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Family and friends

1 Play the game with a partner. Throw a dice. Say.
How to play


Throw a dice. Move your counter to that


Your partner

square and complete the sentence. You get

three points if the sentence is correct.




a dog. Hes

your name?

Chips got

Jenny likes sport.

Nick likes sport, but he

favourite sport is tennis.



bones in

the garden.


a dog.


like maths.
toast for

they walk to
Theyve got

at nine





to Park

Street School.

Ive got


Hes got



blond hair.

an alien!



blue eyes.

Jenny like


Jenny and Nick

brother and sister.
Trig like


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2 What do you play?

Wh- questions; prepositions of time
1 Complete the questions with what, when, where, why or who. Then answer.
> What sport do you play?

is your birthday?

do you live?

is your English teacher?

do you eat breakfast?

is your favourite lesson?

is your best friend?

2 Now ask your partner.

What sport do you play?

I play tennis.

3 Complete eleven months of the year in the puzzle. Which one is missing?

is missing.

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3 Trig goes skateboarding

Imperatives; go + -ing
1 What are they saying? Use the words in the boxes.
dont jumpbeopen
dont gotidydont eatdo
dont hit eat


fast your room on the sofa

your breakfast careful your sister
in class your homework your books

be careful

2 Complete the words in the table.

On Saturdays

On Sundays

In summer

1 s w _ _ m _ _ g

2 c _ c l _ _ g

3 c _ _ p _ _ g

4 s h _ p _ _ _ g

5 i _ e s k _ t _ _ g

6 c _ _ p _ _ g

7 s k _ t e b _ a _ d i _ g

8 i _ e s k _ t _ _ g

9 s _ _ l _ _ g

3 Look at the table. Now complete the sentences. Use go and -ing forms.
> Nick goes cycling on Sundays.
1 Trig
2 Nick and Jenny

4 Nick

on Saturdays.

3 Jenny
Grammar One Worksheet


5 Jenny and Trig
on Sundays.

on Saturdays.

6 Trig

in summer.
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4 What is there in Merton?

There is/are; some and any with plural nouns
1 Look at the map of Newtown. Complete the sentences. Use the phrases in the box.

There is There isnt There are There arent

> Theres a bookshop.

a garage.

> There isnt a river.

any hotels.

two churches in Newtown.

three cafs.

a football pitch.

a theatre.

2 Look at the picture. Answer the questions about Newtown. Use short answers.
> Is there a library? No, there isnt.
1 Are there any restaurants?
2 Is there a hospital?
3 Are there any banks?
4 Is there a hotel?
5 Is there a theatre?
6 Is there a playground?

3 Look at the map of Newtown. Circle the correct word.

> There are any / some books in the bookshop.
1 There arent any / some children in the playground.
2 Are there any / some hotels in Newtown? Yes, there are.
3 There are any / some cars in the garage.
4 There arent any / some sports shops in Newtown.
5 There are any / some tables and chairs in the cafs.
Grammar One Worksheet

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5 Whos behind the door?

Prepositions of place
1 Look at the map of Newtown. Complete the sentences with the words in the box.

betweennext toinbehindin front ofunder

> Theres a bread shop between the caf and the church.
1 The toy shop is
2 Theres a bus

the shoe shop.

the post office.

3 The playground is
4 Theres a man
5 Theres a dog

the church.
the car.
the playground.

2 Read then draw Nicks bedroom.

This is Nicks bedroom. His bed is in the corner.
There are some books on the bed. Next to the
bed theres a desk and a chair. Theres a lamp
and a computer on the desk. Under the chair
theres a small bin. Theres a box under the
window. Nicks skateboard and school bag are
in the box. His shoes are under the bed.

Grammar One Worksheet

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6 Can you swim? Lets go swimming!

Can for ability; Lets
Ask your partner questions to complete the table.
Jack skateboard?


Yes, he can. / No, he cant.



Ask your partner questions to complete the table.
Yes, he can. / No, he cant.

Can Jack swim?





Grammar One Worksheet

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7 Trig is helping
Present continuous
1 Complete the texts with the present continuous forms.
Its raining today. Dad is in the kitchen. Hes making (make)
a cake. Mum


(read) a magazine. Chip

under the table. He

The sun


(shine) today. Nick and Tom


(hang) the clothes on the line. Trig

(help). Amanda and Jenny

(sit) under a tree. Amanda




(eat) the sugar!

(work) in the garden. Tom

(dig). Nick

(do) the washing up. She



(draw) cartoons.

(listen) to music. The neighbours cat

(drink) some milk.

