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— BILNo. SHAOXING EL MEJOR TRADE CO.,LTD. NOx6: JoB#: Nex1svog99-m a - =| BTERNITY INPLEFREIGHT FORWARDER GHENZHEN ID, Pieero15819230 Bill of Lading Pe errs ca taaatan eS eerie ea ea ealtee Seed stag eae weeny iar yon HE SRE See Seeley Tonnes iy eres eng ben Neyo he oot Moat Sons he OR a Fearne T LIVERY AGENT INTERNATIONAL FREIGHT LocrsTic §.A.c. Som vee vane T Fo hong 11-06-2028 511-706-2629 FEDERAL V.0028 micno, cw Fert Dachage T Poss Davey Tia beaman (ote nents ren) CALLAO, PE centro, PE a a Catan NaN Tea ‘nie Pacagen: Dosen a once Gon vo Tenant that ar Noe Cores a5 can noe ccvev N/M 966 SHIPPER'S LOAD, COUNT AND SEAL: 19,600.00 68.000 ROLL(S) SAID TO CONTAIN: KGS, cam FABRIC 1x40HQ Fo cy-cy | | | i Reront couuece CONT#/SEAL#: DFSU6831216/CH3856203/40'HO//966 ROLL(S) /19600KGS//68CBM. ‘Total No. of Containers SAY: ONE X 40HC' CONTAINER(S) ONLY cr Packages (in Worde) aie Par | Props alee tegen cape T Revo FRELGHT ‘COLLECT Rete Payable at [Phage and ata of seus . DESTINATION NINGBO/21 JUL 201: Tot Prepaid in Local Currency ‘No. of Orginal Bs). T en PL, PRUIGH AER D aoe THREE (3) | Dee 21 guL 2015 — ‘aerontosnimeve! PeDERAT, V.002E