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Mr. & Mrs. Houston, TX Dear Mr. & Mrs (> Lam pleased to present your 2010 Republican Payealaras Suitigiag Membership Card. * as amore. and accept it with my deepest appreciation? Embossed with your name, your Card says a lot about you, Mr. & Mrs. Si ‘Your red, white and blue card is a testament to your faith in our common sense, conservative ideals and the candidates who uphold them. It’s also a symbol of your suppoit for lower taxes, Jess spending, more freedom and the traditional time-honored values that have made Texas the envy of the nation and America a beacon of liberty in the world. mes yaa Nin Sen so Tea Bo Republican Party in America and with your good help, But before we celebrate the victories. Before we return common-sense to our nation’s capitol Before We expand freedom, liberty and opportunity... ‘We've got an election to win, and your support is urgently needed now to help us fight some well-organized and well-funded opponents. In fact, there are. i Card and deny your vital financial support to our Republican Party of Texas. ‘The first is President Barack Obama In less than 12 months, he’s done ‘more harm to our nation than Jimmy Carter did in four years. And Obama has only scratched the surface of his far-left-wing agenda! (Over, Please) Mr, & MQ Page Two (Obama and his allies in the Dembcra-controlled Congress won't rest until more businesses are nagjonglizad, Texast energy industry is shut down for good, Sage beremnonelerte batched to,soak up more of your tax dollars, and the federal ae everyday life. That's why Ob it sig —paasent ae ema the U.S. Senate and House of Representatives, and our State Legislature. he Obama Democrats The other extreme liberal Democrat who hopes you'll decline to accept your White’s got the kind of record that only (he aT Ie Bill White spent his city Billions of dollars into debt, saw crime rates soar while he backed gun control, and offered sanctuary to illegal immigrants. He supports the “ObamaCare” socialized medicine plan, as well as “Cap and Trade” legislation that would kill thousands of Texas jobs. Can you imagine having a Barack Obama protégé in the Texas Governor's gsion? If your answer is a resounding “NO!”, then there’s one good way you gad Movies eat like you and Ito stand proudly for our ‘common-sense values. The best way to do that is to accept your card, mail your check today, and give us the resources we need to win! Sincerely, (2h: Be? Republican Party of Texas Bc This is a critical election year for Lone Star State Republicans. Mr. & Mrs formore tod, end load us fp via for tho conservative principles we eipdaear: