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Schizophrenia A person who has lost touch with reality

They are unable to tell whats real and whats not

o Negative symptoms Losing something (like an emotion) that normal
people have
Example: Not having joy while around family
o Positive symptoms Gaining something that normal people dont have
Delusions Believing something that is not true, like that
someone is constantly spying on you
Hallucinations See, hearing, feeling something that is not there
o Hearing voices is the most common
Dopamine Certain medicine can stop this from being
produced in the brain which can sometimes stop
Mood Disorders
o Major depression This is more than just being sad; You are unbearably
miserable, no joy in life
o Bipolar disorder Either you have extreme depression or extreme
mania/joy and you switch between the two
Egas Moniz He believed that if you do a prefrontal lobotomy (cutting some
connections in the front of the brain) you could cure some mental disorders
o He won a Nobel Peace prize for medicine even though it didnt really
Psychotherapy Different types of therapy
o Psychoanalysis Trying to bring repressed memories, conflict, back
into your memory
Free association Laying back and telling your therapist
everything that comes into your mind
o Dream analysis Trying to interpret the dreams you are having
Manifest content The actual content of your dream
Latent content The symbolic meaning of your dream
o Resistance When the therapist gets close to a repressed memory you
start to resist so they investigate more
o Transference Transferring feelings you have about others (family,
friends,) onto your therapist (You might despise your therapist, but
your therapist knows that these feelings are actually from your dislike
of a different person)
Rogers made Person Centered Therapy You talk about what you want to
talk about
o Therapist gives unconditional positive regard
o Authentic human relationship
o Therapist develops real empathy for the client
Cognitive therapy You focus on what you are telling yourself
o You might say things like, I never succeed at anything.
o Your therapist would go all Dr. Phil on you and say, So hows that
working for you?

Token Economy Giving children fake money (or some kind of other token) as
a reinforcement that they can later use in an auction