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All information between

parentheses shows sample
answers or alternatives.
You can make up your
own answers.

Answer Key to Practice 11

(Pag. 152)

Exercise I
1. September comes before October.
2. Thursday comes after Wednesday.
3. It produces (onions, potatoes, asparagus)
4. I like (apples, bananas, cherries)
5. Yes, it does. / No, it doesn't.
6. Yes, it does. It snows in (the highlands/near the mountains) / No, it doesn't.
7. (My friend/brother/wife) helps me.
8. Yes, I do. / No, I don't.
9. No, it doesn't. It has 28 days. It has 29 days every four years.
10. Yes, I do. It is a year when February has 29 days. / It is a year that has 366 days.
No, I don't.
Exercise II
(Free Composition Answers will vary)

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Book One - Lesson Eleven