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Poetry Poster

I chose the poems My Country, Bellbirds, Sketch of the Harbour and

William Street because I found that My Country and bellbirds work well
together because they have a lot of connections and the same between
William Street and Sketch of the Harbour.
The similarities between My Country, Sketch of the Harbour, William
Street and bellbirds is that they're all descriptive poems that describe their
surrounding (landscapes, animals, buildings etc.) There are more
similarities and differences between:
My Country and Bellbirds: Both My Country and Bellbirds have a solid
rhyming structure. Although, the rhyming structure appears in different
parts of the poem. For example, Bellbirds has a rhyming structure of AA,
BB, CC, DD. Whereas My Country's rhyming starts every 2nd line and
that line rhymes with the 4th. Then every 6th line rhymes with every 8th
line. Both these poems are Traditional poems that are both descriptive
towards the landscape. They both have alliteration like For flood and fire
and famine. (My Country) and they Sing in September their songs of the
May-time. (Bellbirds).
Sketch of the Harbour and William Street: Sketch of the Harbour and
William Street both use personification and smilies. They're both free
verse with descriptive language. Both these poems are contemporary
poems. A difference between the two poems is that William street has a
rhyming structure and Sketch of the Harbour doesn't.
Bellbirds and William Street: Both these poems have similes and they
both use descriptive writing techniques like all the other poems mentioned.
Bot these poems have a rhyming scheme.
On my poster I have used straight full lines to represent strong connections
between the poems. I have also included lines that aren't as strong to
represent small connections.

From all of what you have now studied and experienced from the past and
pres"em representations of Australia what do you think it means to be
Living in a country where freedom and equality exists. Having pride for all
our ANZACS. Living in a country where we have beautiful landscapes like
beaches for everyone to enjoy. Living in a Country where the whole nation
is able to stand together in its time of need and help the community (QLD
flooding etc). Living in a place where war doesn't out-brake in our country
daily. Being a dead set Australian by being able to sit back by a b.b.q with
mates having no worries in the world. Having the God given right to go to
school and learn. Being as 'Aussie' as it gets by going to the footy in the
winter and cricket in the summer.