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Software Competition (that will incorporate OAAD, Database design and programming)


Venue: Sukkur IBA

Hosted by:
Acknowledge by:

ACM Student Chapter Sukkur IBA

HoD CS Department (Patron)

This is the first event that will be hosted by ACM Student Chapter Sukkur IBA. We believe on initiating
and conducting quality events, henceforth, this becomes the reason for a bit late in the dawn of the first
ever event that will be one-of-its-kind. Our commitment and dedication towards initiating those events
which add value in a true sense to our target audiences knowledge, that is both the novice and
intermediate students of Our Computer Science Department, is worth mentioning. We look forward to
achieve excellence in our operational domain and then expand our operational area across other
domains as well. We are a team of highly dedicated individuals who deliver by going an extra mile, any
big thing starts from a big idea and not only we generate those big ideas but we also have the ability to
bring that into functionality. In this regard, we need financial assistance from Our Department of
Computer Science to operationalize the holograms of innovation so that we can impart the maximum
knowledge and skills onto the target audience so that an everlasting knowledge management chain
could establish benefitting the upcoming batches too, we believe on mixed legacy which is a part of our
mission statement too. We are hopeful that Our Department will acknowledge our untiring efforts and
will back us up in every possible manner.

Event Details:
We are still furnishing some concepts; nevertheless, this will be modules based event which will
incorporate a programming competition, database design & management, Project Management
Techniques. We will use Object-Oriented Analysis & Design (OAAD) techniques to enable students learn
and apply them on an application or a system. We are determined to impart out of the box knowledge
to the students that will indeed be beneficial for them both today and tomorrow. Our target audience
would be the batches of BS II, IV, VI, & VII. We want to cater maximum audience that highly correlates
with the events description that we are planning for them. We assure an unforgettable & worth
mentioning learning experience!

Prepared By:
Abdul Rafi
Marketing LEAD & Content Writer
ACM Student Chapter Sukkur IBA