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One and Only Jackson MALAYALAM

One and Only Jackson MALAYALAM

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Published by: kannadiparamba on Mar 17, 2010
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al-ò-`q-ar- el-cl--]¶-Xr-]¶o



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|l-d-žŒ-buG e-dr-b el-Wr-Pp-er-P-b-al-brŒs†-~ ór-d½†
1982« ]u-t-Œu-e-~-¥Xl-žS-bl-Wr-Xo. E_s-šo $-šo', Eór-d½†',
E_r-d½r Ps„' A-~s Kl-\-ŸŽ ¥dl-IG Is-»-S-|r. ]-Xr-ž\l~o ¥Il-Sr-¥bl-jG ¥Il-]¶r-I-jl-Wo ór-d½† er-š-»r-ƒ-Xo. $m
žt-¥|l-Uo $-~uG \r-d-\r«-|u-~u.-AG.-Sr.-er-.br« Xu-S-žc
#-e†-Œr-|-ž]¶-ˆ $m Kl-\-ŸŽ ¥dl-IG au-»u-e„ B-žšSu-Œu. Pl-¥|l-bu-žS ‹-f-h´-al-b ENlæ\SŒG' å-ŒG
_r-d½r Ps-\r-dl-Wo #-Zp-al-br "-e-X-cr-]¶r-|-ž]¶-ˆ-Xo. ór-d½-tržd B-»uKl-\-ŸŽ "-¥a-cr-|„ ir-šo Nl†-ˆr-žd ¥Sl-]o žS~r« zl-\G ]r-Sr-N-u. ór-d½-tr-\u-¥f-gG e-~ E_l-Uo'
(1987), EžU-bo-°-t-ho' (1991), Eir-î-tr' (1995), E$„-er-hr_rŽ' (2001) A-~s #«-_-Ÿ-juG B-žt #-¥Ll-g¥Œl-žS-bl-Wo #-cl-[-I† e-c-¥e-š-Xo. $„-er-hr-_rŽ D»r-Nu-¨-e ¥dl-I-ža-Ÿu-au-¨ ir-šo Nl†-ˆu-I-jr« au„-\r-cbr«-Œ-ž~ $-SG ¥\-Sr.
"-•-\r«-\r-~u-¨ ]s-U-\-Ÿ-jl-Wo X-ž„t cq-]G-¥]lduG al-šl„ ¥‹-cr-]¶r-N-žX-~o Pl-¥|l X-ž~ ]-t-ƒr-ˆu-›o.
# _-‡-Œr-žd ¥e-Z-\-I-juG A-~l« h-¥il-Z-c-Ÿ-¥jlSu-¨ _‡eu-žal-ž| er-g-b-al-Iu-~ Eho-ÆsG' A-~ Kl\G # "†-Y-Œr« #-¤-I-YlG-f-au-¨-Xl-Wo. h-¥il-Z-cr
Pl-\-šo Pl-I·-Wu-al-br ¥N†-~o ]l-Sr-b Eir-î-tr' A-~ #«_-Œr-žd $m Kl-\-Œr-\o a-žšl-cu ‹-¥Xp-I-X-bu-au-›o. Nrós-I-cr-Nr-ˆu-¨-Xr« že-¥N-š-euG žN-d-¥e-tr-b apq-hr-Io
#«-_-al-W-Xo. au-|l«-¥|l-Sr ¥Ul-j-tl-Wo ho-Æs-ar-ž„t
\r†-al-W-žN-d-eo. Pl-¥|l-bu-žS P-\-‹s-Xr-|o žX-jr-el-Wo
"-¥©-i-Œr-ž„t E_½l-|o Dl† žže-šo' A-~ apq-hr-Io es-Ur¥bl D-¥c h-a-bG 27 cl-Pp-Ÿ-jr« hG-¥‹-g-WG žN-Â-Xo.
1991 \-eG-_† 14\o \-S-~ hG-¥‹-g-WG "-œ-Xu ¥Il-Sr
#-cl-[-I† I-›u-že-~l-Wo I-cu-X-ž]¶-Su-~-Xo. B-š-euG IqSu-X« ¥]† #-hv-Zr-N apq-hr-Io es-Ur-¥bl hG-¥‹-g-WeuG $-Xu-X-ž~.
