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Preface to the Perennial edition oan 1s Pan of our native equipment for staying alive. Tt function is to alert us to teal dangers. Strangely, however, if it gets out of hand, it ean involve us in constant selfdefensive responses to fictional dangers, and thus condemn us toa living death, ‘Where fear ceases tobe the servant of our more constructive ‘emotions, there is tragedy shead—for the individual, for those ‘who come under his influence, and for our society as a whole, ‘As matters now stand, eae, in its cumulative effets, could ins eed become the reason why we all die togetber in & needless ‘man-made holocaust. “This book aims to clarify for the lay reader what is now known about fear. I is written in the hope that it may enable him to size up the part which this coniplex emotion is playing in his own life and in the lives of people around him, and that it may thereby help bim to respect its usefulness without letting it usurp any role that isnot propery its own Boanbo W. OVERSTREET Falle Church, Virginia December, 1970 + Contents Preface PART /The Shope of The Problem i ‘Why Our Fear-Problem Remains Unsolved The Pears We Need to Fear ‘The Child's Encounter With Life Common Criss of the Growing Years Common Crises of Adulthood Crises of Contractive Experience Dangerous Disguses Fear Is Not a Private Affair “The Fears That Sear Our Society PART I/Whet We Can Do About It 10 u 2 1B “ 1s 16 ” ‘Toward a New Affirmative From Old Methods to New Encouraging Self-Acceptance ‘The Way of Rational Authority Creating the Permissive Atmosphere In Behalf of Independence [Becoming Membecs One of Another ‘Wisdom Concerning Danger Bibliography Index n 2 2 48 oo 16 103 mu 12 1B 15 ist 168 181 193 209 216 2a