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Barack Obama May 4, 2004 P.O. Box 802799 Chicago, IL 60680-2799 Re: Corruption Sir, Please find enclosed exactly the same material sent one month ago to Roger W. Ferguson Jr, To date, I have yet to receive a response. The copy of wiretap tape number 139 is served upon you in confidence as an officer of the court in order that it may be properly investigated. The truth should be known by all. What say you? ‘As T was heading out the door to put my last big pile of stuff in the mail to some bad acting bankers, I saw CNN talking about you and your run for Senate. I found you interesting and immediately checked to see if you are. a lawyer. As such you should understand my concerns and allegations in a heartbeat after your review of this material. Whereas you wish to have a seat in Congress as a Senator and are expected to uphold the law and the Public Trust, I see no reason for you to object to me stress testing your ethics before the people vote for or against you. T called your office and introduced myself to a man by the name of Peter Coffey. T tried to prove to him my sincerity in the brief time he allowed me to talk to him, I told hin that T sent you a link byway of email to all of my files posted on the web while I was ‘on hold. I tried to explain to him what it was about and how to surf through them but he. didn't seem to care. However he did thank me for the heads up and commented on how much he loved Beantown. I was a little confused when he acted glad when I said that T had Senators Kerry and Kennedy way over a barrel. Maybe he was just telling me what he thought T wanted to hear in order to be rid of me. Or on the other hand maybe there are Democrats out there that don't follow the party line dictated by the Damned Yankee Carpetbaggers. Time will tell the tale. This letter is posted tonight. My questions to you, Mr, Obama, are quite simple. Do you understand my concerns and allegations mentioned and proven within the enclosed materials? What will you do with your newfound knowledge of corruption? At the very least do you think I should call you to court to testify? Would you welcome that invitation? What would you do if you were I and you had chosen to ignore me or disagree? Please be the first politician that I have ever encountered to conduct himself in an ethical fashion. If you ask me, I think there is time to put your name up for President at the Democratic Convention in Boston this year. I know Mr. Coffey would like to come but as I told him out of the gate I am not certain he would like to meet me. If you respond to me after T make my mark on the political scene, I will truly doubt your sincerity. I will consider you as just another lawyer spouting renee to get elected David R. dy for 153 Alvin Ave. Milton MA, 02186