$-ó-¥b-žt ]u-c-h¦l-c-ŸŽ ¥\-Sr-br-ˆu-¨ a-žšl-cu I-dlIl-c-„ $-|l-d-b-j-er-\r-žS <-›l-br-ˆr-d½. hG-Ks-X ¥dl-IŒo "-tr-b-ž]¶-Su-~ 197 ]u-c-h¦l-c-ŸŽ-|o Pl-¥|l "†-i\l-br-ˆu-›o. hG-Ks-X ¥dl-I-žŒ Dl-h¦† A-~-tr-b-ž]¶-Su-~
Ül-ar "-el†-Uu-IŽ-|o 18 X-e-W-bl-Wo Pl-¥|l-buG "¥©-i-Œr-ž„t hG-Ks-X-ì-gµr-I-juG "†-i-\l-b-Xo. 1971«
Pl-I·‚ žž^e-r-žd A.-_r.-hr A-~ Kl-\G ar-I-N ¥]l-]o
Kl-\-Œr-\u-¨ Ül-ar ¥\-Sr-b-Xu-au-X« Xu-S-Ÿu-~u ¥\-ˆ-Ÿju-žS # ]-ˆr-I. E¥Ul-›o ¥îl-]¶o Sr« bu žK-šo $-\-^o' A~ Kl-\-Œr-\o ar-I-N ža-bo« ¥el-|« ž]†-¥^l-a„-ho
"-el†-Uo Ir-ˆr. 1984« Eór-d½†' #«-_G A-ˆo Ül-ar "el†-Uu-I-jl-Wo ¥\-Sr-b-Xo. ór-d½† "-ž|l-d½-žŒ #«-_al-buG E_s-šo $-šo' "-ž|l-d½-žŒ žt-¥|l-Ul-buG al-tr.
E_r-d½r Ps„' ar-I-N #† #„-Uo _r ¥hl-Mo #-b-¥]¶lŽ,
"-Xo ar-I-N Kl-b-I-\u-¨ ]u-c-h¦l-c-euG Pl-¥|l-Ào ¥\-Srž|l-Su-Œu. Pl-I·‚ žž^-er-žd EžA el-›o bu _l-|o'
1999duG ór-d½†, Dl-^o Z elŽ A-~s #«-_-ŸŽ
2008duG Ül-ar-bu-žS ilŽ Dl-^o ž^-br-ar-duG <Ž-ž]¶-Su-Œž]¶-ˆu._r«-¥_l†-Uo ]u-c-h¦l-c-ŸŽ B-š-euG Iq-Su-X« ¥\-Srb I-dl-Il-c-\uG Pl-¥|l-bl-Wo. 26 X-e-W. 1983«-al-óG 13
]u-c-h¦l-c-Ÿ-jl-Wo _r«-¥_l†-Uo ¥e-Zr-br« Pl-¥|l Bšu-el-Ÿr-b-Xo. A-|l-d-žŒ-buG ar-I-N A„t†-žS-bo-\†
A-~-XuŽ-ž]¶-žS 13 _-iu-a-Xr-IŽ žža-|« Pl-I·-ž„t
¥]-cr« Kr-~-ho _u-|o žt-¥|l-Uu-I-jr-du-au-›o.
A-»u-]-Xu-I-ju-žS "-pG au-X« ¥dl-I-Œr-ž„t hG-KsX "-`r-cu-Nr-I-žj X-ž„t #-dl-]-\-Œr-\uG #-cl-[-I-cužS “-Z-b-ar-Sr-]¶u-I-žj X-ž„t Nu-e-Su-že-]¶u-IŽ-|uG "-\uì-X-al-br al-šr-a-tr-N I-dl-Il-c-\l-Wo žža-|« Pl-I·‚.
"-œ-XlG e-b-h·r«, I-Su-Œ ‹-Xr-h-‡r-IŽ-|r-žS-buG
hG-Ks-X-Œr-¥d-|o a-žšl-cu Xr-cr-Nu-e-c-er-\l-bu-¨ ITr-\â-a-ŸŽ-|u \-Su-er-dl-Wo "-¥©-iG a-cr-Nu-es-W-Xo. $-\rbr-d½-žb-~o ¥Xl-~r-]¶r-|u-¥œl-»uG f-¹-al-b Xr-cr-Nu-e-ceu-I-jr-dq-žS er-ho-a-br-]¶r-|u-I-bl-br-cu-~u Pl-¥|l $-Xu-ežc. $-\r-br-d½ A-~-Xo $-¥]¶lŽ bl-Yl†-Ypal-Wo. A-~l«,
"-¥©-iG "-e-¥f-gr-]¶r-Nu-¥]l-b Kl-\-Ÿ-juG N-Su-d å-ŒŸ-juG $-er-žS-bu-›o. $-\r-br-d½ A-~-Xo Pl-¥|l-bu-žS "`ležŒ-b-d½, $-Xu-¥]l-žd #-i½l-Zr-]¶r-N I-dl-Il-c-\r-d½
A-~ fq-\p-X-žb-bl-Wo er-jr-Nu-]-t-bu-~-Xo.-

