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Problem Statement

1. The purpose of this project is to identify the effect of tourism and population bloom towards
the sewage pollution level horizontally and vertically in Langkawi Island and surrounding.
2. Sometimes the sources of origin of sewage pollution is not clear thus it is crucial that this
project aim to identify the sources of sewage pollution in Langkawi Island and surrounding.

The basic hypothesis is that the increasing of population and tourism oriented development
have increase the level of seawage pollution in Langkawi Island in recent years.However the
level of sewage pollution is still within the safe range compared to the other parts of the world.
Research Question
1. What is the type of pollution that has occurred in the Langkawi Island?
2. What are the potential sources of the specific pollution that we are searching? Where does
this pollutant come from?
3. What is the causes of pollution in the Langkawi Island? In other words, how do the sources
described in number two actually produce the pollution?
4. What is the causes of different amount of pollutants that occurs in the various
sampling sites in Langkawi Island?