Anglicans & Community Development
Wednesday 21st and Thursday 22nd April 2010 Tutua Marae, Te Araroa Kaupapa: As the first in a series of wananga throughout 2010, this hui will provide a sharing and learning environment to hear stories from Anglicans around Aotearoa involved with community development including neighbourhood revitalisation, environmental sustainability and local economic development. Marcus Akuhata-Brown and Pane Kawhia will be the keynote speakers for the weekend but every participant will be expected to share some of their own experience of current community development work. Marcus will share some insights from his experiences of moving ‘home’ to Te Araroa over the past 10 years, reconnecting with his extended whanau and cultivating strong, healthy relationships within the hapu upon which intergenerational planning and development can be based. Pane is an Anglican minister living near Ruatoria who has a passion for the wellbeing of whanau. She is interested in the ideas of aroha and freedom and how these are expressed within whanau and the wider community. Manu Caddie & Graham Bidois Cameron are community activists who will talk about their experience in urban community development over the past ten years including community organising, engaging with institutions and the role of faith in the messiness of community. Participants will be encouraged to share some of their own stories – the challenges and small successes that others might take inspiration and ideas from. Korero will also explore the role of the church in everything from reconnecting hau kaenga with whanau living away from their tribal lands to authentic alternatives to loan sharks. Target Participants: It is anticipated that the hui will involve 20-30 people, and all should have involvement in community development activities on a regular basis. They should be people connected in some way to the Anglican Church and work within defined communities – (both rural and urban contexts). It will be a whanau friendly environment so children and pakeke/ kaumatua/kuia are welcome Cost: Koha (some travel subsidies may be available). Expected Outcomes: - Learning for individual participants - Peer support and relationships strengthened - New networks to continue the conversation and support local activitites Registration: To register or for more information please contact Manu Caddie (Email: manu@ahi.co.nz / Tel. 0274 202 957) by 31 March 2010.


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