"-d-£-cr-|-ž]¶-ˆ a-žšl-cu I-dl-Il-c„ $-d½. "œ-Xu-e-b-h·o Ps-er-X-Œr-\r-žS, žh-dr-{r-šr-blb-d½l-žX Pl-¥|l Pser-N-Xo že-tuG \l-du e†-gal-br-cr-|uG. "-•-ž„t I†-f-\-\r-†-¥Z-f-ŸŽ|o e-»-Ÿr es-ˆr-žd ]l-ˆu-Iq-ˆ-al-b Pl-I·‚
I become the stars and the moon. I become the lover and
{-¥Z-»o-hr« (]r-~s-So Pl-I·‚ žž^-eo)
the beloved. I become the victor and the vanquished. I
"G-K-al-Iu-¥œlŽ Pl-¥|l "-°u-ebecome the master and the slave. I become the singer
and the song. I become the knower and the known. I keep b-h·u-Il-c„ Iu-ˆr-bl-br-cu-~u. h¥il-Z-c-Ól†-ž|l-]¶G ]l-Sr-Œu-Son dancing and then, it is the eternal dance of creation.
Ÿu-¥œlŽ \l-WG Iu-Wu-Ÿr-blThe creator and the creation merge into one wholeness
b Iu-ˆr-bl-br-cu-ž~-£r«, e-jof joy. I keep on dancing...until there is only...the dance.
žc-ž]¶-žˆ-~u-X-ž~ X-ž„t
—Michael Jackson ¥dl-IG Xr-cr-N-tr-ƒ Kl-b-I\l-br Pl-¥|l al-tr. ž_-tr
-|« Pl-I·‚ å-ŒG žN-Âu-žIl-¥›-br-cu- ¥Kl†-Ur-ž„t ¥alˆm‚
~u. a-cr-|u-¥el-jG. a-c-W-¥f-gG, R-c-œu-IA-~ žt-¥|l-Ur-Mo I-œjr« "-ár-]-S†-Œu-~ N-d-\-ŸŽ Dl†-a-I-jr-dq- \r- Pl-I·‚ žž^-eu-al-br
žS å-ŒG žN-Âu-žIl-›-r-cr-|u-~u. D-¥c-žbl-cu I-cl-žtl-]¶r-Sl„ X-…l-tlžža-|« Pl-I·‚, D-¥c-žbl-cu Pl-¥|l, D-¥cb-Xo Iu-ƒu Pl-¥|l-bužbl-cu AG.-žP.-.-.-"-d-au-t-br-ˆuG #†-Œu-Nr-cržS #-dl-]-\ ]l-S-eG DNuG ¥al-il-d-hp-ž]¶-ˆuG # å-Œ-Nu-e-Su-IŽ-|o ~u-žIl-›u-al-ó-al-Wo.
hlkrIjlbe† "G-Ks-I-cr-|r-d½ $m a-c-WG.
ž_-tr ¥Kl†-Ur-ž„t
X-d-au-t-IŽ-|o #-¥e-fG er-X-tr-bl-Wo Pl-¥|l ‹-Xs-k žX-šr-br-d½. ]I-S-~u-¥]l-b-Xo. D-cu-e-ˆ-ža-£r-duG # ]l-ˆu-¥I-ˆ, Œu-e-b-h·o ]r-~r-ˆ-¥]¶lŽ
# Nu-e-Su-že-]¶u-IŽ I-›-e-cr-dq-žS Pl-¥|l a- "-¥a-cr-| au-»u-e-\-tr-buc-W-ar-d½l-Œ-e-\l-br \r«-|u-~u.
~ ¥]l-]o Kl-b-I-\l-br
f-cs-c-euG fl-cs-c-euG D-cu-¥]l-žd h-a-\v-br-N Pl-¥|l al-tr.-"-¥a-cr-|er-ho-a-b ¥dl-I-al-Wo Pl-¥|l-bu-¥S-Xo. å-Œbr-žd #-‘r-|„-¿-"-¥ažŒ-bl-¥Wl hG-Ks-X-žŒ-bl-¥Wl #-dl-]-\ cr-|„ eG-f-P-cl-br-cu-~u
cs-Xr-žb-bl-¥Wl f-}-Œr-žd al-ho-a-cr-I-al-b Pl-I·‚ žž^-er-ž„t #e-fp-X-žb-bl-¥Wl Iq-Su-X« $-gµ-ža-~o ¥e†Zp-Il-d #-cl-[-I-žc-£r«
Xr-cr-|l-\l-el-Œ er-[G # ¥dl-IG er-ho-a-br¥alˆm‚ e-~-¥Xl-žS I]¶r-Nu. "-°lG e-b-h·r« Pl-I·‚ žž^-er«
Y-al-tr. EžA el-›o bu
"G-K-al-Iu-~-Xu-au-X« 2001« ]u-t-Œr-t-Ÿr-b _l-|o', EA.-_r.-hr', 'Z d-eo bu ¥h-eo', EžA
$„-er-hr-_rŽ e-žc $-S†-N-br-d½l-žX #-cl-[- er« _r ¥Z†' A-~s \l-du Kl-\-ŸŽ "-¥a-crI-žc D-]¶G \r†-Œr. $-S-Àr-žS <-›l-br-ž|l-›r- |„ ir-šo Nl†-ˆr-ž„t X-d-]¶-žŒ-Œr.-A.-_r.cu-~ er-el-Z-ŸŽ, Pl-¥|l-bu-žS "-Xr-al-\u-g- hr|o #-Zp Ül-ar ]u-c-h¦l-cG Pl-¥|l-žb ¥X-Sr`l-e-žŒ Iq-Su-X« ž]l-dr-]¶r-N-¥X-bu-¨q.
žb-Œu-¥œlŽ ‹l-bG 13¿-žd-Œ-r-br-cu-~r-d½. AA«-er-ho ‹-ho-dr-buG _s-šr«-hu-žal-ž| "-d- »u-]-Xu-I-ju-žS Xu-S-|-Œr« Pl-I·‚ žž^-eo
£-cr-N ]l-§l-Xp hG-Ks-X ¥dl-I-¥Œ-|o h]l-§l-Xp al-[p-a-Ÿ-ju-žS $-gµ er-`-e-al-br al-tr.
žž[-cpG I-S-~u-e-~ Pl-¥|l hG-Ks-XG #-¥Ll- "-`r-au-J-Ÿ-jr« aq-Œ h-¥il-Z-c-Ól† hG-Lgr-|l-\u-¨-Xl-žW-~o #-e†-ŒrNužIl-›ržŒ-|u-tr-No er-f-Zs-I-cr-|u-¥œl-»uG X-ž„t
cu-~u. # #-¥Ll-g-al-Wo Pl-¥|l-bu-žS al¥dl-IG ¥e-žt-bl-žW-~ a-ˆr« el†-Œ-IŽ-|o
óG žžI-žbl-]¶o ]-Xr-N hG-Ks-X-hl-wal-PpG $-er- au-JG žIl-Su-|l-žX al-tr \r«-|u-I-bl-Wo PlžS "-e-¥f-gr-]¶r-|u-~-Xo.
¥|l žN-Â-Xo. X-ž„t Il-dG $-\r-buG #-cG-`ržh-dr-{r-šr ]-Z-er-br« Pl-¥|l-žb-¥]¶l-žd Nr-ˆr-žd½-~o žX-jr-br-|u-~-Xl-br-cu-~u # \r-

