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Electricity Study Guide
1. What are the two types of electricity?
_____Static and Current__________________________________________________
2. What is a circuit? ___the path current goes through_______________________________
3. The lights in our houses are on which type of circuit? _parallel_______________________
4. What happens when electrons quickly move from one atom to another?
5. Like charges (charges that are the same) ____repel________ each other.
6. Unlike charges (opposite charges) ___attract_________ each other.
Define the following terms.
7. Repel:____two like objects push apart ____________________________
8. Proton: ____a part of an atom with a positive charge___________
9. Electron: ______a part of an atom with a negative charge____________________________
10. Atom: ____building blocks of matter______________________________
11. Static electricity: __when two objects rub and gain or lose electrons_______________
12. Attract: _____two opposite objects come together___________________________
13. Conductor: _____a material that allows current to flow easily_______________
14. Insulator: ______ a material that does not allow current to flow easily______________
15. Give three examples of conductors.
__________copper, aluminum, iron_________________________________________________________


Give three examples of insulators.


glass, plastic______________________________________________________________

17. Label the parts of this diagram.

18. List the invention of discovery of each of the following scientists.
Michael Faraday: _____electromagnets__________________________
William Gilbert: ____earth is a magnet_____________________
Benjamin Franklin: ___lightning rod (also bifocals and Franklin stove)____________
Thomas Edison: ___light bulb___________________________

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