2 Put the words in the correct order. Write questions. Then write short answers.
> Nick is the garden digging in ?
Is Nick digging in the garden? No, he isnt.
1 Jenny and Amanda helping are the garden in ?

2 reading Mum is ?

3 wearing Amanda is boots ?

4 football are Nick and Tom playing ?

5 Mum cake

is making

a ?

Grammar One Worksheet

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8 Can you see them?

Object pronouns
1 Match.
Subject pronouns





Object pronouns




2 Complete the sentences. Use him, her, it or them.

> This is my new skateboard. Do you like it?
1 Jenny is late. Lets wait for

2 Where are Mums magazines? She cant find

3 Is Trig hiding in the garden? I cant see


4 Im looking for my MP3 player. Have you got

5 Where are Nicks sweets? Is Trig eating

6 Is Chip in the playground? Lets look for

3 Circle the mistake in each second sentence. Write the correct word.
> Is Jenny in the garden? Is Chip with him ? her
1 Dads in the kitchen. Lets ask them for some water.
2 These are my new pink socks. I love they!
3 Wheres my school bag? I cant find him.
4 We are lost! Please help me!
5 Today is my Mums birthday. These chocolates are for she.

Grammar One Worksheet

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9 Amanda likes playing tennis

Like, love, hate + -ing form; one(s);
would like
1 Look at the table and complete the sentences.
like hatelove

ride a horse


Jenny and Amanda


get up early

> Nick doesnt like getting up early.

1 He
2 Jenny and Amanda
4 Trig
5 He

2 Complete the sentences with one or ones.

> Do you like the red car or the blue one?
1 I love flowers! Lets buy the pink

2 I dont like the orange shirt, I like the blue

3 That old mobile phone is my Dads. Mine is the new

4 Amanda doesnt ride the big horses, she rides the small
5 Lets buy the green gloves, I dont like the black


3 Circle the correct words.

> I like / Id like a drink of milk, please.
1 Wed like / We like playing computer games after school.
2 She likes / Shed like a mobile phone for her birthday.
3 They dont like / They wouldnt like getting up early on Saturdays.
4 I like / Id like buying clothes.
5 He likes / Hed like a new computer.

Grammar One Worksheet

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10 Can I go out?
Can for permission; must for necessity
1 Put the words in the correct order to make questions. Match with the
short answers (ae).

I chocolate can bed in eat ?

> Can I eat chocolate in bed? b
1 Nick room can his paint


2 Sunday can Amanda cycling go on ?

3 Nick and Tom play computer games midnight can until ?

4 can garden in Chip play the ?

a Yes, she can.

c Yes, he can.

b No, you cant.

d No, he cant.

e No, they cant.

2 Complete the classroom rules. Use the words in the box and must or mustnt.

> You must be quiet.

2 You
your homework.

1 You
mobile phones.

Grammar One Worksheet

3 You
to the teacher.

4 You
in class.

5 You
on the chairs.

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11 How much milk?

Some and any with uncountable nouns;
how much, how many
1 What are they saying? Write some or any.

Im making a cake for Trig. Ive got >some cheese and 1


Amanda Cheese and onions?


Yes, Trig likes strange cakes!

Amanda Have you got 2



Yes, Ive got 3

got 5

butter and 4

Amanda Thats OK. Ive got 6


eggs in the fridge.

Great. Have you got 7

Amanda Yes, Ive got 8

jam. Oh no! I havent

sugar and 9


Cheese, onions, butter, honey, eggs, sugar and milk.

Trig likes very strange cakes!

2 Look. What is there? Tick and cross. Write

sentences with a, an, some or any.
> tea

Theres some tea.

> cheese

There isnt any cheese.

1 onions
2 flour
3 orange
4 chocolate
5 coffee
6 pineapple
7 margarine
8 bread

Grammar One Worksheet

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12 How often do you help?

Adverbs of frequency
1 Look at the table. Complete the table for you.

get up early

eat sweets

read in bed









2 Look at the table again. Write sentences.

> Nick / get up early Nick sometimes gets up early.
1 Jenny / eat sweets
2 Trig / read in bed
3 Nick and Trig / eat sweets
4 Jenny / get up early
5 Nick and Jenny / read in bed
6 I / get up early
7 I / eat sweets
8 I / read in bed

3 Rewrite each sentence with an adverb of frequency.

> Its hot in December.

3 Nick is late for school.

Its never hot in December.

1 Mum does the washing-up.

4 Trigs swims in the sea.

2 Jenny tidies her room.

5 Mum tidies the garden.

Grammar One Worksheet

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13 Tom plays football

Present simple or continuous?
1 Complete the sentences. Use the present simple or the present continuous.
> Tom usually plays (play) football after school, but today hes playing (play) tennis.
1 Dad and Mum often

(go) to the cinema on Saturdays, but today

(visit) friends.

