This is a boy from here. And that’s a girl from there. I want to be with them every year.

This is black and this is white. Let’s work together to switch on the future’s light. I have a dream to be all the same!! From birth to death. Let’s give the priority To have an equal world. As the South as the North. I don’t care if this one is poor. And the other is rich, if we still Have the mind and knowledge. ****** Don’t be alone and proud, Because in this world we have God. I’m sure that you will not find the happiness. If you don’t help the orphans and homeless. We should not put the blame on each other. Before we put it on ourselves. To know who is wrong And who is right. I have a dream to be all the same. And if you don’t think about that. It will be a shame.
Khalid Lahmidi

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