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Discussion Questions

Family was most important to Sofia at the opening of the story. What do you think was the
most important to her at the end?
What do you think was the biggest betrayal, that Sofias parents hid the fact that she had
been born a twin or their insistence that she move out of the home?
Why do you think Antonio wanted to be a concert musician?
Have you ever had to deal with a loved ones addiction? Do you agree with the way
Antonio handled his uncle?
What do you think Sister Stefania meant by instructing Antonio and Sofia to listen to the
masters voice? Why do you think she did not tell them directly about the padrones
extortion scheme?
Why do you think Luisa resorted to sending Antonio anonymous notes?
Have you ever felt a loss as severe as Antonio and Sofia? How was your reaction different
or the same?
How do you think Sofias definition of family changed throughout the story?