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Savannah Holtz

October 13, 2015

LAE 4424
Dr. Meadows
Literary Analysis
Genre: Contemporary Realistic Fiction Books
The Incident at Hawks Hill by Allen W. Eckert

Bibliographic Information
Eckert, A., & Schoenherr, J. (1971). Incident at Hawk's Hill. Boston: Little, Brown.
The plot of a story can be separated into five distinct sections; the exposition, the rising
action, the climax, the falling action, and the resolution.

Exposition: There is a little boy named Ben and he does not really enjoy interacting with people.
But, his family really wants him to try to start interacting more with people but he only wants to
play with animals.
Rising Action: A strange then moves in next door to the family and it is found out he is a rude
and mischievous hunter. Ben continues to fallow animals around the farm but then this stranger
brings a dead badger to Bens father to ask to keep it since he trapped in on their land.
Climax: When fallowing some birds Ben gets lost in the plains while it is raining. He then crawls
into a Badger burrow for safety and meets a wild Badger that ends up helping him survive since
she had lost her kits.
Falling Action: Ben is found by his brother months later and he had become a wild child and
very sick. When he tries to take Ben home the badger tries to fallow them to save Ben.
Resolution: Ben gets better and the badger becomes a pet of the families until it dies when the
neighbor shoots it. They burry the badger and the stranger is never seen from again because
Bens father buys the lot he lives in and tells him to never come back. Ben then gets well enough
and starts going to school.
This book takes place on a farm in the plains in the west of North America.
The theme of this books is to never underestimate people.
Within this story there are two different types of characters the one dimensional characters (the
supporting characters) and dynamic characters (those who move the story along). The dynamic

character are those who change in some way or have multiple attributes to them. For this story
the dynamic characters are as fallows.
Father- Comes to value his sons way of doing things and begins to build a relationship.
Ben- Learns to interact with people more and befriends a wild badger who saves him.
Mother- With fresh eye is able to help her son make changes as needed.
Bens Siblings- No longer treat Ben as an outcast and truly welcome him into the family
Then there are the one dimensional character that dont ever change in this book which
are as fallows.
Bens Neighbor- Horrible mean man that kills animals; scares Ben into hiding plenty of
times when he is lost.
Towns People- Treat Ben as an outsider and dont really change much when he survives
in the plains alone.
This book is written in the realistic style with very clear descriptions of events and
Point of View
This book is written in third person or in the all-knowing narrator point of view.
This is one of my favorite books that was once a sunshine state reader book a few years
ago for realistic fiction. It would make a wonderful read aloud book for the upper grades in