unse hum pyaar karte hain.. 238 Ek ajnabi se mujhe itna pyaar kyun hai, inkaar karne par chaahat ka ikraar kyun hai, use paana nahi meri taqdeer shaayad, phir har mod pe usi ka intezaar kyun hai..? 239 Khoobiyaan itni to nahi hum mein, ki kisi ke dil mein hum ghar banaa paayenge.. par bhoolna bhi aasaan na hoga humein, aise pal zaroor de jaayenge.. 240 Khirki khuli, zulfein udi, socha husn-e-yaar ka deedaar tha. Par zulfein hati, to manzar kuch aur tha, kyonki woh to nahaaya hua sardaar tha.. 241 Karni hai Khuda se guzaarish, ki teri dosti ke siwa koi bandgi na mile, har janam mein tere jaisa dost mile ya fir kabhi zindagi na mile.. 242 Friends are like street lights along the road. They don't make the distance any shorter, but they light up the path & make the journey worthwhile!! 243 The happiest people don't have everything in life.. They just make the best of everything

that life brings their way.. 244 Marrying twice is right choice. Explaining reason for having two wives, "Monopoly is always demanding & Competition improves service.." 245 Rishton ki ehmiyat bataate hain faasle, par thoda tadpaate hain faasle, bas itna samajh lijiye.. ki zindagi mein pyaar ka ehsaas dilaate hain faasle. 246 Easiest ways to die: 1. Have a cigar daily - You will die 10 years early. 2. Have drinks daily - You will die 30 years early. 3. Love someone truly - You will die daily. 247 Yun to sadmo mein bhi hans lete the hum, phir aaj kyun bewajah rone lage hain hum, barson se hatheli khaali rahi humaari, phir aaj kyon lagta hai ki sab khone lage hain hum.. 248 Mohabbat mein laakhon zakhm khaae hain humne, afsos unhe hum par aitbaar nahi, mat poocho kya guzarti hai dil par jab woh kehte hain humein tumse pyaar nahi. 249 Phulon ki mehek churaai nahi jaati, suraj ki kirne chupaai nahi jaati, kitni bhi soni ho apni girlfriend.. par dusre ki girlfriend bhulaai nahi jaati. 250 A boy goes to see a cabare dance. His mother gets angry and asks him, "Did you see anything there that you were not supposed to see..?" Boy: Yes, i saw dad. 251 Smile in pleasure, Smile in pain, Smile when trouble spours like rain, Smile when someone hurt you, Smile because someone miss you. 252 Meri prem kahaani ka, kya ajeeb ending tha.. Izhaar-e-Mohabbat kiya tha maine SMS se, jo uski shaadi tak pending tha..

253 Aapki yaad mein tadap ke mar jaayenge, mar gaye to aapka naam likh jaayenge, Rabb ko rishwat de kar aapko bhi bulaayenge.. aur fir saath baith kar kurkure khaayenge!! 254 Tum achche, imaandaar, sanskaarwaan, sunder, sushil, sabhya, dimaagdaar logon se dooor rehna, warna woh bhi bigad jaayenge. 255 Bichadte hue yaad de jaayenge, khud sone se pehle tumko ek khwaab de jaayenge, tumhe gila hai ki hum jawaab nahi dete.. saanson ke rukne se pehle har jawaab de jaayenge. 256 Khush rahe ya bahut udaas rahe, zindagi tere aas-paas rahe.. kabhi sunhere khwaab ki tarah milna, khili hui dhoop mein barsaat ki tarah milna.. 257 Some joys are better expressed in silence like a Smile holds more meaning than a laughter. Once i asked myself, "Did i enjoy meeting you in my life..?" i just smiled. 258 Its nice feeling when you know that someone loves you, someone misses you, someone needs you, but it feels much better when you know that someone never forgets you. 259 Memories play a very confusing role.. They make you laugh when you remember the time you cried together. But make you cry when you remember the time you laughed together. 260 Kuch pal hote hain kuch pal ke liye, jee lein inhe har pal ke liye, yeh waqt to ret ki tarah fisal jaayega, de jaayega yaadein zindagi bhar ke liye.. 261 Hasi ke raste per chala karo, khushiyon ki mehek liya karo,

pyaar se dilon ko chuaa karo, jab aapka dil udaas ho.. to is naacheez ko yaad kiya karo. 262 Silence is the best way to avoid many problems.. Smile is a powerful tool to solve many problems.. So have a Silent Smile Always!! 263 Dard hota hai duniya ko dikhaane ke liye, har koi rota nahi aansu bahaane ke liye, roothne ka mazaa tab aataa hai.. jab aap jaisa dost ho manaane ke liye. 264 Koi dooor ho kitna hi, kya gham hai..? Magar woh apna hai, yeh kya kam hai..? Chaahe na ho baat, na ho mulaaqat, kya gham hai..? Yaad humein woh kar lein ek baar, yeh kya kam hai..? 265 Alvida keh kar jab koi aankho se dooor hota hai, aankhein dekhti rehti hain magar dil majboor hota hai, koi kahe na kahe zubaan se.. magar dil mein dard zaroor hota hai. 266 True bravery is to arrive home.. Fully Drunk.. A late Night Out..& and..and.. Mom waiting with Jhaadu and u ask, "Hey Mom, abhi tak safaai kar rahi ho..?" 267 Jab laila ko karna tha impress to majnu ne khaai minto fresh.. Jab majnu ko karna ho impress to laila ko utaarni hogi poori dress.. 268 Relation means: To Help Without Hesitation.. To Give Without Expectation.. To Love Without Limitation..& To Remember even Without Communication.. 269 Phool ban kar kya jeena.. ek din murjhaa jaaoge aur dafnaa diye jaaoge. Jeena hai to pathar ban ke jeeyo.. kabhi taraashe gaye to Khuda kehlaaoge.

270 Saying goodnight is not just putting an end to a day. It's a way of saying that remember you before i go to sleep. Hope you can feel the care that goes with it. 271 Babuji ne kaha ghar chhod do.. Maa ne kaha paaro ko chhod do.. Paro ne kaha daaru chhod do.. magar aapko kis kanjar ne kaha, ki humein SMS karna chhod do. 272 43200 minutes 2592000 seconds are left. A VERY-VERY HAPPY NEW YEAR.. Dekhi saadi yaari.. 30 din pehlaan hi wish kar taa!! 273 You are strong as RUM.. Fine as WINE.. Cool as BEER.. Classic as WHISKY.. as Sophisticated as VODKA.. in short.. i am totally TUNN in your friendship. 274 Patient to Doctor: Aapne nurse bahut achchi rakhi hai, uska haath lagte hi main theek ho gayaa. Doctor: Jaanta hun.. thappad ki aawaaz mujhe bhi sunaai di thi.. 275 10 people beating a sardaar, but he was laughing.. A man asked, "Why are you laughing?" Sardaar: Main Joginder hun, yeh log mujhe Parminder samajh ke maar rahe hain!! 276 A innocent Dhamki: As the thief was leaving the house, the kid woke up and said, "Mera school bag bhi le kar jaao.. warna main mummy ko uthaa doonga." 277 Never say thanks to someone who loves you, Never say bye to someone who really needs you, Never blame a person who really trusts you, &

Never forget a person who always remembers you.. 278 Kasoor na unka hai na mera, hum dono hi rasme nibhaate rahe, woh dosti ka ehsaas dilaate rahe, aur hum mohabbat chupaate rahe.. 279 Closeness resides in heart. So no matter how busy we are or how far we are, you are always remembered and cared forever!! 280 Har dil mein dard chupa hota hai, bayaan karne ka andaaz juda hota hai, kuch ashqon mein dard ko baha dete hain.. aur kisi ki hansi mein bhi dard chupa hota hai. 281 Hi! Can you do me a favour please, if you are not busy, if you don't mind, if it doesn't take much of your time, and if you can do it for me, can you.. SMILE Please..? 282 Rich in good luck..it's you. Rich in good eyes..it's you. Rich in good smile..it's you. Rich by heart..it's you. Rich in good friend. Wait a minute.. it's me coz i have you! 283 PYAR means: P - Phone karna Y - Yaad karna A - Aazaadi khona R - Rote rehna ki phone kab aayega. 284 Whenever i sit alone, i just look at my hands and see the criss-cross lines and wonder which special line made me so lucky to have a friend like you!

