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PLC AVID 2014-2015

Week 1: Went over beginning of the year stuff. Reflected on our norms and decided they were
ok. The focus of our work this year will be integrating ATL skills into our lessons as well as
looking to take AVID more school wide department by department. We talked to Erik Peterson
about making a C-note template for google docs so when students get Ipads, they will be able
to access and use the C-notes template for all classes.
Week 2: Student discussions on Thursday and Friday dealing with the CB student issue. Had
meeting with MAC people about Salvador joining our team. Friday showed Salvador around
school. Had him meet staff.
Week 3: Discussed 11/12 curriculum and AVID 12 essays. Discussed planning for the
remainder of this week as well as next week. We set a november 1st deadline for AVID 12 to
get college applications out. Also discussed getting into the Social Studies Dept meeting in
October to present socratic seminars and philosophical chairs to that department.
Week 4: Discussed having a meeting with MAC mentors before they begin on 10/8. Discussed
logistics of having them join me in my CCR class in McKinneys room. McKinney agreed and we
will have the MAC mentors in McKinneys room. We also discussed what ATL skills we will align
our upcoming units too.
MEA Week: Worked on MAC mentor
Oct 20-24
Oct 27-31: Met with Morton and went over AVID PLC expectations. We discussed that we will
not be responsible for

Quarter 2
Nov 3-7: Went over probation procedures for students early in the week. Made a list of students
on probation and developed a fix-it contract for students on probation. Also discussed calling
parents and who would be doing that.
Nov 10-14: Collected probation contracts and went over them. Made a smart goal and refined it
with Mortons feedback. Called parents of students on probation. Completed the AVID news
letter for quarter 1 and will send it home next week. Decided that we will get C-note data for our
SMART goal next week, due to a shortage of time. We discussed how the rubric presentation
went today and decided that it was clear and the students know what we are looking for.

Nov 17-20:
Refined our SMART goal to be about 1 part of Cornell notes instead of the entire note. We
decided that by breaking it down we would have better success with each section. We chose

the questions in the right hand column due to that part being a very weak part of our students
cornell notes. Prepared the rubric for students to use to go through the right hand column of
their notes with. Once we have the data we will make a reteaching plan and reteach.
Nov 24-26:
McGraw out Monday and Tuesday. I worked on aligning AVID curriculum with ATL skills.
Dec 1-5:
Looked over our SMART goal and our kids cornell note check sheets. We have a ways to go as
most of our kids are still struggling with summaries. We are figuring out how to reteach the
summaries to students next week. We are going to model turning worksheets into cornell notes
on Monday.
December 8-12: Began working on our plan to re-teach kids our SMART Goal. Additionally, we
had a meeting with MAC mentor coordinator at MAC do discuss changes to the MAC mentor
program for the spring. Also worked on Black Box stuff. Friday we were at U of MN.
December 16-20: Monday we were at SPPD. Went over end of semester assignment for AVID
9 that we will start over break. Monitored student grades for those on probation.
January 5-9: Made a plan to reinforce expectations to AVID students on probation. Discussed
AVID 9 end of quarter project. Continued to monitor grades for students on probation.
Jan 12-15: Ipad rollout. Worked on how to use Ipads in the classroom.
Jan 20-22: Made final cuts for students who were going to be exited from the AVID program.
Jan 26-30: Worked on AAMI planning and finding suitable candidates for the program.
Feb 2-6: Made a list of AAMI candidates and the criteria that they will be judged against. We
also came up with projected numbers for next years 10, 11, and 12th grade classes.
Feb 9-13: Began the recruitment process and made applications. Planned to speak in the
Scots Strategies and Freshman Focus next week.
Feb 17-20: Came up with rough numbers for AVID students returning next year. Worked on
AVID recruitment.
March 23-27: AVID recruitment, student interviews Thursday Friday.
April 6-10: AVID 9 recruitment and black box work.
April 13-17: AAMI Recruitment and student identification.
April 20-24: AVID 9 applications, developed a rubric for AVID 9 applications. Started going
through AVID applications for incoming AVID 9 students. Also worked with lead tutor to fill black
box. Identified areas of need with certification and got evidence to meet the certification

requirements. Currently making a black box cheat sheet for pieces of evidence to streamline
the certification meeting.