Villain-driven plots Hero has to overcome a series of obstacles that the villain throws at him.

Fast pace, frequent action, Climax of thriller hero defeats villain

As is



Resourceful hero, thwarts the much better resourced villain Unlike murder-mystery, the identity of the villain can be known all along. Victims Often exotic settings polar, high seas etc

As is

As is

Settings Music Visually Mood

Entrapment is a big factor e.g. a phone box, a car boot, a boat or a plane. Thrillers can be defined by the mood Diction to create tone. Select words they elicit: fearful excitement. Emotions carefully that fit your mood. He created of apprehension and laughed he cackled. exhilaration, Foreshadowing to create tension. Often the mood is reinforced through As is escalating action. Before the audience get bored, things have to heat up. Mirrors stairs multiple changes in camera angle Minor sentences? Change of narrative point of view. rapid shot changes Short sentences Dissonant music Dropping clues as to bad things that will happen Pedal notes to sound warning ? Consonant Resolve tension. Crescendo used Jerky music ? ?

Other: JE write the story starter, for the class to finish.

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