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My D Book


My D Book
Literacy Resource Reading

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Teaching Tips: My D Book

Using this file
You are able to print and photocopy these pages for your
non-commercial classroom and home use.
This reader will give your students the opportunity to complete their own reader. Students will
need to glue text and pictures to each page.
Prepare a reader for each student before the lesson. You will need to copy multiple text pages
and one cover for each book. Once assembled in correct page order, staple the pages together.
Copy a picture page for each student. Ask the students to shade the pictures with pencil or crayon
before they begin cutting. Once the pictures are cut out, ask the students to locate the picture and
word that match and glue them onto a page. Be sure to give directions to your students about
appropriate levels of glue - too much and it will ooze out the sides and stick the pages of the
book together.
Once all the pages are complete, ask your students to read the complete book.
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From the Pond

My D Book

From the Pond

My D Book

From the Pond

I can see a

I can see a


dinosaur. domino.




Shade & cut these out

to paste in
your My D Book

From the Pond

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