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Essay Writing Useful Terms

Comparison Effect/ Result Concession Explanation Summary/ Conclusion

in the same respect accordingly even though this means that in summary
just as as a consequence although to understand the point to sum up
similarly as a result of course simply stated in conclusion
too thus granted that in this way finally
also because of considering that lastly
in the same way therefore after all therefore
likewise hence admittedly thus
due to
on account of

Emphasis Addition/ Continuation Example/ Illustration Condition Contrast/ Opposition

in fact again for example although however
more importantly also to illustrate that however by contrast
it's evident that and thus even though on the other hand
absolutely along with that is if whereas
certainly as well as such as nevertheless yet
especially besides for instance considering that contrary to
positively in addition specifically if that were true but
of course additionally in case otherwise
indeed moreover on condition that on the contrary
without a doubt likewise provided that critics of this view
primarily furthermore Giving Attribution given the fact that those opposed believe
undoubtedly furthermore According to … if that were true still
apart from With reference to … albeit opposite
Concerning opposing
In respect of instead of
Regarding unlike
With regard to
Verbs for giving attribution/ quotation
say remark retort declare observe
state exclaim predict critize question
comment reply argue proclaim point out
add estimate opine note raise
respond write propose complain quote
The Writing Center, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. 2007. [online] [accessed 14 March 2010] Prepared by Mrs. Y. Doran