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Most Reverend John Joseph Myers ‘Bp the Grace of God and the Favor of the Apostolic See Archbishop of Mewark Principles to Aid in Preserving and Protecting the Catholic Faith in the Midst of an Increasingly Secular Culture The Chureh will continue to cherish and welcome her members-and invite them to participate in her life tothe degree that ‘hele personal situation permits them honestly to do so, Catholics mast be in.a marriage recognized as valid by the Church toreceive Holy Communion or the other Sacraments. NonCatholics and any Catholic who publically rejects Church teaching oF discipline, either by public statements or by jotning or supporting organizations which do s0, are not to receive the Sacraments, They are asked to be honest to themselves and tothe Church community. IL, Parishes and other institutions of the Archdiocese should allow use of facilities only to persons and organizations which agree with the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church and its canonical legislation or, at east, not oppose them. IIL, Catholies, especially ministers and others who repeesent the Church, should not psticipate in ot be present at public religious events or events intended to endorse or support thase who reject or ignore Church teaching and Canon Law. ‘September 22, 2015 "®Most Reverend John J. Myers Metropotian Archbishop of Newark Aun Reverend Monsignor Michiel A. Andreano, V.G. ‘Vicar General and Chancellor Further Reflections | These principles apply tothe parishes, instinuons and programs af the Archdiocese of Newark. Pastors and others who led in the (Church shold explain these mates in appropri: ways, prvatly when this is posible. 2. Please recall that the requirement of canonical form des set simply flow from baptism but rather from membership inthe Custis Church. While marriage involving even ane Catholics equied a observe eandaicl frm, thi ene soqurement i not imposed in & marrage of nor-Catholi bride and groam. Even if bath ae baptize, they cin validly sry as long a Both ae ee Wo ma. “Marvinge berween non-bapized mien sod women who are foe to marry ls valid. ln all cases proper intent to marry is quired. 3, Ifthere isa question about any ofthese matirs, kindly consult appropriaic Church law or the Office ofthe Vicars) General the Metropolitan Marriage Tribunal or the Pastors Administrative Manual of the Archdiocese of Newark.