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Sabina Shrestha

Assignment 1: Information Literacy

1. Use the Internet to find a Technology current event article:
Privacy Issues on Facebook
Facebook Users Panic Again Because of New Privacy Hoax Issues
Paula Dela Cruz, Christian Post Contributor, September 30, 15
2. Paragraph summarizing the article:
The central problem in Facebook is privacy issue. Privacy means what is at a
point protected as private. It is a comprehensive right and it is the right most
valued by a free people. It is a fundamental human right. It is important to protect
peoples interest in competitive situations. Just like in 2012, there is another
bunch of Facebook privacy hoax issues that have been surfacing on social media
again. In some cases, they want to keep privacy because their activities may
affect. The company has enacted many privacy issues, which are notably
questionable. It keeps on changing the privacy settings without notifying its users
at most of the time. Facebook has launched new features every few months,
frequently provoking privacy concerns. It includes a shift late last year that made
each user's name and profile picture, along with other basic information, public.

3. Find two additional Internet articles on the same topic:

I used Bing search engine with topic Privacy Issues on Facebook. It gave me
193,000,000 results. The title of the article is Facebook hoax concerns users
about privacy. The author of this article is Kimberly Crowe. It was published on
September 30,2015 at 8:36 am on

Sabina Shrestha
Assignment 1: Information Literacy

Similarly, I used Google search engine with same topic. It gave me 406,000,000
results (0.56 seconds). The title of the article was Latest Facebook scam reuses
old privacy hoax issue. Justin Luna, news reporter for Neowin wrote it on
September 29, 2015 at 12:05 on I think Google is much more
effective and efficient search engine since it gives more relevant results in
chronological order.
4. TRAAP the sources:
Latest Facebook scam reuses old privacy hoax issue
1. Time: It was written on September 29, 2015 at 12:05 on No, it
has not been updated.
2. Relevance: Yes, it relates to my topic and answer my questions. It talks about
he ongoing privacy hoax issues that is going on Facebook,
3. Authority: Justin Luna is the author of this article. He is a news reporter for that makes him qualified to write about this topic.
4. Accurate: Yes, I found the infromation trustworthy. Yes, it is suppported by the
evidences from Facebook official notice stating it is just a hoax.
5. Purpose:. The main purpose of this article is to make aware the facebook users
about the ungoing hoax about Facebook and their privacy issues.
5. Find two scholarly journal articles on the same topic from CCBC library
First article: Privacy antecedents for SNS self-disclosure: The case of Facebook
Key words: Social networking sites (SNSs); Facebook; Privacy; Self Disclosure
Database: ScienceDirect

Sabina Shrestha
Assignment 1: Information Literacy
Second Article: Privacy in social networks: An analysis of Facebook
Key words: Privacy; Facebook; Issues
Database: ScienceDirect
6. Compare the Internet and Journal articles:
While comparing the Internet and Journal articles on the basis of ease of access,
timeliness and authority, we can clearly determine the differences. Internet is
really a convenient source if we look at the ease of access perspective. Anyone
from anywhere can access to the Internet articles using the search engines like,
Google, Yahoo, Bing etc. with the Internet connection. Whereas, if we look at the
Journal articles from CCBC library, it is just accessible for students, professors or
college authority. That means it does not have an easy access. Similarly, if we
look the timeliness point of view, Internet articles are much more current and are
updated frequently. Whereas, the Journal articles from college library, are not
often updated and are not current. But we can find more reliable information with
authentic researches. The articles on Internet can be uploaded by anyone from
anywhere at anytime. Therefore, there is a question mark on the reliability and
authenticity of the information unless they are from reliable sources or authorized
individual. Unlike Internet articles, the journal articles in college library are more
authentic and reliable. The database provides all the information about the articles
along with the name of the authors, date, time etc. It is beneficial to remain up to
date with the current Internet articles and news, but as a student I suggest to use
college library database for reliability and authenticity.
7. Cite all five sources in MLA format

Sabina Shrestha
Assignment 1: Information Literacy
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Sabina Shrestha
Assignment 1: Information Literacy