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Collection Documents sur Part Relational Aesthetics Bourriaud, Esthétique relationnelte, 1998 Lionel Bovier & Christophe Cherix, Prise directe, 2003 Sophie Calle, Ming, Sans ei Nicolas Thély, Vid la webcam (essai sur la wel Etic Troncy, Le docteur Olive dans fa 2002, Etic Troncy, Le colonet Moutarde dans la bibliotheque avec le chandelier, 1998 Elisabeth Wetterwald, Rue sauvage, 2003 Chen Zhen, Les entretiens, 2003 ‘Avalaible in english Nicolas Bourriaud, Relational Aesthetics, 2002 Robert Nickas, Live Free or Die, 2000 Chen Zhen, The Discussions, 2003 1098, 2000 2002 (orth english translation) Nicolas Bourriaud Relational Aesthetics ‘Translated by Simon Pleasance & Fronza Woods with the participation of Mathieu Copeland les presses du réel essentially unreadable, as their original cannot be perceived by analysing them on the basis of problems jons. The oh- Jament the fact question, as far as these new approaches are concerned, obviously has to do with the material form of these works. How apparent behavioural by ceasi Let us quote severall exam organises a dinner in a collector's home, ingredients required to make a Thai soup. 1a few people fo pursue their favourite hobbies on May Day, of