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‘SUNNY SAINT EMaitsooocx@ Mobile: #91-99000000089 Aspiring for career enriching assignments in AutoCAD esigning/ Quality Control & Assurance with 2 gronth ‘rtented orgenzation of repute SUMMARY ‘+ BE. (echanical Engineering) from S.0.M Colage of Engineering & Technology with over 1 year of experience 25.3 GAT under Projects ef Production Control Logistic Dison ‘+ Focused & goal driven with strong werk ethics, contrucusly stiving for improvement coupled with KNOWLEDGE PURVIEW ‘Automotive Mechanics Internal Combustion Enoines ‘utocD Desioning ‘Vendor Manapement (Quatty Cortrola assurance Supply Chan Management WORK EXPERIENCE: Jur ~ JurT2: Toyota Kelostar Motors, Bangalere as a GAT under Projects of Production Control & Logistic Owsion ole: “Speatheaded a team of 26 personnel ‘Oversaw activities relotedto New Verdor Development fer DEMAG, Bangalore "Nanaged all the SCM acttiesrelitedto Logistics & Procurement CContrbuted inthe nen plant catsaps Implemented cost savings intiate ‘ohtghts: 1 Major project. design and fabrication of electric scooter. 1 Reduced cost of fonrack area recucton f New Toyota Carney ant 1 Shouidered individual resoonsibity as 3 group leader in FCLD divsionin Toyota Camry Pant + BE. (ecnanical Engineeing) from 5.0.4 Colege of Engineering & Technology, Dhamrad, Karnataka, VT, Belgaum in 2011 with COPA 7.34 = 12itom deny School, Rani, arkand, C8.S.€ Board 9 2007 with 74% 10° fom. Themas. Ranch, dharkhand from L.C5.€ Board n 2008 wth 79% ‘+ metrological snatysis of spur sear ‘+ Desion, Fabrication and Assembly ofan Electric Scooter [EXTRACURRICULAR ACTIVITIES @ ACHIEVEMENTS + working for development of eden wth an 6.0. kaown a8 Pragya Rha 12 Barepateain the C85. Zonal foatbal tournament Pare the lage feta tes and Cotege basranon team Winner ofthe inter: calleate Belem Zane Focteal Cammponship SERGIS Coovenctor snd woumee athe stot and Une coboge eve PERSONAL DETAILS bate of orth: 2x February 200% Languages Known: English & Rind Aaaress: Ranchi, Jharkhand -.6000% ‘Rats @ ort india 1 Retained only the relevant contact, details and personal details 2 Improved objective statement with appropriate tags and industry preference Highlighted work experience before education to give it greater focus Focussed attention on Work Experience with clear demarcation of Responsibiltios and Achievements 5 Revised layout to enhance aesthetics and readability