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Unconditionality Series pt 1

Unconditionality Series pt 1

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Published by Theresa-Ann
Journal 2010-01-14
♥ Available here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDTqzNmVwuQ
Journal 2010-01-14
♥ Available here on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fDTqzNmVwuQ

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Published by: Theresa-Ann on Mar 15, 2010
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1:25 am, Thursday, 1/14/2010, (10 Death, Transformer to) 11 Lamat/Rabbit, Star

Vlogged here on YouTube How very strange this journal starts out. I have the title before even writing a word. That is surely something new, since I, in the human sense, do not write these. They come through me, not from me. At least, that is how I understand them, at this point. One only does one’s best, at any point in time. Full understanding is quite a luxury, and is not always, even seldom present. So, what’s new? Has not constant, even daily change, and significant change, too, been the rule, of late? It becomes the norm, even, and that is fine. I do not object. It is just odd, though, to feel as if one is rather constantly having the rug pulled out from under one’s feet. I have found that the solution to that is to simply hover a few inches above the floor, lol. Human beings are a very adaptable sort. We don’t realize the fullness of this, as long as we abide in the mental mind. Ask anyone, and we find that people walk around quite centered in their head. It’s funny, too, because ask those same people to point to themselves, and they point to the area of the heart, the center of the chest. Interesting. So, anyway, even though that title sits up there, I do not care. I will not let it control what arises, here, which must simply be what comes. This is a sacred labor to me, this being true to the moment, this staying in the flow of the Now as “I” write. I do not question what or who writes, or comes up with these words. They just flow. That is sufficient. It is up to each one to decide if they have worth for you. They do for me. If you were in this form as I write you would see why I do not question them. There is such a radiance, such a lovely flow of awareness that comes. It may not be divinity, directly, but somehow it partakes of that, and, as I said, that is sufficient. Know it by its fruits, after all. It suffices. Too much mind stuff, analysis, is not useful. What does the mind know, after all? Not so much. Even the well educated mind; not so much. I guess the title works, though, for I just glanced up at it: Unconditionality. I had forgotten what it was, in the flow. One does not hang on to things and flow very well. Why not? Because to hold on is to be in mind. It is the mind that grasps, and it is that same mind, the mental mind, that is not useful in heart. Heart must reign. One must enter, and enter fully, into heart space in order to once again take up one’s throne and rule. Does that sound strange? We are so enculturated, so trained, if you will, to be ruled, and not to rule. Yes, even here, in the USA, where we like to think we are free, we are not. It is an illusion, and a cruel one. Once we begin to actually open our eyes and look around, to look a good bit deeper than merely the surface, we see just how chained and trained we are. We don’t even know what real freedom is. Real freedom is to be free to do just what you want to do, just when you want to do it. Real

freedom is not to be a wage slave, or even a CEO slave, for she is slave to the Company. Real freedom is not chained to work for a living, but rather to be free to do what we find joy in; that which makes us happy. So no, we are not free.

We are wrong, too, if we think we even elect those who run the show, who rule over us, for we don’t. That’s all an illusion. This was make clear once voting went digital. Lose the paper trail lose the evidence chain. Any decent hacker knows this, as does any computer specialist. It is just a way to cover their tracks. But anyway, getting upset over that, or indeed, over anything at all, is not the way to higher consciousness. Oh yes, we do get upset, and maybe even on a regular basis, as we begin to awaken from our sleepwalking and look around, and realize things are not at all what they pretend to be, what we have been told they are. The surprises seem unending, once we start to awaken. Why is this? Because, until we were willing to begin to open our eyes and see, we hid all this from ourselves. That’s right, no one did this to us. We chose, rather, to not look. It was too distressing, and we chose not to see. It is important to keep a sense of responsibility for everything we uncover, and remember that we are sovereign beings. We are not slaves, unless we make ourselves slaves. So, something else that begins to happen, as we awaken and alllow ourselves to see the previously present, but unseen territory we inhabit, is that we quite naturally begin to let things go. We see how little worth they have, and just naturally let them go. We begin to disidentify, in other words. What we had previously identified with, and claimed as part of self, we now can see the emptiness of, so it is let go, almost without thinking. It just drops away. And now, only now, do we begin to be free. Now, as we let this and that slip away, to we begin to lighten up and taste the first real bits of freedom for ourselves. This is really what it means to be free. To be unencumbered, not held down, unafraid to look and to see whatever is there, be it good, bad, or indifferent. It begins to not matter so much. We begin to let our conditions go. To place conditions on reality is to seek to control it. This is really a laugh and a farce, but as long as we are in that mode, placing conditions on things, we don’t see this, don’t realize just how very silly it is. Oh no, we take things so very seriously, as long as we are identified with them. We get this illusion that we can control what happens, and we take it very seriously, indeed. We quite convince ourselves that it is so, and so we live our lives this way, never quite getting what we want, where we want, how we want, but we retain the illusion that it is possible, that it is just around that next corner, somewhere, and maybe, just maybe, we will succeed. Well, that is a valid path as long as you are on it. But nothing holds you there. The option is always available to have another look at it, to try something different. That path still awaits, if you want to return to it, but you might like to come walk with me for just a little bit, and see if you don’t like the view a little better.

So, where are we headed? Into nowhere-land. Into emptiness, ultimately, but this won’t make sense for a bit. It is a letting-go-ness that must take place for a while, first. It is rather funny, but we must first blindfold ourselves to what was, to what we think reality really is, in order to set off on this journey. As someone has

said, just how far down the rabbit hold do you want to go? If you are like me, the only answer is “All the way.” Why do things by halves, anyway? That is the mind’s way of doing them, to hedge the bets. Yes, it is natural to initially begin that way. We let the path prove itself to us, at first, before we can enter in to that deeper level of trust. I had forgotten that, there for a moment, but I do recall how hesitant I was, at first. So, then, let’s start out hesitantly, if you will. That works, too. We are still involved with time, this way, but that’s okay. It is the surer way to begin. Left foot, right foot, left foot... One walks before one runs. It is just so strange, for me, anymore, to place myself back in a time mode. I am so used to being free of such considerations, and just being instantly where I want to be, in awareness, without the need of time, of taking time to get there. But I had forgotten what it was like to start, and now I recall. One does not generally dispense with time, just like that. It takes a bit. So, let’s let this be part one, perhaps, of a series on letting go, on becoming totally free. And yes, we can call this unconditionality. We stop putting conditions on life, as if we could control it, anyway. Part of this is to begin to open the eyes that were so tightly shut. We were not seeing reality, you see, through these shut eyes. No, we were seeing nothing but mind creation. That may sound strange, now, but just keep walking with me, and you will see, and begin to see clearly just how very blind you, and one and all have been. Does that make you angry? Good, then stay tuned for part two. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ 2:15 am, 1/14 2nd -UNCONDITIONALITY, 2:47 am, 1/14 3rd



3:28 am, 1/14 4th -UNCONDITIONALITY, 12:30 pm, 1/14 5th - PAIN, 9:40 PM, 1/14 6th - VIDEO


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