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Last Monday, October 5, 2015.

We are invited to conduct a Community Outreach

Program of Department of High School in our school at St. Joseph working village, CAA
Casimiro. We discussed about the proper personal hygiene, importance of hand
washing among children and Mrs. Calaptia discussed about family planning in mothers.
The participants especially children was enjoyed in our activities. We watched the clips
about the hand hygiene and hand washing. We helped to cut their fingertip and we
taught on how the proper hand hygiene. We sung the happy birthday when we
performed the hand washing. We instructed before ate the meals we do hand washing
and after eating meals. We explained the importance of it.
After our discussion and activities we are gave the children some token to their
participation like foods and juices.
We are happy to help the children in her/his cleanliness to protect them to any
diseases. By discussed and explained it to them, we hope the participants will have a
gained of knowledge and added the information about it. Also we are happy when we
saw the participants are happy and smiling. Her/his smiles to them which mean a lot to