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Jonathan Harris

One thing I found interesting about emerging technology was how drive
behavior and parking alignment affects inductive charging systems for
electric vehicles. It talks about how it offers a solution to users having to
plugging in their electric vehicle to charge. It is called inductive charging. It is
a form of wireless charging, in which it uses an electromagnetic field to
transfer energy between two objects. While manufactures claim that
charging technology is ready, the efficiency of transferring electrical energy
is highly reliant on the accurate alignment of the coils involved. Two studies
were conducted. One was a retrospective analysis of 100 pre-parked
vehicles, and the other was a dynamic study that in which 10 participants
parked in an EV aiming to align with a charging pad with no bay marks as a
guide. Both studies came with results, and both suggested that drivers are
more accurate at parking laterally instead of the longitudinal direction.
However with inductive charging systems it has been determined that from
both studies vehicles would be aligned accurately to allow efficient transfer
of electrical energy through induction.
I have found two internet articles that also relates to emerging
technology. The first article is called a Target Centric approach to Cloud
Security. Ive located this article by using Google Chrome. It is about how two
British computer scientists Rob Hegarty and John Haggerty developed a
system called XDet. It can read a single block of data with a file and creates
reference points within that block as a signature. I was created because even
though cloud storage has the ability to access anywhere with any device it
also doesnt provide enough protection to those devices despite firewalls
being installed. It was because there was no way to check signatures in the
network environment. XDet can read a single block compared to other
programs and once it does it can detect that the block that is leaving the
network, or the block being uploaded and entering the network. The second
article is called Salesforce tackles the IoT head-on with Thunder and a new
cloud. Ive located this article on Yahoo as a search engine. This article is
about a new device called the IoT from Salesforce. It is aimed to connect
billions of events from devices and application using Salesforces own
software. Salesforces IoT cloud connects consumers with real time data from
devices such as phones, windmills and industrial turbines as well as data
from other websites. Salesforce users can also use the IoT cloud to interact
with customers like detecting weather. The IoT will be tested in the first half
of 2016.

Jonathan Harris

For Target Centric approach to Cloud Security it was written and posted on
September 8th 2015, as it does relate to the topic of my discussion. The
author of this article was written by Patrick Marshall. He is qualified to write
about this topic as he works for the website GCN that post these articles
about the latest new and upcoming technology. The information I obtained is
trustworthy as the information was from the two British computer scientist
who developed the XDet. It was written to inform of people of what this new
technology would bring to the table to protect people from receiving
inappropriate files that have not been discovered.
On the two journal articles Ive found. There were specifically two that
were similar to the topic are called Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies,
and performance of Technology Sector Hedge Funds in Emerging Markets.
The first article talks about the ability to recognize technology that can best
be exploited by a particular company and to drive investment in them. A
framework was developed for identifying and developing technology-based
business opportunities in new areas for a company. The framework brings
together many aspects of emerging business opportunity identification and
deployment, and is centered on defining a critical set of capabilities needed
to address evolving market challenges. An approach was implemented
through a parallel understanding of market and technology trends connected
with the dynamics of the relevant value chains. A new external technology
that has the potential to augment internal capabilities can be an enabler in
the opportunity creation formula. The keyword I used to find this article was
emerging technologies and the database for this article is Business Source
Premier. The second article talks about how we examine the performance of
technology sector hedge funds with a special focus on emerging markets. It
is found out technology hedge funds show positive risk-adjusted returns on
average and that emerging market tech funds outperform the nonemerging
market funds in general. We also observe that the abnormal returns of
emerging market funds are positively associated with their past
performance, flow, and incentive fee. The keyword I used to find this article
was also emerging technologies and the database for this article is
MasterFILE Premier.
Between the two internet articles and the journal articles, the internet
articles were easier to access. When I looked up the internet articles on
google and yahoo I had an easier time finding the article in terms of looking

Jonathan Harris

up the subject I was talking about. In the journal articles I didnt have any
difficulty finding the topic I was looking for, but the information was more
basic and not as interesting or open as the ones I had found with the internet
articles. For the journal articles Capitalizing on Emerging Technologies was
on published on July 2015 and the authors for this article were by Irene
Spitsberg, Michael J. Verti, Sudhir Brahmandam, and George W. Coulston.
Performance of Technology Sector Hedge Funds in Emerging Markets was
published on September 2015 and the authors for this article were written by
Junesuh Yi, and Kwanghee Cho.

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Jonathan Harris

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