Suzannah B. Troy
Fwd: G-d Sees all
October 9, 2015 at 6:31 PM
Suzannah B. Troy

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From: Suzannah <>
Date: October 16, 2012 6:03:11 PM EDT
To: JOHN VERGONA <>, "NYPD Internal Affairs Det. Pavlovici" <>,
"Commish Kelly Det, Brown Community" <>, TIMOTHY DUFFY
Bcc: Ron Kuby 119 West 23 St <>, Norman Siegel 260 Madison Ave <>,
Gideon Oliver Lawyer <>
Subject: G-d Sees all
This is not like having 7 million of my people tortured, raped, tattooed against our religion as being cremated.
This is not like being a child medically experimented with no anesthesia.
NYPD at 01 asked me to keep from 9-11 hero.

I do not believe in the NYPD. VERGONA tells me he would go over there he did not. He said he would talk to ever body. I was followed by
the abuser.
He did not interview the woman by examine room.
He said she doesn't have a record in this State. How about her Native country?
Winski not in.
VERGONA to false babbling Jew on Sabbath unless I drop the charges.
Thank you