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1. Answer all the questions and write one word answer for each question.

1.1 What is the mathematical expression which expresses the magnitude of

quantities relative to each other? (1)
1.2 Write down the term used to describe the quantities in the ratio statement. (1)
1.3 Read the following statement and write True/False: To simplify the ratio of
6 km to 18 000 m we first write the quantities in same units. (1)
1.4 True/False, when simplified the ratio 26: 39 becomes 2: 3. (1)
1.5 Concentrated mango juice is diluted with water in the ratio 1: 4. Which quantity
has 4 parts? (1)

2. For each of the following statements fill in the missing word.

2.1 The simplified ratio 14: 49 is written as two to ………. (1)

2.2 When simplifying the ratio 26:39:52 each part is divided by……., which is the highest

common factor of 26, 39 and 52. (1)

2.3 In the ratio 7:9:11 the total for the parts is ……….. (1)

2.4 R380 was shared between Thato and Tshepo in the ratio 8: 11, this means …….. will

receive R220. (1)

2.5 R4 800 is shared in the ratio 7:3. The difference between the large and the small share

is ………….. (1)

3. Bongani was absent from school due to illness. During his absence the following

question was discussed in the Mathematical Literacy class:

Lindiwe works as a hairdresser. She uses shampoo and conditioner in a ratio of 5:2. At

the start of the start of the day she opens a 500 ml bottle of conditioner. During

the day she uses 1 litre of shampoo.

3.1 How much conditioner is left in the bottle at the end of the day?

3.2 Write the ratio of the amount of conditioner used to the amount of conditioner left.

Imagine you are Bongani’s friend and you have Bongani’s e-mail address. Write

paragraph of five lines of the e-mail message you will send to Bongani to give him

some hints on how to answer these questions. (10)