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Brianna Garcia

The Land of Opportunity

August 17, 2011I can still feel the warm breeze brushing along my cheek. I can still remember the sun
resting on my back and the hot beige sand beneath my feet. The sound of waves gently crashing
down continuously put me at ease, one after the other until the busy city became muffled noises
and the ocean filled my mind. I looked back at the beach where all the different families hid
under large colorful umbrellas. My dads voice caught my attention. He stood in the sand telling
my younger sister to grab more sand for their castle. Her small hands scooped up wet sand to fill
the bright pink bucket, each time a mound formed she gently patted it down. Suddenly cold salt
water washed along the tops of my feet, a chill traveled through me.
My feet got used to the water quickly. I slowly wandered in, Brianna! Come farther into
the water! looking up I could see my my mom waving at me. She resembled a mermaid; curly
hair covering half her face, the sun shone behind her as if she were sparkling. She smiled at me
and I began to run into the water after her, undisturbed by the cold water splashing against my
skin. I quickly dove into a wave feeling the water wash over me. The water held me as I swam
around for what felt like hours. The salt water surrounded my body. My hands settled above the
water, it glistened from the sun as if an unknown stranger had dropped thousands of diamonds,
incapable to collect them all. Sapphire water curved up and rushed towards the beach, white
water formed at the ends. I steadied myself and then dove into the wave. I held my breath, and
then began to laugh, bubbles rising to the top. I rose out from the water and took a deep breath,
smiling with pure ecstasy.
The day slowly passed, collecting sea shells along the beach, each different from the last.
As I walked along the beach, cold wet sand clung to the bottoms of my feet. I spotted dead
jellyfish and lost beach toys left behind to be found again. The illusion of happiness masked my
mind. It was another day in paradise, I watched the surfers wading in the water for their next
catch. My family and I sat together on the beach talking and laughing until the sky turned
orange. The sun became a fiery orb of colors, looking as if it was sinking into the forever ending
ocean. Orange and yellow dispersed along the sky. My dad held me in his arms and I laid my
head against his chest. The ebbs of waves matched with the rhythm of his heart. I took a deep
breath in and looked at the sunset one more time before I dozed off into blissful euphoric state of
July 14th 2015While my family is back at home, my best friend and I lay with our backs to the khaki
colored sand, allowing it to slowly envelope us. I see violent waves and an ominously dark sky
when I look to the sea. I searched my memory, back to when I was with my mom and dad. It
seemed better when we were all together as a family. We enjoyed each moment, captured each
memory. Now my days are dull. My mom is constantly on the phone and my dad has his eyes
locked to a screen. Both leave for periods at a time on business trips. Work has taken over.
Dinners are now fit around schedules. Laughter has escaped our mouths. Something was
missing. Not knowing what it was, but I knew it wasn't there. It was hard for me to think about it.
I had everything, but at the same time had absolutely nothing. My parents idolize me. I know I
am loved. I have had a wonderful life. Its important that I dont have these small family
moments taken away from me. The children are growing up. Dreams are slowly fading. I yearn
to be with them again. To experience another adventure with the family I now call strangers.

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