Conversation Questions

Describing/ Talking about a person you really get on well
- Tell us something about him/her: Who is he/she? o What’s his/her age? o What does he/she do? o Where does he/ she live? o Who with? o How long have you known him/her? o What’s his/ her relation with you? Relatives, friends, neighbours, sports-mates, class-mates, …? - Can you describe him/ her? o What does he/she look like? o Face/ Hair/ Height/Built/ o What kind of clothes does he/ like wearing? All the time? o If the person is a relative: Do you look like him/ her? What are the physical features you have in common? o What is he/ she like? o What is his/ her character like? What are the things is his/ her character you really like? Is there any you don’t? Do share any characteristic/ feature with him/ her? Which one(s)?
Is there any you would like him/ her to change because you can’t stand it?

o Would you like to be like him/ her? Why? Why not? o Do you see him/ her very often? o What are the activities you do together? o Do you think in ten years time you will still get on with him/ her in the same way? o Why/ Why not? - Tell us about his/ her childhood: o Where was he/ she born? o Where did he/ she study? o Was he/ she a good student? o What about his/ her hobbies and leisure time as a child: sports, music, time out, travels, ..? o And now? o How has he/ she changed since you first got to know him/ her?

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