285 SMILE S: Sets you free M: Makes you special I: Increases your face value L: Lifts up your spirits E: Erases all your tensions So, please keep Smiling!! 286 Always make your absence felt, in such a way that somebody misses you, but don't let your absence be so long that somebody starts learning to live without you.. 287 Santa first time travelling in plane. Plane began to run on run-way. Santa got angry and said, "Saalio, jahaaz ta agge hi char ghante late aa, te tussi sadko-sadki paa liya." 288 If you have a heart obey your mind you can win the whole world. If you have a mind that obey your heart you can win the love of so many hearts. 289 Love letter from Punjaban to Punjabi: O mere dil de chaen, tere pichhe kutte paen. Tu luteya mere dil da chaen, Rabb kare taenu keere paen. Tere nain bade nashile, jiven jhaaru de teele. Tu mere dil vich eddan vasea, jiven chikkad vich saand faseya. Jaane-jigar jaane-tamanna, edhar aa teriyan lattan phanna. 290 Phool ban-kar muskuraana zindagi hai, muskura ke gham bhulana zindagi hai, mil kar log khush hote hain to kya hua.. bina mile dosti nibhana zindagi hai. 291 Raj: Meet my wife Divya. Sunil: Oh! i know her. Raj: Know her..How? Sunil: We'd been sleeping together. Raj: What the hell.. Sunil: 10 years ago..in the history class. 292 Is duniya mein dost kam milenge, is duniya mein gham hi gham milenge,

jis mod par duniya nazar pher legi.. us mod par tumko hum hi hum milenge. 293 I pray to GOD that any person who tries to screw your happiness, may his ass begin to itch & may his hand grow shorter that he can't reach his ass to scratch it. 294 If lover is like moon then friends are like stars and have you noticed that the sky can look beautiful without moon but not without stars.. 295 Milne ki khushi na bichadne ka gham, na nigaahon mein aansoo, na udaas hain hum. Kaise kahe ki kaise hain hum, bas itna jaan lo ki tum bin bahut akele hain hum. 296 To be a Good Professional always start to study late for the exams because it teaches how to manage Time and tackle Emergencies.. 297 Smile is a language of love Smile is a way to get success Smile is to win hearts Smile improves your personality So brush regularly.. 298 Kuch unki adaaon ne loota, kuch unki inaayat maar gayi.. Hum raaz-e-mohabbat keh bhi na paaye, chup rehne ki aadat maar gayi.. Dil ne kiya majboor kai baar milne ko, jee bhar ke unko dekha na gaya, nigaahon ki sharaafat maar gayi.. Dono ko hi hai shikaayat, ilzaam lagaayein kis par, kuch dil ne humein barbaad kiya, kuch humaari kismat maar gayi.. 299 Aasmaan ke taare aksar poochte hain humse, "Kya tumhe aaj bhi intezaar hai uske laut aane ka..?" aur yeh dil muskura ke kehta hai, "Mujhe to ab tak yakin nahi hua uske chale jaane ka."

300 Har koi pyaar ke liye tadapta hai, har koi pyaar ke liye rota hai, ae dost yeh dosti sada kaayam rakhna.. kyonki pyaar to sabse zyaada dosti mein hi hota hai. 301 Kabhi tum bhi humse baat kiya karo, milne ki fariyaad kar liya karo, ek hum hain jo hamesha shuruwaat karte hain.. kabhi tum bhi humko humse pehle yad kar liya karo. 302 Nigaahein kisi se mila kar to dekho, dil ki baat kisi ko bataa kar to dekho, sab aayenge khud tumhaare paas.. lagaataar ek hafte tak nahaa kar to dekho. 303 I am going away from your life. I won't come again. Yes, i m going to pass away. I don't know whether you would be happy or sad after knowing all this news. Yours knowingly, 2006 304 In life all failures are due to two reasons: 1. Actionless Thoughts, & 2. Thoughtless Actions So one should take care of both Thoughts n Actions.. 305 Simta unka waqt kuch is kadar, ki hum tamaam umar ik pal ki aarzoo mein dikhe.. chaahat thi rishi ko bas ik jhalak ki, par kaafir ghar se burka kar nikle.. 306 Ab dosto se kya asraar rishi, jab dushmano par tamaam haqeeqat bayaan kar dee.. (asraar: secrets) 307 Jab rishi se mulaaqat hi na hui, to guftgu kahan mumkin thi.. sach kehta hun dost, zindagi khaamosh aur tanha thi. 308 Pyaar koi khel nahi jis mein jeet ya haar ho, pyaar koi cheez bhi nahi jo har waqt tayyar ho, pyaar woh hai jab pata ho kisi ne nahi aana, phir bhi intezaar ho..

