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All classes, pupils students, scientists, hackers and geeks are cordially invited to join the

XO-competition. XO, that's the name of the so-called $ 100 laptop, designed specifically

for children in the developing world. The competition consists in the creation of a free

choice of written work, which has to stand in connection with the project "One Laptop per

Child" ( By keeping a diary blog and a final publication, this

competition should make a substantial contribution of Switzerland to the global

development project. Although the written work is accepted from a variety of fields,

contributions in the domains of computer science and pedagogy are favored. For further

information please read the conditions for participation.

If a submitted project is accepted by the jury, then the XOs needed will be borrowed for the

duration of the work. Since the number of available laptops is limited, larger quantities may

only be requested for a very short time. Furthermore, OLPC Switzerland can offer

technical assistance.

In spring 2011, all accepted works will be judged by a jury, consisting of experts from

academia and practice, all standing close to the OLPC project. The best works will be

awarded, at least an extract of the work will be published and the winners will recieve an


All interested parties are welcome to subscribe online at the project homepage by registering and posting a short description (Abstract). Note the

following three input periods: 22nd November 2009, 23 May 2010, 23 August 2010.

The XO-Contest is a campaign of OLPC Switzerland and is supported by the OpenExpo and the Hasler Foundation.