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Stephanie Dalrymple

Recommendations to Achieve Equitable Access
Recommendations below focus on providing equitable access to technology for all students,
learners, and educators at Conway Middle School. This includes Internet connection speeds
and infrastructure support that allows learning to occur anywhere and anytime. Access to high
quality digital resources, virtual instruction, and technology-enhanced learning supported and
aligned with the standards must be ubiquitous.
Pedagogy and Instruction
1. All students will have access to high speed internet that allows video streaming
and adequate download speeds for online resources.
2. All students will have access to online courses that provide core content
instruction in all subject areas either as replacement instruction or reinforce
classroom curriculum.
3. All students will have access during the school day to devices that enable the
use of technology such as tablets, labtops, or desktop computers.
4. Students without home internet access will be allowed to utilize school
technological resources after normal hours to assist with homework, projects, or
utilizing tech options for differentiated instruction.
b. Teachers: What plan do you have for teachers to enhance their knowledge & use of
digital age learning experiences?
1. A. Administration will support teachers through time off, pay, or PD hours to
attend district or outside technology professional development such as classes,
conferences, or
online courses.
B. Every classroom will be equipped with projectors, labtop for teacher, document
camera, adequate internet connection, and a set of 10 Ipads/ or labtops for
C. Provide monthly PD at PLC meetings about tech tools that can be used for
differentiated instruction.
D. Allow teachers time to observe other teachers who are using technology as a
resource to learn how to effectively utilize different tech tools in the classroom
b. Administrators: What plan do you have for administrators in regards to the facilitation,
use & support of technology?
1. - Administration will allow for teachers to attend professional development and
credit or stipends for doing so.
- Administration will arrange presenters or educators to teach about using technology
at staff meetings monthly or plc meetings.
- Administration will ensure the funding through grants or budget to allow for the proper
technology and maintenance in every classroom.
- Administrators will budget for a full time STP position to provide the proper building
wide support needed for a technologically up to date school.
b. Schools and Districts: What adjustments or additions need to be made to the school
policies to promote & support digital learning?

1. - The school needs to develop and implement a BYOD policy for students.
2. - The school needs to keep a more up to date website with links to classroom
As well as allow teachers paid time to maintain classroom
websites and then demand
teachers keep up to date websites.
- As a 21st century school every class will require at least one digital project a year
overseen and assigned by the teacher.
- The district and school will utilize digital reporting of data and student work results.
Curriculum and Assessment
1. What plan do you have for providing staff and students with access to high quality
curriculum and assessment resources?
- Utilize the Gheens professional development library and center to provide curriculum
resources. As well as work in conjunction with district goal clarity coaches who
specialize in each subject area to research resources that will provide high quality
curriculum and assessment. Use the Jaegger education center digital PD offerings to
learn more about effective digital programs and curriculum available to the staff via
2. What cost effective digital tools can you recommend to help provide equitable access?
(ex: Google apps for education)
1. Google Drive and apps. Teachers can save and provide access links to other
teachers and administrators that will allow them to see the data or work done.
2. Drop box works a lot like google drive but more basic and allows a person to save
work and provide others access from different computers.
3. as a resource for teachers to provide informal assessment with
immediate feedback results that can be organized and saved.
4. Gradecam for faster grading and reporting of assessment data.
5., all JCPS teachers and students have access to this online teaching
tool that provides instruction, assignments, tests, and projects that link directly to KY
6. Study Island program. This resource is accessible by all JCPS staff and students if
enrolled (JCPS will pay for any student to use) it will provide a great supplemental
resource for all subject areas.
3. What plan do you have in place to help staff collaborate about digital curriculum? (Ex:
district license for simplek12)
1. Set aside time during weekly PLC time to discuss digital curriculum.
2. Create an online community site for posting ideas about utilizing digital technology
and having discussions as well using websites like padlet or conversation in linkedin.
Professional Learning and Leadership
1. What PD strategies do you have in mind that will reach all of the staff in the building?
- Jaegger education center offers digital technology and resource PD regularly in JCPS.
- Present or have others present at monthly staff meetings tech tools and resources that
are working for them,
- As the STP or working with the STP offer monthly PD on tech in the classroom at my
school that teachers can attend for PD credit or stipend with Admin permission.
Data and Information Systems

What learning management system do you recommend your school adopt to provide a
space for all teachers to share instructional resources?


I think our school needs to keep up a website more regularly and add a section where
the STP can start a weekly blog and other staff members can comment or provide tools
and media they are using. Also providing links to others schools who are doing the same
so a teacher could visit another schools site and see what they are talking about and
using. The learning management systems can sometimes be just one more thing to
keep up on and I am not sure would get utilized as much a common website.

Policy and Procedures
1. How can you change or improve the following to ensure equitable access in your
1. wireless high-speed broadband Internet access: Our school needs to provide
routers throughout the building so access is more reliable.
Bandwidth is controlled by
the state, so lobbying for bandwidth access
could work as well.
2. Network Access for personal devices: Currently all staff is allowed 3 personal
devices on
the network and login is easy. I would allow all students one
personal device on the
network after laying a byod plan.
3. Plan for providing devices to students in need: First I would enable a byod plan.
with administration about the budget for STP and attempt to gain
funding for the
purchasing of IPADS or labtops so that
every classroom had a classroom set for during
the day use. Also,
paying for instructors or teachers to stay late until 6pm to monitor a
computer lab for students will no home access.
4. Times when students can use school computers and internet: Our school should
access to computers and online devices from 7:00 in the morning
when the first bus
arrives until 6:00 pm when the sports teams usually
end practicing and the building
becomes more empty for students to
utilize the internet and the school devices. We
need more classroom
access or labs so that teachers can ensure daily access allowing
use of devices.

Hardware and Infrastructure
1. Plan for purchasing devices or implementing a bring your own device initiative.
- I would meet with the technology committee and administration to develop a BYOD
plan that is suitable for our student needs and was enforceable.
- I would request a budget increase for the STP so that more devices such as IPADS or
labtops could be purchased until every classroom had full access. I would recommend a
$85,000 a year budget for the STP Salary of a normal teacher salary and an extra
$15,000 a year for maintenance and purchasing of new devices for the school yearly.
2. What ideas do you have for allowing access beyond the “school day” and “building.”
(Ex: wifi hotspots in buses)
1. I would ask for the funding to keep the computer lab open and monitored by at least
two instructors until 6:00pm for student access. Also, allowing for our activity bus to
provide late transportation home for students that sign up ahead of time and live in our
satellite neighborhoods.
2. Build a program similar to Meade County where every student issued an IPAD and
gets to take it home if they pay the district insurance fee. I would also provide on the
home page/ background of the issued IPAD a list of WiFi hotspots in the regions of
which our students live.