309 A rose is always a rose whether in golden pot or dustbin. Same way you are always my friend whether you are in central jail or mental hospital.. 310 Who am i? a step when you are stopped, a touch when you are lost, a word when you are quiet, a smile when you are sad, a shoulder when you cry, & a friend who would be there always.. 311 Aapko bhool jaaun naamumkin si baat hai, aapko na ho yakeen yeh aur baat hai, jab tak rahegi saans tab tak rahoge yaad.. yeh saans toot jaaye to aur baat hai. 312 Old age is when one starts turning off lights for economical rather than romantic reasons. 313 Father: What were the two hardest things you learnt in the college..? Son: Opening beer bottles with teeth & lighting 10 cigarettes with onle one match stick.. 314 How did Santa tried to kill a bird?? ???? ????? He took it to the top of a building & dropped it from there to die.. 315 Hum dooor sahi..majboor sahi, par yaad tumhaari aati hai, tum saans wahaan par lete ho, par badboo yahaan tak aati hai. 316 Chaand ko bhi akele mein sharam aati hogi, baat kuch tumhaari bhi samajh mein aati hogi, jab bhi zikr hota hoga smart logon ka.. tumhe bhi meri yaad aati hogi. 317 In a bathroom,

a boy touches a girl everywhere. You know who is that boy..? He is Lifeboy!! 318 Birth is the start of life. Beauty is the art of life. Mystery & risk are part of life. But friends like you are the Heart of Life!! 319 Kya hua..SMS factory mein hadtaal hai..? Ya inbox kangaal hai..ya fir balance ka akaal hai..? Agar nahi to kyon bura haal hai.. SMS karo tumhaar izzat ka sawaal hai. 320 Ishq mein ye anjaam paaya hai, haath paer toote, muh se khoon aaya hai, Hospital pahunche to nurso ne yeh farmaaya hai, "Bahaaron phool barsaao kisi ka mehboob aaya hai.." 321 Ishq da jisnu khwaab aa jaanda hai, samjho waqt kharaab aa jaanda hai, mehboob aave ya na aave.. par taare ginan da hisaab aa jaanda hai. 322 Dil se tera khayaal na jaaye to kya karu, tu hi bata tu yaad aaye to kya karu, hasrat yeh hai ki ek nazar tujhe dekh loon.. magar kismat do lamhe na laaye to kya karu. 323 What you will do if one day whole world will be on one side and you on opposite..?? ..... ????? Just turn back and you will be the leader of the whole world!! 324 Smile ever, udaas never! Speak ever, gumsum never! Share ever, chup never! Care ever, bhoolna mujhe never because hum hain Friends Forever!! 325 Woh mil jaate hain kahaani ban kar, dil mein bas jaate hain nishaani ban kar, jinhe hum rakhte hain apni aankho mein..

