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Year 5 English Achievement Standard

Receptive modes (listening, reading and viewing)

Explain how text structures assist in understanding the text
Understand how language features, images and vocabulary influence interpretations of characters, settings and events
Analyse and explain literal and implied information from a variety of texts
Describe how events, characters and settings in texts are depicted and explain their own responses to them
Listen and ask questions to clarify content

Productive modes (speaking, writing and creating)

Use language features to show how ideas can be extended.
Develop and explain a point of view about a text, selecting information, ideas and images from a range of resources.
Create a variety of sequenced texts for different purposes and audiences.
Make presentations
Contribute actively to class and group discussions, taking into account other perspectives.
Demonstrate understanding of grammar when writing
Select specific vocabulary when writing
Use accurate spelling and punctuation when writing
Editing their work to provide structure and meaning when writing

Task: Create an Autobiography showing us all about YOU!

Be creative in the way that you present this. It can be a PowerPoint Presentation, written essay, prezzi,
weebly, booklet or poster. It must contain both written descriptions and pictures or photographs.

What to include in your Autobiography

Must Haves

Quick facts (Physical description, birthdate, age, birthplace, places lived, kindergarten & schools)
Meet my family (A little bit about each person that lives with you or is important to you)
My interests (hobbies / sports / recreation activities, accomplishments / awards received)
Some memories (stories that you remember or have been told about yourself)
Future goals (What do you see yourself doing in the next 10 years)

Other Topics you may choose from

Significant events
Special occasions / family traditions
Travel / Holidays
Favourites (food, movies, songs, holiday spots, places, animals, games, subjects)

Questions to ask yourself ...

Writing Structure & Style

Was my autobiography written in an
interesting way?
Did I include all of the must have topics?

very simple

writing is easy
to follow

extremely interesting

one point

most points

all points

very few simple ideas

Was my writing cohesive?

(Every part fitting together, relevant)


Was my presentation creative?


Did I include enough relevant details?

Did I include relevant and clear pictures?

one relevant picture


predictable ideas

some detail, but not all


mostly relevant details

extremely clear &

easy to follow

mostly clear

some relevant pictures


minimal creativity

a good number of
satisfactory pictures

a good number of
pictures of a good

satisfactory creativity

Language Conventions

excellent and relevant


At least 2 excellent
pictures for each point
excellent creativity


Did I use paragraphs properly?

(One idea per paragraph)


Was my vocabulary varied and interesting?

(Words enhancing the meaning or mood)

very short

simple words

some precise words

precise words

very effective words


Did I structure my sentences well?

(Variety of length, structure and beginnings)

Some correct
formation of

Correct sentences are

mainly simple

Experiments with
complex sentences

Variety in length,
structure and
beginnings of

effective sentences.

Did I use correct punctuation?

(full stops, commas, question marks, capital
letters, apostrophes and direct speech)

Some correct use of

capital letters to start
sentences OR full stops
to end

Some accurate
punctuated sentences
(beginning and end)
Some noun

Some correct
punctuation across
OR Accurate sentence
punctuation but
nothing else used

All sentence
punctuation correct
and mostly correct use
of other punctuation

Accurate use of all

applicable punctuation
providing precise
markers to pace and
control reading

Was my spelling correct, and did I use some

difficult words?

Not many words


Most simple words


Teacher: ________________________

one idea per paragraph

extremely well used

Most simple &

Most simple &
common words correct
common words correct
and some difficult
words correct

All correct, including

difficult words

Total _____/55 Overall Grade: ______