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here are some new stories:

the captivity its about a girl getting captured by shaepeshifters and fall
s in love with one of them.

the alice cullen story: this is the story of how alic

e meet the cullens and how her love with jasper first began.

ive been waiting for you 2nd part: this

time jacob will fall in love with anelis but something happens to bella and anel
is....... anelis past is coming back to hunt her and will bella finally forgive

part 3: a new vampire is coming to town and judy love for edward will get strong
er bt will that mystery vampire interfier their love.......and judy is getting s
uspicoius of the cullens she is getting close to the truth behind their immortal

14 year old meets a vampire 3: isabelle and james love will grow very s
trong bt her miserble life will come back and hunt her...... the coven is fright
ened beacuse aloot of "animal attacks" been going on in the town will they confe
ss to isabelle about their immortal lives or will they leave her behing?.>>>

the story to get more votes thats the storie ill be working for kn
ow let the games begin..... plz comment and choose wisely.