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Progress in technology brings a lot about changes in textile factory automation. One of them
is a sizing process. The sizing process is the process of starching solution on warp to produce
threads on certain condition by incorporating threads in the process. In this study, it would be
created an engine system control of sizing process with PID control method on DC motor
rotation with 8535 microcontroller and hall effect encoder sensor as the data acquisition and
assisted with humidity sensor circuit. This system is used to stimulate the sizing process with
wool and water as the subtitutions for starch material. The threads would be dipped in a
container and then through 4 cylinder heaters for a drying process with a motor speed of 80
rpm within 1-3 minutes winding. The result would be achieved by using a sizing machine
created with 200 ml of water which were placed in the container sizing mechanics, and
obtained the threads with humidity of 16% by using a rotation speed of 80 rpm and longer
playback time of 1 minute. In the control system process by using a tuning trial and error, the
best PID parameters obtained is Kp=1, and Kd=4. In the test by using PID tuning, it was
obtained a good quick stable system with a value rise time (tr) = 1,6 seconds, peak time (tp) =
3,2 seconds, and the setting time (ts) = 4 seconds.
Keywords: Sizing process, humidity, PID control, DC motor.