#†. Kr-cs-go Iual†

$-\r-br-d½-žb-~o ¥Xl-~r-]¶r-|u-¥œl-»uG f-¹-al-b Xr-cr-Nu-e-c-eu-I-jr-dq-žS
er-ho-a-br-]¶r-|u-I-bl-br-cu-~u Pl-¥|l $-Xu-e-žc. $-\r-br-d½ A-~-Xo
$-¥]¶lŽ bl-Yl†-Ypal-Wo. A-~l«, "-¥©-iG "-e-¥f-gr-]¶r-Nu-¥]l-b
Kl-\-Ÿ-juG N-Su-d å-Œ-Ÿ-juG $-er-žS-bu-›o. $-\r-br-d½ A-~-Xo
Pl-¥|l-bu-žS "-`ležŒ-b-d½, $-Xu-¥]l-žd #-i½l-Zr-]¶r-N
I-dl-Il-c-\r-d½ A-~ fq-\p-X-žb-bl-Wo er-jr-Nu-]-t-bu-~-Xo
h·G-K-X. E¥Kl-ˆo Su _r ¥Z†' (1972), ž_„ (1972),
apq-hr-Io #„-Uo ar (1973), ¥^l†-A-e† žža|« (1975) A-~s #«-_-ŸŽ Pl-I·‚ žž^er-¥„t-Xl-br ]r-~s-SuG e-~u. A-~l« Ivr„-hr
¥Pl‚-hu-al-br ¥N†-~o ]u-t-Œr-t-|r-b EDl-^o Z
elŽ' A-~ #«-_-al-Wo Pl-¥|l-bu-žS žžPó-bl-ó-Ào Xu-S-|-ar-ˆ-Xo. $-Xr-žd \l-du Kl-\ŸŽ "-¥a-cr-|„ ir-šo Nl†-ˆr-žd ¥Sl-]o žS~r« e-~u. E¥Ul-›o ¥îl-]¶o Sr« bu žK-šo $-\^o', E¥tl-|o er-Œo bu' A-~s Kl-\-ŸŽ ir-šo
Nl†-ˆr-« au~ržd-Œr. ¥dl-I-al-I-al-\G c-›u
¥Il-Sr-¥bl-jG ¥Il-]¶r-I-jl-Wo Dl-^o Z elŽ er-š»r-ƒ-Xo.
1980¿« Dl-^o Z elŽ Pl-¥|l-Ào _r«-


