Consumer Buying Behaviour

By:-Md.Tabish Raza P.G.D.M 1st Year Apostle Business School Greater Noida,UP

³CBB refers to the buying behavior of final consumers who buy goods & services for personal consumption.´


Buyer Behavior Model

Marketing Stimuli Buyers Black Box
4 Pµs & Economic Technological Political Cultural Buyers characterstics & Buyer Dec Process

Buyers Responses
Product choice Brand Choice Dealer choice Purchase timing Purchase amount

Characteristics Affecting Consumer Behaviour
1. ‡    ‡   Cultural Factors ± Culture ± Human Behaviour is largely learned. Marketers are always trying to spot cultural shifts. Barbie in Japan. Sub Culture ± ³Group of people with shared value systems based on common life experiences and situations´ Subculture ± Nationalities, religons, racial groups & geographic regions like Hispanic, African ± American, Srs, Jains etc. Social Class ² People within a similar social class tend to exhibit similar buying behaviour.


2. Social Factors ² ‡ Refrence Groups ²  The importance of group influence varies from products & brands.  Opinion leaders. ‡ Family ² ‡ Role & Status

3. Personal Factors ± ‡ Age & life cycle stage ‡ Occupation ‡ Economic Situation ‡ Lifestyle ‡ Personality & self concept 4. Psychological Factors ± ‡ Motivation ‡ Perception ‡ Learning ‡ Beliefs & Attitudes

Buying Decision Behavior
Complex Buying Behaviour Variety seeking Behaviour

Dissonance Reducing Behavior

Habitual Buying Behavior

The Buyer Decision Process

Need Recognition

Info Search

Evaluation of Alternatives

Purchase Decision

Postpurchase Behavior


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