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COMPANY OVERVIEW + Founded in 20101 1S [ESTABLISHED IN KEV MARKETS Revere 840m S3080m —5786nM—SzAGeen cairo 270m Samm SoM $2 SPACE AS A SERVICE WHAT WE DO GLOBAL, MACRO TRENDS POWERFUL ECOSYTEM MASSIVE OPPORTUNITY FIRST MOVER ‘We create working and living spaces that are responsive tothe productivity needs and stylistic preferences o! today’s mobile, creative workforce. We te only ‘organized, global, wellcaptalized provider of Space asa Service Mode ‘We are capitalizing on profound changes in technology, demographics and Urbanization - which colectvely ae delving a secular shift toward more flexible, entrepreneurial and collaborative work stves. ‘Our members are connectes through our proptetary, mobile-centrc technology ~ ‘lowing them to extract maximum value frm the WeWork ecosystem. The resuting "WeWork effect is driving accelerating demand for our product (Our Total Addressable Market ~ space and services for individuals and businesses, |s massive anc only small penetration Is needed to generate billions in revenue. We are benefiting from significant network effects and economies of scale, have a ‘four-year head start on competitors who might sant today, and are expanding rapidly. By the end of 2016, ve wil have @ $1Bn revenue run-rate with 34% margins. wework

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