kyon nikal jaate hain woh paani ban kar. 326 Chaand adhura hai sitaaron ke bina, gulshan adhura hai bahaaron ke bina, samunder adhura hai kinaaron ke bina, jeena adhura hai tum jaise yaaron ke bina.. 327 Never ignore a person who loves you, cares for you, n misses you because one day you will realise that you have lost a Diamond while collecting stones.. 328 No me..No life.. Know me..Know life.. 329 Bhoole se bhi aankhon mein aansu na lana, zindagi mein sabko hasaana, dushman ko bhi gale lagaana, phir bhi koi gham aaye to is number per phone lagaana.. 330 Who is a dost..? Dost woh jo bin bulaaye aaye, bewajah sir khaae, jeb khaali karwaaye, kabhi sataaye, kabhi hasaaye, kabhi rulaaye, magar hamesha saath nibhaaye. 331 Har roz hum nashe mein hote hain aur shaam guzar jaati hai, ek din aisa bhi aayega jab shaam nashe mein hogi aur hum guzar jaayenge.. 332 Yamraaj ne ek ladke ki jaan le li to Chitragupt ne poocha ki isko waqt se pehle kyon maara.. Yamraaj bole, "Month end mein target jo poora karna hai.." 333 Main tumko chaand kehta magar usme daag hai,

suraj kehta magar usme aag hai, socha tumko bandar keh du.. magar us kambakht mein bhi dimaag hai. 334 You are -sweet like tom -cute like jerry -naughty like bugsbunny -clever like aladin -happening like ballu -welders like mougli Tussi to chalte-firte cartoon ho!! 335 Apne dimaag ko test karne ke liye Cow ke saame sir karke khade ho jaao. Agar woh dooor jaaye to samajh lena gobar hai, agar paas aaye to bhoosa hai, aur agar na dooor jaaye aur na paas aaye to samajh lena khaali hai. 336 Never make the same mistake twice, there are so many new ones to make.. Try a different mistake each day. Enjoy each day!! 337 Sardaarji aapko logo ne kyon maara..? Sardaar: Arrey yaar meri photo bus mein gir gayi thi. Maine kaha, madam zaraa saree upar karna, mujhe photo leni hai. 338 Hi..jaane-anjaane mein agar maine, aapka dil dukhaaya ho ya kabhi tang kiya ho, ya jo-jo bhi kiya ho, us-us ke liye, aapse jo ho sake kar lo, MAINE NAHI SUDHARNAA..!! 339 I wish you a: Marvelous Monday Tasty Tuesday Wonderful Wednesday Thankful Thursday Friendly Friday Successful Saturday Have a VICTORIOUS WEEK! 340 If a cute girl tells you

that she's in love with you do any of the three things: 1. Take her to an eye specialist 2. Take her to a mental hospital 3. Tell her that u r not me 341 10gm hansi 10gm pyaar 20gm sukh-dukh 5gm kasmein 50gm baatein thodi takraar thoda pyaar swaad anusaar Dish- “Friendship Forever” ho gai tayyar. 342 100gm mitti, 10gm kankad-pathar, 25 types ke keede-makode, 5gm makdee ke jaale, 50gm ghaas..... Don't be surprised! This is the CT scan report of your brain.. 343 Five roses just for you because you are a special person: 1st rose - for friendship 2nd rose - for trust 3rd rose - for wealth 4th rose - for happiness and the last 5th kaan par lagaa lena. 344 Fir na simtegi agar dosti bikhar jaaegi, zindagi zulf nahi jo fir se sanvar jaaegi, jo khushi de tumhe thaam lo uska daaman, zindagi ro ke nahi haske guzar jaayegi. 345 Nazar jhuki to paimaane bane, sharaab bani to maikhaane bane, koi na koi baat aap mein jaroor hai aisi, yuhin to nahi pagalkhane bane. 346 Aisi bewafaai ki usne.. mohabbat bhi badnaam ho gayi, apni mohabbat ki itni keemaat vasool ki usne... ki humaari kabr bhi nilaam ho gayi.

347 A Sardaar made a call to airport and asked how long is the journey from Punjab to America.. Receptionist: One second, sir..... Sardaar: Thank you. 348 If you read this message, you owe me a hug. if you delete, you owe me a kiss. if you save, you owe me a date. if you reply, you owe me all, but if you ignore, you are mine!! 349 Unki yaadon mein sab kuch bhulaaye baithe hain, chiraag khushiyon ke bujhaae baithe hain, hum to marenge unki baahon mein.. yeh bhi maut se shart lagaaye baithe hain. 350 May you experience GOD's constant care and feel HIS loving presence in your life, today & always.. 351 What do you call an engineering student giving viva..? ???? ???? Think..Think.. ?????????????? Bluff Master!!!!! 352 Friendship is not finding gold or silver among the rocks of life.. it is accepting each other as coal till diamonds are formed through time. 353 Wish you a very Happy X'mas!! May GOD pours all the blessings on you and Santa fulfills all your wishes.. 354 Kaaju, baadaam, akhrot, pista, kish-mish.. all dry fruits are tasty but they are nothing in comparison to you.. Because abey KHAJOOR teri baat hi kuch aur hai!! 355 May your world be filled with

