Samsung IT Products Blogger Conference 03.03.




1. Monitors 2. LFD 3. Printers 4. Storage 5. NotePC



Finger slim of 19mm

Touch of Color Design with Crystal neck & clean back silhouette

Low Power Consumption

No VOCs & Recyclable


Finger Slim of 19mm
Mega DCR(5M:1)/ RT 2ms
Conventional Samsung XL2370

Photo realistic Full High Definition Resolution

16:9 Wide format




Support video wall function

Enhanced multi-display control

Powerful built-in PC


Versatile screen rotation

A professional Panel

Reduced cost, enhanced performance


Eco-innovation - 30% less power - Brightness sensor - Eco-LED - Halogen and Mercury free - Energy Star 5 Certificate Web-based network management

Better video walls


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Print Screen
Handle high volume web-based information Pull together web pages, pictures or other documents in separate windows on your screen, and print them all together in a single operation instead of having to process them individually - Pressing the Print Screen button for less than two seconds prints out the contents of your screen as you see it. - Pressing the Print Screen button for longer than two seconds just prints the active window.

Any Web Print
Select, drag and drop content from different webpages into a new blank page on screen, without any resizing or other editing. AnyWeb Print is a quick and easy way of pulling information together, and you can save the pages you create either as tiff files or pdfs.

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PC to FAX, Fax to PC Received fax data is delivered straight to your PC via local connection or the office network. Similarly, a PC application converts document files to image files and allows you to send these via the printer using a local connection or network.

World smallest color laser printer (CLP-310/315/320)

World smallest Color MFP (CLX-3175/3185)

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LED lighting 30,000 hours 90% less energy

Built-in stereo speakers

Freedom to connect D-sub, Component, Composite, Headphone out, USB Low size and wight 950 gr.

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Exteranl HDD

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Trendy Design

Green Eco friendly Features

Data Backup and Security

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1. Storage

- 17 -

Samsung S2 Portable, a fully transportable external hard drive, pre-loaded with the movie Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT .

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