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It was October 4, 2015 when I have my local demo at our campus and was scheduled during Sunday.

day supposed is to be our rest day but we decided to continue our local demo during that day because we are really
lacking of time and weekend is the only available day wherein we can freely use any classroom for our local demo.
On that day, I can say that feeling nervous was an understatement. Who will not feel nervous if it will be the
first time that I will be having my demonstration that will last for 1 hour. We really need to finish the 1 hour
discussion that will start from the prayer until the giving of assignment. Its like we are really teaching a real high
school students. Aside from being nervous, I also feel a little bit of excitement. Im excited because I know that I will
learn from this experience, Im excited because I know that I am prepared for this and above all, I am excited
because finally after this demonstration, it will also be the end of the agony I am feeling every time I am thinking
about this demo.
My chosen topic was about the short story entitled Kuwento ni Mabuti and was written by a well-known
Filipino writer, Genoveva Matute. The story caught my attention because it was a story about a teacher who is very
kind to her students and always has a positive outlook in life despite her problems. The story was very appropriate
during that time especially we are going to celebrate the teachers day and I know that my acting students can easily
get the values I want them to learned because just like the main character of the story, just like the writer of the story,
and just like me, the listener were students wholl also be a teacher someday.
My demo started at 12:30 PM. I am the first one to present after our lunch break. Just like the usual routine, I
started it with a simple prayer, greeting the students, arranging of chair, and checking of attendance and a simple talk
about their day. After that, I let my students watch a video as my motivation for my prepared lesson. Im glad that I
get the reaction I want them to have. I saw how they are affected with the video because some students shed tears
after watching the video presented. Honestly speaking, just like them I also cried the first time I watch that video
which is very inspirational and value-oriented. I asked them some questions regarding that video and after that I let
three students define the word Mabuti as an introduction to our story. I let them be familiar with the author first
before we jump to the discussion of the story.
I let them read the story because I learned from our principles of teaching that teacher shouldnt monopolize
the whole discussion. I also ask some questions in every part of the story to see if they can follow to our discussion.
After reading the story, there are prepared questions for them to answer to see if they really understand the whole
story and Im glad they did. Then after that, I group them into three for the group activity. There are prepared
situations wherein they make a short skit out of it. It only takes 5 minutes for them to finish their skit. The
presentation of skit went well because they all done a good job in making and presenting it so I give them the score
which they deserve.
After the group activity was the assessment in which I prepared 5 statements to be judged by the students if
the statement was right or wrong. After the checking of items, the students get a CPL of 91% which proves that they
really understand the lesson and the objectives of the lesson were succeeded. I congratulate my students for having a
high CPL and after that, I gave them their assignment and dismiss them. Dismissal of the class only means that I am
done with my demo and I am very happy on that moment because Ive made it. I am able to finish my whole
demonstration in 1 hour and an over time of 1 minute.
All in all, the whole experienced was a blast and memorable. Im happy that all the hard works for this demo
is worth it, from the preparation of my lesson plan which takes many revisions up to the making of my instructional
materials. They are all worth it. Its my first time, so there are still many things to improve. I learned many things
after maam Vanessa, our FS instructor evaluate our whole performance. She teaches us about some things to
remember when we are having our demonstration which our very important to apply especially when the time comes
that we will conduct a demo outside the school. I was very happy and contented with all the learnings I get with this
whole demonstration experienced. I know that this will be a great help in me on the future so all of this will be