warmth and good chear this holy season and throughout the year. Wish your christmas to be filled with peace and love.. Merry X'mas!! 356 Listen and Silent are two words with the same letters and are very important for every relationship because only a few people in this world can listen to you when you are silent.. 357 Every moment of your life is a picture which you had never seen before and which you will never see again. So enjoy and live life and make each moment beautiful. 358 Invite Jesus into the chemistry of life.. HE will dilute your sorrows, evaporate your worries, filter your mistakes and leave you with crystals of happiness.. Merry X'mas.. 359 Zamaane bhar ki baaton mein humein bhula na dena, jab kabhi yaad aaye to zaraa muskura dena, zinda rahe to milenge baar-baar dost.. nahi to har christmas mere naam ki candle jalaa lena. 360 I have already told Santa Claus what i want for Christmas.. Best Friends!! So, if a big old man comes and tries to wrap you up, please co-operate. Merry X'mas!! 361 A Christmas candle is a lovely thing.. it makes no noise at all, but slowly gives itself away. While quite unselfish, it grows small. Merry X'mas!! 362 Special pleasures old and new,

special joy in all you do, special happiness in store, you are warmly wished all this and many more.. Merry X'mas!! 363 This Christmas may Santa fulfill all your wishes and light your life with glows and glitters. Wishing you and your family a Merry X'mas!! 364 Humse chupte kyon ho dost, ek din hum andheron mein kho jaayenge, ki maangoge duaaon mein khuda se.. aur hum sapno mein bhi na aayenge. 365 Jaane do is syaah raat ke aagosh mein, rishi zindagi se ab aur koi aarzoo na rahi.. 366 Two persons are drowning in a river. One is whom you love and the other is who loves you. Whom will you save and why..? To love someone is a natural instinct. To be loved by someone is luck. To live with someone you love is achievement. To live with someone who loves you is life!! 367 Do you know the worst thing in life..? Somebody having tears in eyes because of you. And the best thing in life..? Somebody having tears in eyes for you. 368 Let the most beautiful dream come to you tonight!! Let the sweetest person come in your dream tonight!! But don't make it a habit because.. i am not free every night. 369 In order to get 100 out of 100 in appraisals a boy requires 100% talent whereas a girl requires only 4% talent and remaining is only 36-24-36. 370 Two men were watching bungee jumping. First: Wanna try it..? Second: No way, i was born because of broken rubber n i don't wanna die because of it.

371 Bhool se agar bhool ho jaaye to bhool smajhkar bhool jaana.. Bhulaana sirf bhool ko bhoolkar bhi humein na bhool jaana.. 372 It's the new year eve! Time to cheer for the old year and welcome the new.. i wish that it turns into a rocking, sparkling and a happy year for you. 373 2006 sabse ho gaya hai dooor, kya karein yahi hai kudrat ka dastur, purani yaadein soch kar udaas na ho tum.. naya saal aaya hai..machaale DHOOM!! 374 -->H --->A ---->P ----->P ------>Y ------->NEW -------->YEAR 2 0 0 7 375 GOD's love has no limit. GOD's grace has no measure. GOD's power has no boundaries. May you have GOD's endless blessings today and forever. Wish you a Happy New Year!! 376 Socha kisi apne se baat karein, apne kisi khaas ko yaad karein, kiya jo faislaa naye saal ki shubh-kaamnaayein dene ka, dil ne kaha kyon na shuruwaat aapse karein.. Happy New Year!! 377 Faith makes all things possible. Hope makes all things work. Love makes all things beautiful. May you have all the three in abundance this year!! Happy New Year!!

