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Biomes Around the World

Georgia Tran

First stop!
Im in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia right
now! Atlanta lies in a temperate deciduous
forest. The weather here has been mild,
and its been raining a good amount.
Its not been so cold, but the
temperature has kept at an average of
61F, though Ive heard it can get as cold
as -22 and get hotter than 100! Ive
seen plenty of Cherokee roses, which
happen to be Georgias state flower. Ive
also seen a brown thrasher, which is
Georgias state bird! The dirt here is red
clay and when it rains it ruins my shoes
Ill send pictures soon!
P.S. NEXT STOP! Hollywood, CA!


FROM: Atlanta, GA
TO: 5500 McEver Rd.
Oakwood, GA



Greetings from Hollywood! Its lovely here

and the days have been sunny! The
average rainfall is 10 to 17 inches a
year. Its been amazingly warm here, Ive
heard that
during the winter, the temperature can
get as low as 30 F and the summers
can get up to 100 F. Summer fires
are a norm here, so Shrubs are plentiful
in the chaparral biome because they are
able to survive on very little water. The
animals here have to survive on little
water too! I've seen plenty of coyotes
and lots of ladybugs! Most of the time
soil moisture ranges from moist (not
wet) to slightly dry.

FROM: Hollywood,
TO: 5500
McEver Rd.
Oakwood, GA

see you in Deadwood!


Im in Deadwood, South Dakota! Deadwood

lies in the temperate grassland biome. Its
been warm, even hot, and its barely been
raining! It only dips as low as 40F here

and temperatures can rise to 70F. Many

houses here are decorated with perennial
grasses and perennial forbs. Ive seen lots
of animals I havent in Georgia! For example
Ive seen bobcats and bisons. The soil here is
deep and dark and the plants are thriving
because of the nutrients in it!
See you in Alaska! Better pack my mittens!

FROM: Deadwood, SD
TO: 5500 McEver
Oakwood, GA

Finally in Fairbanks! Its a great thing

that I came during the summer,
because i heard that during the
winter, the taiga can get extremely
cold, and can dip as low as -60F! It

has been raining plenty, in the summer,

the precipitation is moderate. Ive mainly
been seeing conifer trees, Though there
are few animals in the taiga, it has
millions of insects! Because conifer trees
dont drop leaves, the soil here lacks
nutrients, so theres not a variety in
Can you believe Ill be headed somewhere
even colder? Ill be in Murmansk, Russia!
See you soon!

FROM: Fairbanks, AL
TO: 5500 McEver Rd.
Oakwood, GA

Hello from Murmansk!

Ive been trying to enjoy myself in
this tundra, but its so cold!
Temperatures can drop into the
-60s and the warmest it gets here
is still at -37F! It has absolutely

not rained since Ive been here, and

turns out theres barely any
precipitation here. Theres only 6-10
inches per year. Underneath all the
snow here, theres a layer of thick soil
thats always frozen, so trees cant
grow. Since its so cold, I've only seen
mosses and shrubs around, and the
only animals that live here are rodents
and bears that can handle the cold..

FROM: Murmansk,
TO: 5500 McEver
Oakwood, GA
Ive had enough of the cold! I
ll see you in Bali, Indonesia,
where its much much

Finally in Bali, Indonesia!

Ive finally gotten away from the cold, and I
m enjoying the warm weather. The entire
time Ive been here, its just been raining
any opportunity it gets. It rains as much
as 400 inches per year! Even when it rains
here the temperature stays warm. The
average temperature here is 77F. There
are hundreds of types of trees inhabiting
this biome, which include the orchid. Almost
half of the plants and animals on earth live
in the rainforest, and the highest inhabiting
animal in the rainforest are insects! The
soil here is rich in nutrients from all the
dropped leaves and plant matter from the
many trees.

FROM: Bali, Indonesia

TO: 5500 McEver Rd.
Oakwood, GA

Im headed to Mombasa! Ill

write again soon!

Hello from Mombasa, Kenya!

Mombasa lies in a savanna biome.
Like my last trip to Bali, the weather
here is a very pleasant warm. During
the wet season, the temperature is at
an average of 63F. Its rained plenty while

I was here. Though it doesnt rain as much

as in the rainforest, Mombasa receives 59
inches of rain yearly. The savanna biome is

mostly made up of grass but there are

a few trees. There are many grazing
animals who take advantage of all the
grass.The savanna biome is rich with
herbivores such as elephants, zebras,
gazelles, and buffalo. Though there are
many types of soil in the savanna, none
of it is suitable for farming.

FROM: Mombasa, Kenya

TO: 5500 McEver Rd.
Oakwood, GA

Say goodbye to Mombasa! Im headed

to Cairo, Egypt. Ill write soon!

Greeting from Cairo, Egypt!

Cairo lies in a desert biome. I was
expecting it to be so much hotter, but
the average temperature is 60F. Though
its hot during the day, nighttime in the
desert can be extremely cold. Its barely
rained since Ive been here. Usually Cairo
gets 10-55 inches of rain per year. Plants
here need to be able to hold water to
adapt to the dry climate, so Ive seen lots
of Cacti and aloe. Since plants here are
short, they can only accommodate small
animals like mice and rats and reptiles.

Soils often have abundant nutrients

because they need only water to become
very productive and have little or no
organic matter.

FROM: Cairo, Egypt

TO: 5500 McEver Rd.
Oakwood, GA

Next stop: The city of loveParis, France! Ill write soon!


Im in Paris, France, the city of love!
The city is wonderful and brilliant,
and reminds me of Atlanta! Of
course, culturally the city is
different, but Paris lies within a
temperate deciduous forest biome
as well! Im seeing plants and
animals that I see in Atlanta!
Im feeling kind of homesick
Maybe Ill head back home soon!
Next stop: Manaus, Brazil! Ill write
from there soon!

FROM: Paris, France

TO: 5500 McEver Rd.
Oakwood, GA

Hello from Brazil! Ive arrived in

Manaus, and i can surely say Ive
been enjoying my time here! It
vaguely reminds me of my trip to
Bali, Indonesia. This might be
because Manaus lies in a tropical
rainforest biome too! Ive seen lots
of plants and animals that I have
in Bali! Its great here, Ill write again
before I head home! I cant wait to
get back. Home sweet home!

FROM: Manaus, Brazil

TO: 5500 McEver Rd.
Oakwood, GA