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Road to Freedom from BUET!

Clearance Form** (See detailed
flow chart)

Award Form (The holy Yellow Form)

(Available at Department office or Adviser after
official grade sheet of last semester is published)

Dont have some grade sheets?

>>Go to Controller of Exams Bldg
>>collect Grade Sheet Request
Form and Money Receipt

Download, print and sign the Consolidated Grade

Sheet (BIIS acct > apply for award > Download PDF)

>>Pay the fees at bank

>>Submit Grade Sheet Request
Form at Controller of Exams Bldg

Submit to Adviser
1. Filled up Award Form
2. Consolidated Grade Sheet
3. Original 8 Semester Grade Sheets
(Adviser forwards to Department Head)

>>Collect missing Grade Sheets

Controller of Exams Bldg (Level 2)

Award Form reaches Controller of Exams Bldg. After few days,

result published at Controller of Exams Bldg. Info: Mr. Harun
(Room # 304 Controller of Exams Bldg) or DSW Office, Level 3
After result published DSW Office (Level 3): Collect, fill up and submit Request for
Testimonial Form with University Clearance Form (Explained Separately) and BUET ID
1-2days , DSW Office(Level 3): Collect Testimonial.
DSW signs and returns University Clearance Form (Now
its complete) and BUET ID
Controller of Exam Bldg (Room 303): Submit
1. Attested PPC Form (with an attested PP photo on it)
2. Photocopy of the Testimonial from DSW
4. Attested copy of National ID/Passport - 1copy
5. SSC Certificate photocopy
6. University Clearance Form (Complete with DSW sign)
7. Original Money Receipt and 3 photocopies (to attest)
2-4 days, Collect PPC (Rm#303, 2.30-4.30pm), photocopy it
Controller of Exam Bldg (Level 3): Submit
1. Transcript Form
2. Photocopy of PPC
3. Attested copy of National ID/Passport- 1copy
4. Attested PP size photo- 1copy
5. Attested photocopy of Money Receipt -1copy
After few days, collect Transcript (Level 2, Aminul Sarker,
3-4.30pm), photocopy it

Game Over!

Controller of Exams Bldg (Level 3): Collect

1. Provisional Pass Certificate (PPC)Form
2. Transcript Form
3. Other Certificates form
4. Money Receipt
1. Pay money at Sonali Bank with receipt
(PPC - Tk 50 Transcript- Tk 100, Other Cert-Tk 150)
2. Photocopy the payment receipt- 3copies
Get these attested by BUET teacher
1. National ID or Passport photocopy- 3copies
2. SSC Certificate photocopy-1copy
3. PP size photo- 3copies
4. Provisional Pass Certificate (PPC) Form
(Of the 3, paste one PP photo on PPC Form)

Controller of Exam Bldg (Level 3): Submit

1. Other Certificates Form
2. Photocopy of Transcript
3. Attested copy of National ID/Passport- 1copy
4. Attested PP size photo- 1copy
5. Attested photocopy of Money Receipt -1copy

After few days, collect Other Certificates (Rm#308, 3-4.30pm)

Clearance Forms**

University Clearance Form (available

at Registrar building)

Get as many autographs as

possible! Do it yourself coz Hall staffs
delay it

Departmental Clearance Form

(available at department office)

Complete Departmental Form

Submit at Department office

1. COMPLETED Departmental
Clearance Form and
2. INCOMPLETE University Clearance
Department office keeps the
Departmental Clearance Form and
signs on University Clearance Form

University Clearance Form (Now

almost complete, only DSWs
signature remains blank)

The last and only chotha

ever produced by
Asif Rehan, 0704083
Dedicated to Lubdhok 07

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