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Hacker Attack

Hacker Attack

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Published by: dangkyne on Mar 17, 2010
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Some companies have taken an approach that involves hiring outsiders to simulate a
hacker attack.The idea is to see how much damage they can do (without actually stealing
real data or trashing real hard drives).Can these faux hackers get in? Can they,once in,
get access to sensitive information and make off with it? Could they execute file-deletion

Such a hired “hacker”is called a sneaker.A sneaker is someone hired to attempt to
get into a system,to test its defenses.A group of sneakers is known as a tiger team
(from the military term describing a group of soldiers who try to physically break into
secure installations).

This technique can be very useful as a way of identifying weaknesses,though it’s no
substitute for the vigilance available from 24/7 monitoring services.

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