žžX¥tlboUo Il„htr\u¨
^d‹ZeuG #[u\rIeualb
¥tUr¥bl "bUr„
žžX¥tlboUo Ü™rIžj|utrNo ¥Iˆrˆu›l
Iua¥d½l. Nrd "ehcŸjr« žžX¥tlboUr
\o Il„h† _l[ <›lIlG. ¥tUr¥bl "b
Ur„ "_o¥jg„ A~Xo žžX¥tlboUo
Il„htr\u¨ Dcu NrIröl al†KalWo.
]l]¶rdtr, ¥^ljr|ud†, žaUudtr, "
\]½lîrIo A~rŸž\ epXph´ hv`leher
¥fgXIjSŸrb žžX¥tlboUo "†_uZ I
dIjlWo ž]lXuer« IlWuI. ¥clKŒr
ž„t XsØXÀuG hv`leŒržd epXph´XÀuG
#h¶Zalbr erer[ NrIrölal†KŸjlWo
žžeZpflðG "edG_r|uI. ¥il†¥al‚
žXtl]¶r, ]ut¥a\r~u¨ ¥tUr¥bg„, h†
Ptr, ¥tUr¥bl "bUr„ "_o¥jg„ A~r
Ÿž\bu¨ NrIröl er[rIy že¥ežt #
¥bl ¥Ilœr¥\g„ csXrbr¥dl ¥Ulņal†
h†PtrbrdqžS žžX¥tlboUo Ü™r au»ue
\l¥bl `lKrIal¥bl ASuŒualšu~u. XuS†
~o ejžc Iutƒ\rdbr«¥]¶lduG "e¥f
gr|u~ žžX¥tlboUo IdIžj¥bl Il„h
trž„t epl]\¥I柞j¥bl Iž›Œu~
Xr\u¥e›r ¥ily¥_lUr "bUr„ h¦l„
žN…u~u. $m ]cr¥fl[\br« \r~o d`r
|u~ erecŸy "Srzl\al|rblWo ]r
~sSu¨ NrIrö.
h¦l\rŸr\u¥fgG ¥clKXsØX a\h·rdl
|uIbuG žžX¥tlboUo IdIjržd "bUr„
"]ožSboIo A‹IlcalžW~o žejrž]¶SuI
buG žN…u~Xr\l« ep¹alb NrIröl ]
ŠXr #ergoIcr|l\uG ¥tUr¥bl "b


¥_l†-Uo apq-hr-Io "-el†-Uu-IŽ ¥\-Sr-ž|l-SuŒu. ar-I-N _½l-|o #†-ˆr-îr-\uG ar-I-N _½l-|o
#«-_-Œr-\u-al-br-cu-~u ]u-c-h¦l-c-ŸŽ. eGfs-b er-¥e-N-\-Œr-ž\-Xr-žc-bu-¨ ¥]l-cl-ˆ-Ÿjr« ]r«-|l-d-Œo Pl-¥|l-bu-žS #«-_ŸŽ e-»r-Il-ˆr-bl-žb-£r«, $m _r«-¥_l†-Uo
"-el-†-Uu-I-jl-IlG "-Xr-\o e-»r-žX-jr-N-Xo. ]l§l-Xp hG-Ks-X-Œr-\o ‹-Nl-cG žIl-Su-|l„ #cG-`r-N AG.-Sr.-er.-br« že-ju-Œ-e-cu-žS I-dl-‹I-S-\-ŸŽ-|o al-óG zl-\-au-¨ Il-d-al-br-cu~u "-Xo. # Nl-\-dr-\o ]r-~s-So Pl-¥|l-bu-žS
Kl-\-ŸŽ #-e†-Œr-No Il-Wr-¥|-›r-e-~u.
A‚-]-Xu-I-ju-žS hG-Ks-XG Pl-¥|l-bu-¥S-Xo
al-ó-al-br-cu-~u. ¥]l-]o hG-Ks-X-¥dl-I-žŒ A-


žžX¥tlboUo Il„htr\o
\qX\ NrIrö
Ur„ acu~rž„t ¥Ulho \r§br|uel\u
alIu~u. \pqI½rb† žaUrhr„ A~ žžeZp
flðflJblWo ¥tUr¥bl "bUr„ "_o
¥jg„ hl[pal|u~Xo.
¥tUr¥bl #ÅseXbu¨ "bUr„ Ku
jrI cq]Œr¥dl ÎleI cq]Œr¥dl #Wo
¥clKr|o \d¦u~Xo. "bUr\r« \r~u ]ut
¨u~ _sš erIrcW cf²rIjlWo žžX¥tl
boUo IdIžj \fr]¶r|u~Xo. ¥tUr¥bl #
Åseo #blduG "žd½£rduG "bUr„ žžX
¥tlboUoIdIjrdlWo ¥IæsÇXalIuI
A~ XŒvalWo "_o¥jg„ <]¥blKž]¶
$m NrIrö \d¦u¥œly Nrd ‹¥XpI au„
IcuXduIy ASu¥|›Xu›o.
žžX¥tlboUo fðÆrbÀu¥fgG fcsc
Œr« žžX¥tlboUrž„t ¥il†¥alWrž„t
"jer« hGXudrXlez ìgµr|uel„
¥il†¥alWuIy KujrI cq]Œr« \d¦u~u.
NrIröÀuau¥~lSrblbr \ldo #×¥bljG
¥il†¥al‚ KujrI D»rel¥|›XlWo. Nr
IröÀo X…lžtSu|u~e† "bUr„ I
d†~ ¥d]\Ÿ¥jl ("¥blžUI·o) _ršl
Ur„ ¥]ldu¨ "Wu\lfr\rI¥jl Nua
Àu¨ I^ohrt]¶uI¥jl <]¥blKr|cuXo. Nr
Iröl ZrehG "bUr„ acu~o I»r|u~Xr
\o aq~o aWr|q† au¥~ `kWG D»rel¥|
›XlWo. alóad½ "bUr„ acu~o I»rN ¥f
geuG D~uc›uaWr|q† `kWG D»rel
NrIröÀlbr `kWŒr« ašu Nrd Æas

