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TM-725-15 (free edition)

TM-725-15 (free edition)

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Published by Ron Collins
Terrorism military tactics guerrilla warfare militia survialism martial arts hand-to-hand combatives.
Terrorism military tactics guerrilla warfare militia survialism martial arts hand-to-hand combatives.

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Published by: Ron Collins on Mar 16, 2010
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True Terrorism what we haven’t seen

Terrorism is about causing people to doubt the power of
their nation to protect them; it is about making a kingdom fall
from within. Big grandiose actions such as September 11th


to alarm the government but are not significant in raising the true
fear levels.

Attacks the come from nowhere and target the general
populous can be far more dangerous. What happens when you are
afraid to go to the grocery store? Too scared to go to work? Or
too panicked to enjoy your life? You become a prisoner of fear…

Americans and most other nations have not seen true
terrorism, though if you live in the worst neighborhoods in
America you don’t need to. Lets face it there are areas of America
were car bombs, pipe bombs, pineapple grenades and AK47s are
as common as in the Gaza Strip. We live with criminals who treat
the streets of America like the besieged streets of a warlord. That
is the terrorism we should be fighting…
The darkest truth of this world is the power others hide
behind, terrorism to in itself a truth. The truth; that a small group
of men and women can enslave you with fear and not an invading
army of train soldiers. Fear is a weapon most people use with
precision and skill, and if you think me wrong. Turn on your TV,
how many times do you see terrorist used for what is taking place
in Iraq? Now research Vietnam, the Korean War and even
Geronimo, the same tactics are used but they were rarely labeled
terrorism if ever.

Terrorism is the deliberate act of sabotage and destruction
intended to cause wide spread fear and panic. The most

dangerous acts of terrorism are not car bombs but school shoots
and suicide bombing attacking children. This is often done to
cause parents to with draw there children from public schools,
then those who gather to worship their God are targeted in an
attempt to break up the “fellowship” and strength that comes from
being with others who are there for you.
True terrorism has not been seen in American, and it is not
for the actions of our government it because the media has
focused on what they are told to see. A war in Iraq; where you
will be drawn away from the “wars” in America.
Until the day, God forbid, we see are clinics, our schools,
our department stores and our streets turned into a secret battle
ground, we have not seen terrorism until our lives and freedom
are ripped away by fear day after day…

Am I scaring you yet? Good because that is the point, real
terrorism and real terrorist aim to spread fear, panic and doubt.
Remember Columbine, the school shooting where twelve teens
and a teacher lost their lives and another twenty-four students
were wounded? That could happen all over America and why
isn’t it?

I can because we have taken the war to the terrorists, I can
say because of the invasion of Iraq, I can say because of the FBI.
But it has nothing to do with one or the other. It’s because the
terrorist are smart, they will lay low and wait and when given the
order the sleepers will awaken and we will see true terrorism.

Taken From The Al’Qada Training Manual
Published Over the Net:


To those champions who avowed the truth day and night…
And wrote with their blood and sufferings these phrases…
The confrontation that we are calling for with the apostate
regimes does not know Socratic debates…, Platonic ideals…, nor
Aristotelian diplomacy. But it knows the dialogue of bullets, the ideals of
assassination, bombing and destruction, and the diplomacy of the cannon
and machine-gun.

Islamic governments have never and will never be established through
peaceful solutions and cooperative councils. They are established as they
[always] have been

By pen and gun

By word and bullet
By tongue and teeth

Has the idea that this will not go away hit you yet? Good…
There is no victory over an idea, which is both good and bad in
several regards. That means the idea of America and the fighting
spirit of its people should be rekindled!
We as Americans have held a long history of fighting and
conflict, but we are lead by the media to a place of complacency
and dereliction. I want you examine the above and notice three


There is a great deal of big words most people will
not understand, which means your enemy is intelligent. DO
NOT consider terrorist to be stupid, many are quite
intelligent and have insight into a great deal subjects.


Notice the means of those words. Socratic; A
pedagogical technique in which a teacher does not give
information directly but instead asks a series of questions,
with the result that the student comes either to the desired
knowledge by answering the questions or to a deeper
awareness of the limits of knowledge. Platonic meaning; to
be speculative or theoretical. Aristotelian meaning; a person
whose thinking and methods tend to be empirical.


What is motivating them to act as such? By their own
ideology they can only come to peace by the death and in
slavery of others. They will not be questioned (Socratic),
they will not be consider the views or welfare of others
(Platonic) and they will not governed by anyone but
themselves (Aristotelian).

Do you understand what real terrorism is now? Or have you
realized first this path we have set is far from over..?

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