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1) In FCP, set your timeline to start at the timecode 00:58:30:00.

DO this by highlighting your

sequence in the browser, then go to Sequence > Settings > Timeline Options.
2) Type 00:58:30:00 into the timecode start box and make sure that the drop frame box is checked.
Press OK.
3) Next, you should build a leader on your timeline in front of your project. To build a leader, lay the
following at the beginning of the timeline:
10 Seconds of black You can pull this from the FCP effect Slug, which is under video
generators in the effect lab.
60 seconds of bar and tone --you can pull this from the bars and tone folder in FCP under
video generators in the effects lab. Take the bars and tone NTSC.
10 Seconds Slate this is your program identification. You can create it with FCP text.
-Include: Project title, your name, the run time, date, etc.
8 Seconds countdown leader- grab this leader (FCP countdown in the name of the file)
from the Stock Server. Youll find it in a folder called Countdowns and Leaders. Make sure to pull the
file to your local computer and hard drive.
2 Seconds black use the slug again.
Program Start This is the first frame of your edited project.
Make sure to lay the leader down correctly. Using the amount of seconds specifically called for
above. The different elements should fall at these specific timecodes on your timeline.
10 seconds black- Start TC 00:58:30:00
60 seconds bars, tone- Start TC 00:58:40:00
10 seconds slate- Start TC 00:59:40:00
8 seconds countdown- Start TC 00:59:50:00
2 seconds black- Start TC 00:59:58:00
Program start- Start TC 1:00:00:00