IcWŸy IqSr ecu¥Œ›Xu›o. "bUr„
Id†~ `kW ]Zl†YŸy ]lžS D»rel
¥|›XlWo. "XlbXo IS« aöpŸy Iut
No \lj¥Œ|o D»rel|u~Xo \~lbrcr|uG.
¥tUr¥bl "bUr„ "_o¥jg„ ¥clKr
|o KuWG žN…u¥œly Xž~ hl[lcW a
\ugp\o ¥ZlgG erXÀuža~o a\h·rdl|WG.
"XužIl›lWo acu~o \d¦rb ¥fgG ¥clKr
Ižj alóalbr ‹¥XpIautrbr« ]l†]¶r|u
~Xo. ¥clKr NrIröÀuecu¥œly hv†Wl`
cWŸy, eðŸy, že]¶o ]d½o, IüS XuS
Ÿrb hl[\Ÿy <mcr al¥š›XlWo. XuS†
~o #h¶ór"[rÇX† \d¦u~ eðalWo [cr

¥|›Xo. UrhoNl†Po #br ¥]lIu¥œly
#h¶órbr« žeNo [crNrcu~ eðŸjuG a
šo hl[\ŸjuG (]d½u¥XÀu~ {go, ¥hl]¶o,
¥Xl†Œo XuSŸrbe) "eržS Xž~ <¥]
krNo ¥]lIuel„ ‹¥XpIG âŠr|uI.
žžX¥tlboUo Ü™rIjr« ¥IæsIcr|u
~Xr¥\lžSl]¶G "bUr„ <ar\s† Ü™rIjr
duG ¥fJcr|u~u. A~l« $Xo ¥clKržb
hG_‡rNrS¥ŒljG #]ŒlWo. "Xu
žIl›uXž~ <ar\s† Ü™rbr« \r~uG "
bUrž\ Xuc¥Œ›Xo "XplefpalWo. "
Xr¥d|lbr žNtu\lcŸ IgWŸjl|rb
¥fgG, Dcu IgWG elÀI¥Œ|o ]r»r
žƒl»r|uI. "¥]¶ly Ü™rIjr« \r~o
<ar\s† ]ut¥Œ|o ‹eir|u~u. "bUr„
<yž]¶ˆ <ar\sco es›uG er»uŸuI. D]¶G Iut
No že¨G IqžS IuSr|uI. "bUr„ acu~o
I»rN¥fgG BI¥ZfG 48 aWr|q¥tljG $m
‹e¼Œr $SÀržS #e†Œr¥|›XlWo.
elÀu¨r¥d|o ž]lSu~ž\ <ar\s† ‹eliG
hl[palIu~ ašu eh´u|juG $Xr¥d|lbr
žAžhl¥dg„ el†Ur« AŒr Zre
¥h\ ¥UlÅtuG ¥tUr¥bljPr|« ¥h^o
šr Dl^shtuG <yž]¶Su~ hGLG ¥clKr
br« \r~u \r¥Xp\ erecŸy ¥fJcr|u
~u. ¥tUr¥bg„ huckl ÆasIcWŸ
jl« $e†|uG "[rI¥\cG $eržS XŸl
\lIrd½. ¥clKrbr« \r~u ecu~ erIrcW
cf²rIjužS ‹`e¥ŒlXo "j~o Xrˆž]¶Su
Œrb ¥fgalWo ¥clKrIžj UrhoNl†Po
žN…u~Xo. $|lcpŒr« ¥tUr¥bljPr

|« ¥h^ošr Dl^shtu¥SXlWo "ehl
\el|o. `lcXŒr« ¥tUr¥bl "bUr„
"_o¥jg„ NrIröÀu¥fgG AóalóG
erIrcW ¥XlXo Iutbu¥œly ¥clKržb
UrhoNl†Po žN…lG A~o \rgoI†gr|u
~Xo #šarIo A\†Pr tKu¥dštr ¥_l†Ul
XŸy|o \«Irbrcr|u~ "bUr\r«
\r~u ecu~ ¥tUr¥bg„ ¥clKfa\Œr
\rS ecuŒuža~uG A~l« "Xo _‡uar
ólZrIy|o ¥clK¥iXuelIuža~uG Xrcr
Ntreo ¥clKrIy|o <›lIWG. A£r« al
ó¥a #h¶órbržd ¥tUr¥bljPr|« ¥h
^ošr Dl^sh† \«Iu~ \r†¥ZfŸjužS <
¥©fpfuŠr "e†|o a\h·rdleuIbu¨q.
¥clKrIžj IrSŒrbrcr|u~ žA¥hl
¥dg„ el†Uržd Iujrautrbr« \r~uG I
|qhr« \r~uG ¥]lIu~ erh†PpŸžj D
cu ‹¥XpI Sl£r\u¨r« ¥fJcr|u~u. Xu
S†~o aq~o alhŒr¥džtblIu¥œly al
ó¥a $m Sl£o Xut~o erh†PpŸžj ]_½rIo
hvs¥ePr¥d|o erSuIbu¨q. ¥tUr¥bg„
hucklÆasIcWŒrž„t `lKalWo $
audbqˆu~ "˜al† IutƒXo aq~l×
¥Œž|£rduG Iuƒr\o aud]¶l« \«Icu
Xo. alóad½, Iuƒr\o \«Iu~ržd½£r« Iq
SrbuG ]l« ]r»rƒu Ij¥b›XlWo. NrIr
öÀu¥fgG IutƒXo Dcu e†g¥Œ|o
K†`[lcWG ]lSrd½. ]ucugÓlclb ¥clKr
IjuG NrIröI»rƒo Dcu žIld½¥ŒljG
K†`\r¥cl[\al†KŸy "edG_r¥|
]l†fv^dŸy DˆuG Xž~ $d½lŒXl
Wo ¥tUr¥bl "bUr„ "_o¥jg„ Nr
Irö. Xs†ŒuG ^d‹ZeuG "†_uZIdI
žj ]cr]q†Walbr \fr]¶r|uel„ ]cpl]´
albXualWo $m NrIröler[r. "bUr„
I»rNuI»rƒl« ¥clKr IutNuZrehG X
\ržb autrbr« Xlahr|Wža~žXl»r
Nl« ¥clKržb "dˆu~ ašu ‹f³Ÿžjl
~uG $Xrdrd½!

