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Thursday, June 2, 1988

Thursday, June 2, 1988

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Published by: Ric Manning on Mar 15, 2010
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Thursday, June 2, 1988

Five years fails to dim hope for Ann Gotlib
By Everett J. Mitchell II The Courier-Journal Laurie Altman remembers the little red-haired girl who was in her grou when she was a day-cam counselor at the Jewish Community Center in !"#$. %he remembers how the girl&s disa earance the ne't year (rom Bash(ord Manor Mall changed her li(e. A(ter Ann )otlib disa eared* Altman never ventured out alone. %ince then* she has cautioned other children against going out alone. +It was li,e a art o( me had been ta,en -- I s ent so much time with her and the other ,ids at cam *+ Altman said. +-ive years later some might thin, that it is over* but I don&t want her arents to (eel that way. I want them to ,now we are still thin,ing about her.+ And so did about ./ others who attended the rayer service and candle wal, at the community center on 0utchmans Lane to mar, the (i(th anniversary o( Ann )otlib&s disa earance. )overnment o((icials and concerned citi1ens gathered to o((er to Ann&s arents* Anatoly and Lyudmila )otlib* words o( ho e and e' ressions o( encouragement. +I don&t believe our county will ever be the same until we (ind out what ha ened June !* !"#2*+ said Leo 3obbs* a child advocate and (ormer sta(( member o( the 4entuc,y attorney general&s o((ice. +A certain innocence was lost. 5ne o( our own became one o( the tragedies* one o( the missing.+ The !$-year-old si'th-grader disa eared (rom the sho ing center (ive years ago yesterday. 3er bicycle was (ound on the southeast side o( the mall. %ince then local and (ederal law en(orcement o((icials have devoted thousands o( hours to the search* interviewed more than !*666 eo le see,ing in(ormation about the case and investigated more than $66 ossible sus ects. 7ictures o( her (rec,led (ace with its toothy smile and gray eyes and shoulder-length red hair have a eared on numerous mil, cartons* utility bills* sho ing bags and osters nationwide. 8et* des ite that and dogged olice e((orts* not a clue to her whereabouts has been uncovered. +9e still receive about two to three calls a wee,* but we don&t have any solid in(ormation that would lead us to her whereabouts or the erson res onsible (or her abduction*+ said

5((icer )ary -ields* a Je((erson County olice s o,esman. +The hardest art o( this case is that we don&t have any eyewitnesses. The only thing we have is her bicycle that was (ound at the mall.+ Today no investigators are assigned to the )otlib case (ull-time* but olice (ollow u on every lead they receive* -ields said* and the case will never be closed. Je((erson County Commissioner Chris )orman said* +I want to guarantee that this (ile will never be closed until we have the sa(e return o( Ann )otlib. 9e will loo, into every lead* overturn every stone and ma,e sure we have done everything that can be humanly done.+ The )otlibs* who sat :uietly during the ceremony* too, com(ort in the words o( )orman and others. +It is a hard day (or us and always will be*+ said Lyudmila )otlib. +There is not a day that doesn&t go by that I don&t thin, o( Ann. -ive years is no di((erent (rom one year or two years* and the hurt will be the same !6 or $6 years (rom now.+ Anatoly )otlib said the gathering + roves to us the community still remembers and is ma,ing e((orts to see Ann&s sa(e return.+ +The only thing we can do is ,ee ho ing and raying*+ he said. +9e draw our strength (rom our eternal ho e.+

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