2 Chip always

(chase) the cat in the garden but today he

(chase) the birds!

3 Dad

(make) a cake at the moment, but usually he

(do) the washing-up.

4 Amanda

(go) horse riding every Saturday but today she

(go) shopping with Jenny.

5 I always

(play) computer games after school but today I

(meet) my friends at the park.

2 Play with a partner. Cut out the boxes and circles. Place them face down on your
desk. Choose one box and one circle. Make a sentence with the words.
I sometimes help in the kitchen.

Im helping in the kitchen at the moment.


at the moment

tidy my room

play tennis

use the internet

eat sweets

play football

do my homework




Grammar One Worksheet

play computer games

help in the kitchen

help in the kitchen

at the

once a



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14 Were you frightened?

Past simple of be
1 Circle the correct word.
> Yesterday I was / were in the park.
1 I wasnt / werent very happy.

4 There was / were lots of animals.

2 It was / were very cold.

5 Nick wasnt / werent at the park.

3 Dad and Mum was / were at the zoo.

6 He was / were at the cinema.

2 Write the questions. Use was or were.

> Nick / at the cinema? Was Nick at the cinema?
1 Jennys pencils / on the desk?
2 Trig / frightened?
3 Jenny and Amanda / at the library?
4 Mum / at the shops?
5 It cold / at the swimming pool?

3 Look at the pictures. Write short answers to the questions in exercise 2.

> Yes, he was.

Grammar One Worksheet

Oxford University Press

15 Trig had a bath

Past simple of have
1 Write had or didnt have.
> Yesterday, Nick didnt have a bath, he had a shower.
1 Tom and Nick had pizza for lunch, they


2 Mum didnt have dinner last night because she

3 Last night, Jenny

a toothache.

a sore throat, but she didnt have a headache.

4 Amanda had a party for her birthday last week, but she
5 Chip had fun at the party and Trig

a cake.

three chocolate puddings!

2 Order the words to make questions. Look at exercise 1 and answer

the questions. Use did or didnt.

> have Dad a Did headache night last ?

Did Dad have a headache last night?
No, he didnt.
1 lunch Did pizza Tom and Nick and have for ?

, they

2 cake Amanda Did have birthday a ?

, she

3 Jenny Did throat sore a have ?

, she

4 chocolate Trig pudding have Did at party the ?

, he

5 dinner Did have last Mum night ?

, he

Grammar One Worksheet

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16 Did Trig help?

Past simple of regular verbs; ago
1 Read and complete the sentences. Use the words in the box and ago.

Today is Friday. Its 10th May. Its five oclock in the afternoon.
> We played tennis on Wednesday. We played tennis two days ago.
1 I had breakfast at eight oclock. I had breakfast
2 Ella had a party in March. She had a party
3 I phoned my grandmother last Friday. I phoned my grandmother
4 They had lunch at one oclock. They had lunch
5 Dad painted the bathroom on 4th May. Dad painted the bathroom

2 Look at Nick and Jennys list of jobs. Complete the text with the past simple.


Monday tidy bedroom ,

clean the windows

Monday tidy bedroom ,

clean the windows

Tuesday empty bins ,

wash the car

Tuesday water flowers ,

practise piano

Wednesday help in the kitchen

Wednesday cook dinner

Thursday study for English


Thursday study for English


Friday paint bedroom

Friday repair bike wash Chip

Last week, Nick and Jenny didnt tidy their bedrooms. Nick
but he

in the kitchen. Jenny

her bike. On Wednesday she

the bins
the flowers but
dinner. It

was delicious!

Grammar One Worksheet

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17 Nick lost his money

Past simple of irregular verbs
1 Write the words in the correct column.
Base form

Past simple



see lose bought

2 Complete the sentences with the verbs from exercise 1. Match the
sentences to the pictures.

> Last summer, Nick and Jenny

went to America with their
parents. b
1 They


New York in a big plane.

2 They


Statue of Liberty.
3 Mum
some new shoes from a shop
called Macys.
4 Jenny
lots of photos and Nick
5 They
pizza and steak.

Grammar One Worksheet

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18 Whats Trig going to do?

Be going to
1 Whats going to happen? Look and write. Use the verbs below.

> Theyre going to play

2 Shes

4 Hes

3 Theyre

5 Its


1 Hes

2 What are you going to do this weekend? Tick or cross.


Your partner

play computer games

make a cake
use the internet
watch television
write a story

3 Now ask and answer questions with your partner.

Are you going to play computer games?

Grammar One Worksheet

Yes, I am. / No, Im not.

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