#\bt PbIual†

hr|rG aWr]¶l« bqWr¥e»ohršr

fcrblbr fvhr|lG, Zs†Llbuh·r\lbr
Dcu \qto ‹f³Ÿy <¨r« XrŸr\rtbu
¥œly, Dcu Zs†LfvlhžaSuŒu erˆl«
#fvlhG Xž~. $Xo hXpalb "\u`qXr
blžW£r«, fvh\csXržb fcrblbr Æas
Icr|u~Xo al\hrIh˜†ZŸy \rtƒ
<~žŒ PserXÆaŒr\o "\uÜiG X
ž~blIuG. Dmg[ard½lžX h†e¥clKhG
ilcrblbr ‹e†Œr|u~ djrXalb fvh
\eplblaŸy fsdr|u~Xlbl«, #¥cl
Kp¥ŒlžSbu¨ Zs†Llbuh·o d`r|uG.
PserXžžfdr¥clKŸjužS ]ˆrIbr«
ž]SuŒleu~ ‹¥aiG, c¹lXra†ZG, “Zo
¥clKG, <Zc¥clKŸy, "arXeüG XuS
ŸrbebuG Xrc¥|trb PserXhliNcpŸjužS h˜†ZŒrdu
›lIu~ al\hrI ]rcrautu|euG fcscžŒbuG a\h·rž\buG
Is»ož]¶SuŒlXrcr|l„ 25 ¿ 30 ebh·oauX« fvh\eplbla
Ÿy ]Xrel|u~Xo \~lbrcr|uG.
\ePlXfrfu|y fvl¥hl•vlhG žN…u¥œly, "ecužS
<Zc`lKG <b†~o Xl»u~Xo âŠrNrcr|ua¥d½l. $XlWo fcr
blb fvh\csXr. ej†NbužS B¥Xl LˆŸjr« , $Xo altr fvl
¥hl•vlh ‹Ærbbr« <Zc¥]frIjužS <]¥blKG Iutƒue
cu~u. hle[l\albuG Zs†LalbuG fvlhžaSu|u¥œly aló
¥a fvh\‹ÆrbbužS IlXdlb EUb‘G' A~ ¥]frbužS
]q†Walb <]¥blKž]¶SuŒdlIu~u¨u. ÎuXKXrbrdu¨ "
]q†Walb fvlhKXr, ]der[ ¥clKlXucXIjužSbuG IlcW
albrŒscleu~XlWo. $~žŒ hliNcpŒr«, fvlh¥Ilf

Œrž„t BI¥ZfG ]Œo fXal\G alóG <]¥blKž]¶SuŒu~
ejžc _lipalb Dcu fvh\csXrblWo XuS†~uecu~žX~o
Zs†Lalb Dcu fvlhžaSu|u¥œly, Ub‘G Xl¥»|o "a†
~o ž\°r„IqSo erIhr|l\rSG žIlSu|uIbuG elbu fvlh
¥IlfŒrž„t Ad½l `lKŒuG \rtbuIbuG žN…u~u. <ZcKui
bržd "ebeŸjužS ¥a« B«]¶r|ž]¶Su~ $m žNtuh˜†
ZG, c¹ NGÆaWžŒbuG Zi\‹ÆrbžbbuG Xvcž]¶SuŒuel
\u¨ <¥ŒP\alIu~u. <Zc`lKžŒ IqSrba†ZeuG ž\°r„

