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28 ON MY OWN Lyrics by ALAIN BOUBLIL, HERBERT KRETZMER, Music by JOHN CAIRD, TREVOR NUNN & JEAN-MARC NATEL CLAUDE-MICHEL SCHONBERG Andante (J =72) AW D Em D Em PIANO pretend ~ ing he's be -—_. All a = lone, 1 walk with him att ‘the pave - ment shines like sil ~ ver.— All the tights are mi - sty in the A Alcea G FAT Bm With-out him, T feel his arms 2 - round me. Tn the dark’ - mess, the trees are full of star - light. Em Em/D when I lose my way I close my eyesand he has all I see is himand me for ev- er and for I. Mas and Lr copyright © 1980 tings Mase Alsi Boal Engh Lyi copy 95S Ali Bow ei Lito ‘Ti vaangemencopaght © 68 Al Bos Meneame Invemaianaopregh scare, Alnghseered 29 B Cbs /B> Bb BWA ons ly in my — mind, Gm BHF Bb Em B Br talking so. my-seff and not to him. ‘And,al - though [know that he is blind, Am? ca F GmlF — sty there’sa way for. us. I love him But when__ the night — = vers just c cB Bb A the world__a- round me 30 Dm Gm Gm/F c stran - gers ‘trees are are, and eve-ry.where the streets ae full of F BYE F FE Dm ar Ail my fife, Tve on - ly been pre- But eve - ry -day I'm Dm c cB Be With- out his world will go_on turn - ing. 4. Gm ‘world that's fullof hap-pi-ness that I have never known. love him, that “y 8 —_—_—— i = Bbm/Db A Dm rit,