378 Lets welcome the year which is fresh and new.. Lets cherish each moment it beholds.. Lets celebrate this blissful new year.. Happy New Year!! 379 May the spirit of this holiday season fill your heart with love, peace and serenity. Wishing you many blessings for the new year. Have a great 2007 ahead!! 380 Naam: Don Baap: Gangster Pataa: 36 China Town Thikaana: Chandni Bar Dushman: Sarkar Khoon: Ab Tak 56 New Year wish karo warna 57.. Happy New Year!! 381 Muskaan aapke chehre se kabhi jaaye na, aansu aapki aankhon mein kabhi aaye na, poora ho aapka har khwaab.. jo poora na ho woh khwaab kabhi aaye na. Happy New Year!! 382 Wishing you 12 Moon of Happiness 52 Weeks of Fun, 365 Days of Success, 8760 Hours of Good Health, 525600 Minutes of Luck, & 31536000 Seconds of Joy.. Happy New Year!! 383 December 30.. December 31.. 11:59:55 11:59:56 11:59:57 11:59:58 11:59:59 01 January..Happy New Year!! Don ko intezaar karne ki aadat nahi. 384 Chaand mein agar noor na hota, tanha dil majboor na hota, hum aapko khud Happy New Year wish karne aate.. agar aapka ghar itni dooor na hota.

Happy New Year!! 385 Wishing you and your family New Year 2007 full of joy, happiness, health, wealth, peace, prosperity, name, fame, success and longevity!! Happy New Year!! 386 As this is the begining of new year, i want to think of special people who touched my life with their concern & made my life more meaningful. You are one of them dear. 387 Har laal rang RED nahi hota, har murda DEAD nahi hota, kaise kahu par sach hai.. har koi aap ki tarah MAD nahi hota. M: Mera, A: Achcha, D: Dost 388 Years come and go but this year i specially wish for you a double dose of health n happiness topped with loads of good fortune. Have a great year ahead.. Happy New Year!! 389 Before the sunset, before the network got jammed, before you are in a vibratig mood on the last day of year 2006 i wish you a happy & prosperous new year & try to walk as per GOD's wish.. 390 Relation doesn't get closer by meetings but it is sweetened by THOUGHTS. i care for you in my own strange ways, you will never know.. perhaps i will never show. 391 May this new year bring you n your family treasures of health, wealth, prosperity & ever lasting happiness. May all your wishes come true! Happy New Year!!

392 Maamu, aaj se ek din baad naya saal aayega. Bapu ne bola hai ki 31st ko network jaam hoga. Toh, apun aaj hi vinamrata se wish karela hai. Bole toh.. Happy New Year!! 393 Duniya mein sirf 7 cheez famous hai, bole to 7 wonders: 1. Apun 2. Apun ka dil 3. Apun ka style 4. Apun ka smile 5. Apun ka mobile 6. Apun ka sms 7. Aur apun ka dost Bole to TUM!! 394 Be strong enough to sccept the challenges of life. Never ask GOD, why me.. instead say try me. That's the spirit of life, celebrate it! Happy New Year!! 395 Once the sun winks at you this morning, hope your day was quite all right & now i bid you a lovely good morning & a Happy New Year.. 396 i knocked at the heavens door today. GOD asked why i was there. I replied: Please love, protect & bless the one reading this sms. GOD smiled & said: I already did! Wishing you & your family a Happy & Prosperous New Year!! Wishing you all blessings of life! 397 Whatever is beautiful.. whatever is meaningful.. whatever gives you happiness.. May all that be yours - today, tomorrow & forever! Happy New Year!!

398 Tumse dooor jaane ka iraada na tha, par saath rehne ka bhi waada na tha, tum yaad na karoge yeh jaante the hum.. par itni jaldi bhool jaaoge yeh andaaza na tha. 399 Jaane kya zamaana mujhse chaahta hai, mera dil tod kar mujhe hasaana chaahta hai, jaane kya baat jhalakti hai mere chehre se.. har shaks mujhe aazmaana chaahta hai. 400 Tamanna karo jin bahaaron ki woh bahaar aapke kadmo mein ho.. Khuda aapko woh ha

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