fcrblb fvh\ csXr fsdrNl« Icy, ]½si, ]l„Ærblho
XuSŸrbebužS #¥clKpIcalb ‹e†Œ\euG
c¹Œržd ]°hlc, žIl»u]¶o A~rebužS
\rbÔWeuG <t]¶uecuŒlG
IqSržd Iutƒ a†ZeuG IlcWG, “ZbŒr¥d|o IqSuX« c
¹G ]œo žN…ž]¶SuIbuG žN…uG. ^dŒr« “Zb¥]frIy _
dž]¶Su~Xr\uG $Xo hilbIalIuG. Icy, ]½si, ]l„Ærblho
XuSŸrbebužS #¥clKpIcalb ‹e†Œ\Œr\uXIu~
¥XlžSl]¶G c¹Œržd ]°hlcbužSbuG žIl»u]¶rž„tbuG
"jeo Æaž]¶SuŒr že|uIbuG žN…u~u. <Zc¥]frIy|o
zrceplblaG d`r|u~Xr\l«, žIl»u]¶SrblŒ #drdeb
tuG ‹Xskr|lG.
\rXpeuG `kW]Zl†YŸ¥jlžSl]¶G [lcljG erg eh´u|y
\˜užSbu¨rždŒu~u. "ebr« ]dXuG Il„h† ¥clKG
<›l|u~Xr\u¥]l~ebuG #brcr|uG. \lcu¨ `kWG I»r

|u~Xo IqSlžX Æalbr fvh\eplblaŸy fsdr|u~Xo, Zi
\Ærb Xvcž]¶SuŒr "ežb ]ut¨l„ hilbr|u~u. fcs
cžŒ ]der[¥clKŸjr« \r~uG ck¥bIu~ er[Œr«
<Œaalb ¥clK‹Xr¥cl[¥fgr \rd\r†Œu~Xr\uG #»Œr
duG hle[l\Œrduau¨ $m fvh\csXr IlcWalIuG. IqSrb
"jer« DlIohrP„ d`r|u~Xlbl« fcsc¥IlfŸjr¥d|o
IqSuX« c¹h°lcau›lIuIbuG <]l]Nb ‹e†Œ
\Ÿy Xvcž]¶SuIbuG adr\eh´u|y fcscŒrdSrƒuIqSl
žX bYlhabG ]ut¨ž]¶SuIbuG žN…u~u. ¥Iæ\lUsepq
iŒrž„t ‹e†Œ\Ÿy hudrXlezbr« \rd\r†Œu
~Xr\uG hilbIalIuG. fvh\eplblaŸjrdqžS d`r|u~
flalb "\u`qXr "]h²lc¥clKrIy|o ¥]lduG ¥clKXs
ØX IutÀu~Xlbr IlWu~u. #†Œeercla¥ŒlS\u_‡r
Nu›lIu~ flcscrIergaXIy|uG ]crilcalIuG. ÎuXKXr
brdu¨ fvlhKXr PsePldŸjužS #buh·o IutÀuža~lWo ]
T\Ÿy žXjrbr|u~Xo. ejžc ¥eKŒr« fvl¥hl•lhG \S
Œu~ \lbIjužS IqSrb PserXžžZ†LpG BI¥ZfG 12 e†gG
alóalWo. "¥XhabG, hle[l\G fvhr|u~ #\, auXd, Xr
arGKrdG $eIy|o #buh·o Btu~uže~lWo Iž›Œ«. er
Ilcer¥kl`Ÿjl« a\h·o "hvzalIu¥œly, fvlhKXr
BtuIbuG flcscr¥Il†PŒrž„t ¥fJcG ¥Nl†~u¥]lIuI
buG žN…uG. \lG ed½lžX ¥Zgpž]¶Su¥œly edrƒuautuIu~Xo
72 ¥]frIjlžW~trbuI. $Xo zrcalbr XuS†~l« fcscŒr
\o ¥ISu]lSuIy ¥eKŒr« hG`er|uža~Xut]¶o.

¥Ul. D.er. hug


Nu|uG Psc
IeuG IqSr ž]lSrNo $Ser
ˆo I»rNl« Nua, žXl›
¥eZ\ A~reÀo fa\G
QZreheuG cleržd IutNo
]SedŸ\sco žetuG e
bšr« I»rNl« žžIIl
duIjržd \sco, h‡r
¥eZ\ A~reÀo #fvl
hG d`r|uG.
QÜlœu ž]lSrNo ¥X\r«
NldrNo ¥herNl« Pd
¥ZlgG altr|rˆuG.
QISu| ž]lSrNo ¥X„
¥N†Œo I»rNl« ]\r
QISu|buG aƒjuG "cNo
žejržNübr« NldrNo
#Wr¥clKau¨rSŒo ]u
cˆrbl« ejžc KuWG
QISu|¥ŒlSo "cNu auJ
Œo ]ucˆrbl« auJ|ucu
QDcu ISu|, 8 IucuaujIo A
~re ž]lSrNo žNtuNuSu
že¨Œr« clórbr«
¥herNl« Nua altuG.
QA¨uG ISu|buG ]ldr«
"cNu]ucˆrbl« h´\es
|euG ¥eZ\buG altuG.
QISu|¥ŒlSo NXNrˆo Xrj
]¶rNlšrb že¨Œr« au
Sr I»uIrbl« auSr|o \d½
Itu]¶u\rtG IrˆuG.


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